Cruise NewsCruise Passenger in Grand Turk Facing 12 Years with Ammo in Luggage

Cruise Passenger in Grand Turk Facing 12 Years with Ammo in Luggage

For the second time this month, another American tourist has been arrested when ammunition was found in his belongings after traveling to the Caribbean island of Grand Turk.

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Turks and Caicos Grand Turk
Grand Turk. Photo 290951828 | Cruise © Aclicks |

According to news reports, 31-year-old Tyler Scott Wenrich was charged with possession of ammunition, a charge that could lead to a 12-year prison sentence. 

In the United States, if ammunition is found by TSA in someone’s baggage it usually results in a fine, but Turks and Caicos has more severe punishment for such an infraction.

The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force posted the story on their Facebook page with the ammunition charges and details.

Wenrich was on a cruise, visiting Grand Turk, when he went through a security check point and the ammo was found.

It has not been disclosed how much ammunition or what kind of ammo was found in his possession at the time.

It also isn’t clear which cruise ship Wenrich had disembarked when the incident took place.

The court date is currently set for June 7. 

This arrest follows another recent incident where a man was arrested in Turks and Caicos after security found hunting ammunition in his backpack.

In this occasion, the ammo was found at the local airport on the Caribbean island.

Oklahoma resident, Ryan Watson, had reportedly forgotten about the ammunition in his bag, and it was not caught by airport security in the U.S. upon flying out of the country.

Watson is being held in Turks and Caicos and also has a June 7 court date.

Both of these men could be facing a 12-year prison sentence.

The U.S. State Department just posted on X on Wednesday to remind travelers of this very issue.

“Declaring a weapon in your luggage with an airline carrier does not grant permission to bring the weapon into the Turks and Caicos Islands and will result in your arrest,” the post read.

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Cruise NewsCruise Passenger in Grand Turk Facing 12 Years with Ammo in Luggage

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