ShipsCelebrity(2024) Celebrity Cruise Ships by Age: Newest to Oldest

(2024) Celebrity Cruise Ships by Age: Newest to Oldest

Celebrity Cruises currently owns and operates 13 cruise ships, and we have them all listed here.  From the newest ship in the fleet to the oldest, we have listed and detailed every ship along with information about each vessel.

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Celebrity Beyond in Rome



Celebrity cruise ships can be categorized into three classes: Millennium class, Solstice class, and Edge class.  The oldest ship in the fleet was built in 2000, with the latest vessel being completed in 2022.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Caribbean Group, Celebrity Cruises has been around since 1988 and merged with Royal Caribbean in 1997.

Celebrity Xcel, the fifth and last Edge-class ship, is currently under construction and is expected to be delivered in November of 2025.

Here is every Celebrity cruise ship currently operating in the fleet:

Celebrity Ascent (2023)

Celebrity Ascent cruise ship

Tonnage:  141,420 GT
Length:  1,073 feet
Decks:  17
Double Capacity: 3,260

Celebrity Ascent is the fourth Edge Series vessel with Celebrity, and it debuted in November of 2023.  A few changes to the new ship in the class feature slightly more space in the Grand Plaza and more space and maneuverability at the popular Sunset Bar in the very back of the ship.  This is in addition to virtual reality games at The Club and a new Annex Private Experience area with virtual golf and karaoke for small groups.


Celebrity Beyond (2022)

celebrity beyond

Tonnage:  141,420 GT
Length:  1,071 feet
Decks:  17
Double Capacity: 3,260

Celebrity Beyond is the 3rd Edge-class ship in the fleet and was launched in 2022.  Her maiden voyage sailed from Southampton to Barcelona in April of 2022.  Simone Biles is the official godmother of the ship.


Celebrity Apex (2020)

celebrity apex

Tonnage: 130,818  GT
Length:  1,004 feet
Decks:  16
Double Capacity:  2,910

Celebrity Apex was christened in late 2020 as the 2nd Edge-class ship with the cruise line.  The debut sailing of Apex took place out of Athens, and because of the 2020 pandemic it was delivered virtually due to travel restrictions.


Celebrity Edge (2018)

Celebrity Cruises Edge

Tonnage:  130,818 GT
Length:  1,004 feet
Decks:  15
Double Capacity:  2,918

Celebrity Edge is the first of its class and the first to debut the innovative “Magic Carpet”, a platform on the side of the ship that allows for sea-level tender embarkation and disembarkation.  See our video of Celebrity Edge here.


Celebrity Reflection (2012)

celebrity reflection

Tonnage:  125,366 GT
Length: 1,047 feet
Decks:  17
Double Capacity:  3,046

Celebrity Reflection is the 5th of the Solstice-class cruise ships with the cruise line and had its maiden voyage in October of 2012.    Reflection has one more deck than the other ships in its class.


Celebrity Silhouette (2011)

celebrity silhouette blue hull


Tonnage:  122,400 GT
Length:  1,047 feet
Decks:  16
Double Capacity:  2,902

As the 4th Solstice-class ship with Celebrity, Celebrity Silhouette launched in May of 2011.  Her maiden voyage was to Civitavecchia where she sailed Mediterranean cruises to start her career.  The ship is about 6 feet longer than the previous ships built in the same class.  See our video tour of Celebrity Silhouette here.


Celebrity Eclipse (2010)

celebrity eclipse blue hull

Tonnage:  121,878 GT
Length:  1,040 feet
Decks:  16
Double Capacity:  2,852

Celebrity Eclipse was launched in February of 2010 as the third Solstice-class ship in the fleet.


Celebrity Equinox (2009)

celebrity equinox blue livery

Tonnage:  121,878 GT
Length:  1,040 feet
Decks:  16
Double Capacity:  2,852

Celebrity Equinox was the 2nd Solstice-class vessel in the fleet and was captained by the first American woman to be the captain of a mega cruise ship, Kate McCue (Captain Kate).


Celebrity Solstice (2008)

celebrity solstice

Tonnage:  121,878 GT
Length:  1,033 feet
Decks:  16
Double Capacity:  2,852

Celebrity Solstice was the first Solstice-class ship with Celebrity and also the first ship built by the line that was too large to fit through the Panama canal, known as a post-panamax ship.   The ship was christened in November of 2008.


Celebrity Constellation (2002)

celebrity constellation

Tonnage:  90,940 GT
Length:  965 feet
Decks:  13
Double Capacity:  2,184

Celebrity Constellation is the 4th and last of the Millennium-class ships with the line.   Nicknamed by some avid Celebrity cruisers as “Connie”, the ship was renamed with “Celebrity” as the prefix after simply being known as Constellation.  See our video tour of Celebrity Constellation here.


Celebrity Summit (2001)

Celebrity Summit

Tonnage:  90,940 GT
Length:  964 feet
Decks:  12
Double Capacity:  2,218

Previously named “Summit” Celebrity Summit is the 3rd Millennium-class ship with Celebrity and was launched in March of 2001.  In 2012 the ship was refitted for $16 million, during which more cabins we added.  Again, in 2019, a dry dock allowed Summit to have 30 more cabins added to the vessel.


Celebrity Infinity (2001)

celebrity infinity

Tonnage:  91,000 GT
Length:  964 feet
Decks:  12
Double Capacity:  2,170

Celebrity Infinity launched in June of 2000.  Her maiden voyage sailed from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale to San Diego by way of the Panama Canal.  See our video tour of Celebrity Infinity here.


Celebrity Millennium (2000)

celebrity millennium

Tonnage:  91,000 GT
Length:  964 feet
Decks:  11
Double Capacity:  2,218

Celebrity Millennium is now the oldest cruise ship in Celebrity’s fleet and is the 1st of the Millennium-class cruise ships.  In 2019 the ship was refurbished during a 35-day dry dock in which 30 more cabins were added to the vessel.


Table view of Celebrity cruise ships listed newest to oldest:

Cruise Ship Tonnage Capacity Crew Year
Celebrity Ascent 141,420 3,260 1,463 2023
Celebrity Beyond 141,400 3,260 1,416 2022
Celebrity Apex 130,818 2,910 1,320 2020
Celebrity Edge 129,500 2,918 1,377 2018
Celebrity Reflection 126,000 3,046 1,271 2012
Celebrity Silhouette 122,400 2,902 1,250 2011
Celebrity Eclipse 122,000 2,852 1,271 2010
Celebrity Equinox 122,000 2,852 1,250 2009
Celebrity Solstice 122,000 2,852 1,250 2008
Celebrity Constellation 90,940 2,184 999 2002
Celebrity Summit 90,940 2,218 999 2001
Celebrity Infinity 91,000 2,170 999 2001
Celebrity Millennium 90,940 2,218 999 2000

Expedition Vessels

Celebrity Cruises also owns and operates three expedition ships that should be mentioned here. These ships are all part of Celebrity’s Xpedition-class.

  • Celebrity Flora – This expedition ship was launched in 2019 and is the first expedition ship with the line that was built exclusively for Celebrity. The ship sails itineraries in and around the Galapagos Islands. Flora is a 100-passenger vessel that measures 5,922 in gross tonnage.
  • Celebrity Xploration – This vessel is a 98 foot luxury catamaran with a gross tonnage of 3,195. Total occupancy is 16 passengers on Xploration and the ship was brought into the fleet in 2017.
  • Celebrity Xpedition – Xpedition was launched in 2001. The vessel measures 2,842 in gross tonnage and can carry 48 passengers on its 296 ft long frame. It currently offers sailings to the Galapagos Islands.

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ShipsCelebrity(2024) Celebrity Cruise Ships by Age: Newest to Oldest

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