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ShipsPrincessList of Princess Cruise Ships Newest to Oldest

List of Princess Cruise Ships Newest to Oldest

Princess Cruises currently has 15 cruise ships in service.  The premium cruise line is owned by Carnival Corporation and was highlighted in the hit TV show The Love Boat which first aired in 1976.
princess cruise ships

Listed below is every cruise ship with Princess Cruises in order from newest to oldest.  This list will be updated as new ships are added to the fleet.  So feel free to bookmark this page to stay up to date on the newest ships.

At the end of this post we will list the up-and-coming cruise ships with Princess that will soon be added to the fleet.

Discovery Princess (2022)

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This ship enjoyed her maiden voyage in March of 2022 out of Los Angeles.  The 6th Royal class vessel is 1,080 feet long with a gross tonnage of 145,000 and a capacity of 3,660 passengers.

Enchanted Princess (2021)

enchanted princess cruise ship

The fifth Royal Class ship with the cruise line, Enchanted Princess had its maiden voyage in November of 2021.  The vessel is 1,082 feet long with a gross tonnage of 145,281.

Sky Princess (2019)

Sky Princess is the 4th Royal-class ship with the cruise line and is the 2nd ship to sail under this name in Princess Cruise Line’s history.    The 145,281 ton ship is 1,080 feet long and has a double capacity of 3,660 passengers.

Majestic Princess (2017)

Majestic Princess debuted as the third Royal Class ship in 2017.  The 143,000 ton ship is one foot longer than Royal Princess at 1,083 feet.  The cruise ship was originally built to sail around China but now sails to Alaska in the summer and from Australia during the winter months.

Regal Princess (2014)

The 2nd Royal Class ship with Princess, Regal Princess is a 139,000 ton vessel which was launched in 2014.  The ship has a guest capacity of 3,560.  Read a review of Regal Princess here.

Royal Princess (2013)

When first launched in 2013, Royal Princess was the largest ship in the fleet.  The 142,229 ton ship was the first Royal Class ship with the line and is able to carry 3,600 passengers.  See our Royal Princess review and video tour.

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Ruby Princess (2008)

Before the arrival of Royal Princess, Ruby Princess was the largest ship in the fleet.  Debuting in 2008, Ruby Princess is a 113,561 ton ship and is part of the Grand class.  Passenger capacity is 3,080.  See our Ruby Princess review here.

Emerald Princess (2007)

Emerald Princess debuted in 2007 as a 113,561 ton ship.  With a capacity of 3,114, the ship was refurbished in 2015.

Crown Princess (2006)

Debuting in 2006, Crown Princess is a 113,000 ton ship in the Crown Class that has a capacity of 3,080 guests.

Diamond Princess (2004)

Formerly a Gem Class ship in 2004 when it was launched, Diamond Princess is a 115,875 ton Grand Class ship that has a guest capacity of 2,670.

Caribbean Princess (2004)

As a modified Grand Class cruise ship Caribbean Princess is marginally larger than other ships in her class.  The 113,00 ton ship was launched in 2004 and has a capacity of 3,142 guests.  See our impressions of Caribbean Princess here.

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Sapphire Princess (2004)

Sapphire Princess is a Crown Class cruise ship which debuted in 2004.  The 113,000 ton ship has a capacity of 3,080.

Island Princess (2003)

Island Princess is a Coral Class ship and the sister ship of Coral Princess.  The 91,627 ton ship was launched in 2003 and has a guest capacity of 2,214.

Coral Princess (2002)

Having debuted in 2002, Coral Princess is a 91,627 ton ship with a capacity of 1,970.  This is the sister ship to Island Princess.

Grand Princess (1998)

At the time Grand Princess was built in 1998 she was the most expensive and largest cruise ship in the world.  The Grand class ship is a 107,517 ton ship with a capacity of 3,100.

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Future Princess Cruise Ships:

Sun Princess is scheduled to debut in early 2024.  The Sphere class vessel will have a gross tonnage of 175,500 and will be the 1st LNG-powered ship with the cruise line.

A sister ship that to Sun Princess that is yet to be named will enter service in 2025.

Note: This article was updated in October 2022.

List of Princess Cruise Ships Newest to Oldest

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J. Souza
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ShipsPrincessList of Princess Cruise Ships Newest to Oldest


  1. Majestic, Sun, Sea, the old Dawn, Sapphire, Ruby next month, next year Island and Regal. Years ago wouldn’t have thought I would cruise so much.

  2. Been on Majestic, Pacific, Coral, Sapphire, Emerald, Golden, Royal, Ruby, Sea, Grand and Crown. Sky in December. Twenty -three cruises on Princess, but who’s counting?

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