Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Passengers Try to Sneak Portable Washing Machine onto Ship

Carnival Cruise Passengers Try to Sneak Portable Washing Machine onto Ship

There are certain things you’re not allowed to bring onto a cruise ship.  Some are pretty obvious, and others are in a sort of grey area.

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And while many regular cruisers know that things like candles, irons, and weapons of any kind should not be stuffed into a suitcase bound for a cruise ship, some still try to push the limits.

Carnival passenger in trouble for item in suitcase

No, you’re not allowed to bring a portable washing machine onto a cruise ship.

While doing laundry on a cruise is often an essential part of packing light and sailing on a longer voyage, these vessels have their own washing machines and dryers. 

Carnival Cruise Line is still one of the few cruise lines that also have self-service laundry rooms on many of its ships.

You can see a list of which cruise ships have launderettes (self-service laundry rooms) here.

Today, Carnival Brand Ambassador John Heald responded to a message he received from a passenger who got in trouble trying to sneak a portable washing machine on board.

On his Facebook page, Heald posted this message from a previous guest:

Mom and me were on the Valor back in March. We were called to the naughty room because we had a Kuppet portable washing machine in our big bag. We were treated like criminals and degraded. I hope Carnival will be more sympathetic to people and do away with this humiliating experience.

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Heald acknowledged the passenger’s frustration and assured them the intention was not humiliation. He also revealed portable washing machines will be added to the list of prohibited items.

Kuppet portable washing machines come in a variety of sizes and styles.  The cheapest mini versions sell for around $60 and larger twin-tub washing machines from the company sell for $120 online, although it’s debatable how “portable” this 26lb machine really is.

Kuppet mini portable washing machine
KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine,7.7lbs Capacity,Small Semi-Automatic Compact Washer. Found on

A small mini Kuppet washing machine weighs about 8lbs, and is more than likely the kind the passenger tried to take on the cruise.

These washing machines can wash up to 5 shirts at a time and are often used by people who own RVs or go camping.

The wash time can be up to 15 minutes with these machines and they use 170w of power.

Heald admitted that he didn’t even know these kinds of machine existed, adding a bit of humor over the passengers use of the term “naughty room”.

I do have to say I always smile when I hear the place on deck 0 where these inspections are carried out referred to as “ the naughty room.” Where did this ever start? Was it my late Mum who came up with this?”, Heald stated in his post.

He then opened the comment section to those who also had been called to the “naughty room” over something they packed in their suitcase that they should have left at home.

Most commenters were adverse to the idea of doing laundry while on a cruise ship in the first place, with one person saying,

“I don’t want to do laundry at home, not gonna pack a portable machine and do it on vacation.”

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Passengers Try to Sneak Portable Washing Machine onto Ship

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