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MSC Cruise Ships Listed Newest to Oldest [Updated]

list of msc cruise ships

MSC Cruises currently operates 22 cruise ships and is the world’s largest privately held cruise company.

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With cruise ships all around the world, MSC is one of the fastest growing cruise companies in the world.

Here is a list of every MSC cruise ship in order from newest to oldest.  The list will be updated as new ships are added to the fleet and as older ships are retired.

In this article: MSC Cruise ships listed by size.

The ships range from the 65,542 ton Lirica class entering service in 2003 to the 215,000 gross ton World class.

The majority of MSC cruise ships operate in Europe with a growing number of sailings to the Caribbean.

MSC Seacape

MSC Seascape is the second Seaside EVO-class ship with the cruise line.  The 170,400 Gross Ton ship was added to the fleet in November of 2022.  The ship offers over 42,000 square feet of outdoor space and joins MSC Seashore in the same class.

MSC World Europa

MSC World Europa is the first World-class cruise ship with the cruise line.  The 215,863 Gross Ton vessel is one of four planned to be built for MSC Cruises.  Powered by LNG fuel, the 1,094 ft long ship was delivered in the fall of 2022.

MSC Virtuosa

msc virtuosa

This Meraviglia Plus sub-class ship was launched on May 20th, 2021.  With a gross tonnage of 181,541, MSC Viruosa is 1,08t feet long and can carry 4,842 passengers at double-capacity.

MSC Seashore

msc seashore

This Seaside EVO-class cruise ship was launched in August of 2020.  With a gross tonnage of 170,412, the ship is 1,112 feet long and can carry 4,540 passengers at double-capacity.

MSC Grandiosa

msc grandiosa

The inaugural sailing of MSC Grandiosa took place on November 10th, 2019.   This Meraviglia Plus sub-class ship has a gross tonnage of 181,541 and is 1,087 feet in length.  At double capacity MSC Grandiosa can carry 4,842 passengers.

MSC Bellissima

MSC Bellissima debuted in March of 2019 as the 2nd Meraviglia class ship with MSC Cruises.  This 4,500 passenger smart ship has the largest LED dome at sea, a chocolate factory, an indoor basketball court in the sports zone, and an impressive water park.  Read our post on 7 things we loved about MSC Bellissima and see our full video review of the ship here.

MSC Seaview

The 2nd Seaside class ship with MSC, Seaview debuted in June of 2018.  The 153,516 ton ship can accommodate 5,179 passengers.  This was the 3rd ship to enter service for MSC in a period of just 12 months.

MSC Seaside

Entering service for MSC Cruises in November of 2017, MSC Seaside was named the hottest cruise ship of the year.  The new design allowed for passengers to enjoy more outdoor space on the open decks.  The ship was christened in Miami, Florida and has been called “The ship that follows the sun”.  Read our post on 8 reasons to cruise on MSC Seaside.

MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia was the largest ship MSC had ever built.  The ship debuted in May of 2017 and at the time was the 4th largest cruise ship in the world at 171,598 tons.  Meraviglia can accommodate 4,500 passengers.

MSC Preziosa

msc preziosa

MSC Preziosa debuted in March of 2013 as the 4th ship in the Fantasia class.  The ship is an enhanced version of the original MSC Fantasia and is identical to MSC Divina at 139,400 tons.

MSC Divina

MSC Divina was the first enhanced Fantasia class ship with MSC.  The 139,400 ton ship debuted in June of 2012 and has a capacity of 3,500 passengers.  Read our post on the must-see features of MSC Divina here.

MSC Magnifica

The 4th Musica class ship, MSC Magnifica entered service in March of 2010.   The 95,128 ton ship can carry 2,550 passengers at double capacity and cost $547 million to build.  Magnifica has already done one World Cruise and will sail for another in 2020.

MSC Splendida

The 2nd Fantasia class ship, MSC Splendida is a 137,936 ton ship that debuted in July of 2009.   The ship was originally to be named Serenata but was changed to Splendida to reflect the ship’s beauty and elegance.

MSC Fantasia

msc fantasia cruise ship

The first Fantasia class ship, MSC Fantasia debuted in December of 2008.   At 137,936 tons, Fantasia was the largest cruise ship operated by MSC until MSC Divina was built.  This ship can carry 3,900 passengers.

MSC Poesia

msc poesia

The 3rd Musica class ship, MSC Poesia debuted in October of 2008.  The 96,627 ton ship was the first MSC ship named outside of Italy and was the flagship of the cruise line until MSC Fantasia entered service.

MSC Orchestra

MSC Orchestra debuted in May of 2007.  The 92,409 ton ship was the second Musical class vessel with MSC and after a refit can now carry 3,200 cruise passengers.

MSC Musica

msc musica

MSC Musica debuted in July of 2006 as the first Musica class ship with MSC.  The 92,409 ton ship can accommodate 2,550 passengers.

MSC Opera

Once a flagship of the cruise line, MSC Opera is the 4th Lirica class ship.  Although Opera debuted in 2004 it was the 3rd Lirica class ship to undergo the “Renaissance Program” that added some lounges, a new buffet, spray park, and restaurant.

MSC Lirica

msc lirica

MSC Lirica is an identical design to MSC Opera and was first debuted in March of 2003.   This was the first newbuild ship to enter service for MSC cruises as the first two ships were acquired from another line.  Lirica is a 65,591 ton vessel after it’s last refurbishment and can carry 2,366 passengers.

MSC Sinfonia

msc sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia debuted for MSC in March of 2005 but was originally built in 2002.  The 2nd Lirica class ship, Sinfonia was originally built for another cruise line that is no longer in operation: Festival Cruises.  This is a 65,542 ton vessel that can accommodate 2,679 passengers.

MSC Armonia

msc armonia
Photo Credit: Ivan T. via Wiki CC 3.0

MSC Armonia was built in 2001 and entered service for MSC in May of 2004.  Originally built for the now defunct Festival Cruises, Armonia was refurbished in 2014 with the Renaissance Program updates that upgraded some of the public areas.  The ship is 65,542 tons and can carry 2,679 passengers.

MSC Cruise Ships Listed by Size and Year Built

Cruise Ship Gross Tonnage Year Built
MSC Europa 215,863 2022
MSC Virtuosa 181,541 2021
MSC Grandiosa 181,000 2019
MSC Bellissima 171,598 2019
MSC Meraviglia 171,598 2017
MSC Seashore 170,412 2021
MSC Seascape 170,400 2022
MSC Seaside 153,516 2017
MSC Seaview 153,516 2018
MSC Preziosa 139,072 2013
MSC Divina 139,072 2012
MSC Fantasia 137,936 2008
MSC Splendida 137,936 2009
MSC Magnifica 95,128 2010
MSC Poesia 92,627 2008
MSC Orchestra 92,400 2007
MSC Musica 89,600 2006
MSC Opera 65,591 2004
MSC Lirica 65,591 2003
MSC Sinfonia 65,542 2002
MSC Armonia 65,542 2001

Future MSC Ships

There are 4 World Class ships on order or under construction, with MSC World Europa scheduled to enter service at the end of 2022.  Each ship in this class will be LNG powered and have a gross tonnage of 205,700.

MSC Euribia is a “Meraviglia Plus” sub class cruise ship and is scheduled to enter service in June of 2023.

MSC Cruises has a total of 12 cruise ships either under construction or on order.

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