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Cruise Line Adds No Handshake Policy

Do you enjoy meeting the captain on each of your cruises?  While meeting the captain is a highlight for most cruise passengers, one cruise line has added a no-shake policy between the captain and passengers according to ABC News. Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises added the no handshake rule … [Read More...]

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#1 Way to Cruise for Free: Tour Conductor Credits

If someone told you that you could go on a cruise vacation with your family and friends and you did not have to pay for your cabin, would that interest you?  And no, you do not have to sit through a timeshare presentation and be pressured by a pushy salesman. Thanks to tour conductor (TC) credits, there are thousands who cruise for free by simply getting friends, family, co-workers, class … [Read More...]

4 Ways to Check for Cruise Price Drops

What happens if the price of your cruise drops after you booked it and put down a deposit?  You can usually get the lower price as long as final payment hasn't passed. Note: Some special "one day sales" that various cruise lines will offer are for new bookings only. With some fare codes, you can even get onboard credit up until 72 hours before your cruise if the price drops. It is best to … [Read More...]

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