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Barbados: 43 Amazing Things to Do While on a Cruise

It might be a small Caribbean island, but there are tons of things to do in Barbados. Stunning beaches, rich colonial history, and wildlife aplenty offer a glimpse into this list.

There is so much to do in Barbados we had to make this ultimate guide.  This master list of fun activities will help cruisers and visitors to the island decide the best excursions for them.

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Keep reading below, but first let’s learn a few details about this magical place.

A Little About Barbados

Barbados is an island nation that is completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is 21 miles long and 14 miles wide and covers an area of 166 square miles. Barbados is the Caribbean’s leading island in tourism and one of the most developed islands in the region.

Barbados is a lively island with a wide variety of tours you can participate in while in port.

So, what can you do near the Barbados cruise port at Bridgetown and throughout the entire island?   We broke down all the activities into an easy to follow list.

beach barbados island
Bottom Bay, Barbados – Paradise beach on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Tropical coast with palms hanging over turquoise sea. Panoramic photo of beautiful landscape.


1.  The Historic Garrison and Museum

Journey back to the 18th century to explore this military site with a self-guided walking tour. Learn how the Garrison is related to the British military occupation of the island and explore the museum.

This is a newly designated UNESCO Heritage area. The audio guide will walk you through the barracks to observe what life was like for soldiers in the 1700s and regale you with stories about military battles, Court Martials, hurricanes, and cricket.

2.  Barbados Sightseeing Tours

Experience everything Barbados has to offer on a full-day tour. Journey to the island’s East Coast and explore Harrison’s Cave on the tramway past underground waterfalls, lagoons, stalagmites, and stalactites. Continue on to Welchman Hall Gully for a guided tour of the rainforest. Spot green monkeys and other wildlife in their natural environment.

No full-day tour would be complete without a stop for a swim at Carlisle Bay before boating out to search for sea turtles and other marine wildlife. Your guide will provide a safety briefing and accompany you for a swim with sea turtles.

3.  Harbour Lights Beach Extravaganza and Dinner Show

Enjoy a memorable evening and learn about Caribbean culture while participating in a lively dinner show with fire eaters, limbo dancers, stilt walkers, and more. Discover the rich Afro-Caribbean heritage of the island with three Caribbean bands as you become mesmerized with the Bajan reenactments.

You will witness symbolic cultural characters from the island’s history. Gaze in wonder at the acrobatics of the towering stilt walkers. Be amazed by the flaming limbo dancer and the captivating fire-eater.

Since this takes place in the evening, you can only do this show if your ship has a late night port visit.  You can also do it pre-cruise if you are taking a cruise out of Barbados.

4.  Harrison’s Cave Tour

Begin your adventure by descending from the cliff top to the valley floor by walking the footpath or using an elevator. Explore the Cave Interpretive Centre with exhibits and displays which detail the history and geology of the island. Watch a ten-minute presentation before gearing up with helmets and boarding the tram.

You will be accompanied by your Guide for the forty-minute tour, traveling through winding cave passages on the electric tram. See amazing crystal formations, still pools, and rushing streams. Marvel at the underground caverns, limestone formations, waterfalls, and lagoons within the cave. This is an unforgettable experience!

5.  Animal Flower Cave

Visit the Animal Flower Cave which was discovered in 1780 by two English explorers. The Animal Flower Cave is at the northern tip of the island and is surrounded by a spectacular view of rugged cliffs. Coral steps, built in 1902, lead down through and opening in the roof and descend into the cave. 

There is a natural pool inside a back chamber of the cave which you can swim in, but be careful, the coral can be slippery. The Animal Flower Cave is named after the sea anemones which are what the locals call animal flowers and can be found within the cave.

It is the island’s only accessible sea cave and stands six feet above the high-water mark. During storms, the large sea swells fill the caverns and the entrance serves as a giant blowhole.

6.  Barbados Island Tour

Discover all that is Barbados on a full-day tour which visits both coasts. A guide will share information on the historical, cultural, and natural aspects of the island. Your tour will include:

  • The Morgan Lewis Windmill – the last remaining sugar mill
  • John’s Church – a 17th-century Gothic-style church
  • The Garrison Historic Area – a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • Amazing views from Cherry Tree Hill
  • Bathsheba Beach – one of the most stunning beaches on the island

7.  Natural Wonders of Barbados Tour

Experience the abundant natural wonders of Barbados on a full-day island tour. Enjoy the scenery as your small group begins driving into the central highlands. Stops will include:

  • Harrison’s Cave – a magnificent underground cavern with waterfalls, lagoons, and limestone formations;
  • Your choice of either Hunte’s Gardens or the Flower Forest;
  • Bathsheba Beach – a tranquil beach surrounded by palm trees and famous for its surf;
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve – find Green Monkeys, parrots, flamingoes, iguanas, and turtles as you stroll through nature.

8.  Historical Walking Tour of Bridgetown

Discover the history and culture of Bridgetown on a guided two-hour walking tour. Bridgetown is the capital and commercial center of Barbados with a population of approximately 80,000.

Start your tour at the Errol Barrow Statue in Independence Square where you will receive your audio headset to ensure that you can hear the guide. Next, journey to the Screw Dock, built in the 19th century and the oldest surviving ship lift in the world.

You will then head to Independence Arch, built in 1987 to commemorate 21 years of independence. Stroll down the boardwalk and head into the wealthiest part of the city to explore the diversity of this history-filled city.

9.  Gun Hill Signal Station

Gun Hill is a spectacular example of a signal station and was constructed in 1818. Signal stations were used to observe ships approaching the island and advised whether the ship was friendly or not. 

The signal tower displays a chart which explains the detailed information that could be relayed with the use of a few flags. The stations were also used to warn of slave rebellions on the island. This former British outpost affords spectacular panoramic views of the island. The wrap-around balcony provides views of Bridgetown to the southwest and you may also spot your cruise ship in the harbor.

10.  Codrington College

Codrington College sits high on a hill overlooking the Atlantic and offers one of the most spectacular views of the East Coast of Barbados. The school was named after the Codrington family and features beautifully landscaped grounds, a large lily pond, and a driveway lined with cabbage palm trees.

Codrington College is the oldest, Anglican theological college in the Western Hemisphere. Christopher Codrington bequeathed his estate and money when he died in 1710 and the College was built in 1743. Codrington College works closely with the University of the West Indies and trains many Caribbean priests.

11.  Tyrol Cot Heritage Village

Tyrol Cot was once the home of Sir Grantley Adams, the first premier of Barbados and the only Prime Minister of Barbados. Lord and Lady Adams were founders of the Bajan movement and Tyrol Cot now exhibits Bajan art and artifacts.

The house was constructed in 1854 and is an architectural delight, filled with antique furniture and Adams memorabilia. The Heritage Village is a living museum, displaying the work of traditional craftsmen and artists. Tyrol Cot Heritage Village is an amazing showcase of Barbadian heritage.

12.  Barbados Museum

The Barbados Museum is housed in the former British Military Prison, built between 1817 and 1853. Some of the main displays include:

  • A natural history that describes the coral structure of the island;
  • Artifacts of the Amerindians, early inhabitants of the Caribbean islands;
  • A children’s gallery;
  • 18th century furnishings from a plantation house;
  • A collection of rare historical maps of the island;
  • A reference library which is available for research on the island’s history and genealogy.

13.  St. Nicholas Abbey

Tour St. Nicholas Abbey, a Jacobean mansion which was built in 1658. Gaze in wonder at the Abbey’s architecture, fine antiques, and china. Watch a rare, 1930s film about life on a sugar plantation. Explore the steam mill and rum distillery where St. Nicholas Abbey Rum is produced. Wander the grounds through tropical flora and Mahogany trees.

Learn the tragic story of the Abbey and how it is related to Sir John Yeamans, who helped found the colony of South Carolina and became Governor in 1672.

14.  Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill

Morgan Lewis Sugar Mill, founded in approximately 1727, is one of the only two intact and restored sugar mills in the Caribbean. It overlooks the eastern coastline of the island. Explore the beautifully landscaped grounds and the interior of the mill on a guided or self-guided tour.

The Barbados National Trust, which operates the Mill, periodically demonstrates how a sugar mill operates by grinding sugar canes. They then let you sample the delicious sugar cane juice.

15.  Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station

Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station will delight both history and nature lovers! The signal station, originally constructed in 1819, has amazing views of the island. It was originally part of a group of signal stations used for communications, such as warming of approaching ships or of slave rebellions.

View the military artifacts which provide a glimpse of the life of the soldiers who were stationed here. After exploring the signal station, wander the paths through the Grenade Hall Forest, a tropical rainforest where you can view monkeys and exotic birds.

There is extensive signage to help identify the various trees and plants and to learn how people use these plants as natural remedies. Follow the signs to the cave and experience how the early Amerindian inhabitants used the cave for shelter, especially during severe storms.

16.  Historical Bridgetown Museum Tour

Uncover the island’s history on this Historical Bridgetown Museum Tour with a knowledgeable Guide. Learn about the island’s political and commercial past at the Museum of Parliament and Exchange Museum.

Tour the Barbados National Heroes Gallery at the Museum of Parliament. Watch the interactive screens to learn the remarkable history of Barbados as it moved from British settlement to independence.

The Exchange Museum is located in an 18th century building and is one of the oldest buildings in Barbados. It was first a school and then a Masonic Lodge. The Exchange Museum features exhibits which chronicle the history of banking in Bridgetown, as well as the history of Free Masonry.

17.  Arlington House Museum

Experience history at Arlington House Museum. Housed in a restored 18th century building, it is an interactive, three-story museum that is educational and engaging. Children will enjoy the interactive and audio visual components of the museum and the whole family will learn about Barbados’ heritage. While there, enjoy:

  • “Speightstown Memories” – introduces the lives of the island’s first settlers;
  • “Plantation Memories” – illustrates how the island was influenced by colonization, the plantation system, and sugar cane;
  • “Wharf Memories” – features a talking pirate who recalls the importance of Speightstown.

18.  Sunbury Plantation House

Visit the Sunbury Plantation House, the only 17th century plantation house in Barbados that is entirely open to the public. The Sunbury Plantation House was constructed in the 1600s and is beautifully maintained as a period museum.

It is filled with majestic furniture and intriguing antiques, including an over 200-year old mahogany dining table. Explore the cellar with a display of historic carts, carriages, and tools.

Barbados shore excursions

19.  Beaches:

Barbados is home to many beautiful beaches that are as diverse as the island itself. Everyone has their favorite – it’s a matter of taste! You will discover coral formations at both the large and small beaches. The soft coral rocks form abstract sculptures after being weathered by the ocean surf. The beaches are made from finely ground coral which forms a clean, fine grain of sand.

The west coast is calmer, with palms swaying on white sandy shores while the waters lap gently at the shore.

  • The Boatyard
  • Folkstowne Marine Park
  • Browne’s Beach
  • Fitts Village
  • Paynes Bay
  • Sandy Lane

The south coast is protected by coral reefs and has a livelier surf. These conditions are ideal for a host of watersports.

  • Carlisle Bay
  • Shark Hole Bay
  • Miami Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Accra Beach/Rockley Beach
  • South Coast Boardwalk

The east coast beaches are wide and wind-blown. The shore is pounded by the Atlantic and it is frequented by surfers from around the world.

  • Bathsheba
  • Morgan Lewis
  • East Coast Road
  • Cattlewash
  • Tent Bay

The north coast has coral and sandstone cliffs rising straight out of the sea. The cliffs can reach up to 100 feet in height. You can find sheltered coves to enjoy the views and the ocean.

  • Animal Flower Cave
  • Cove Bay
  • Freyer’s Bay
  • Goat House Bay
  • Maycocks Bay

pier on barbados beach

20.  Boating and snorkeling

While the Caribbean is famous for its stunning, clear waters and easy sailing, Barbados is surrounded by much rougher waters. In addition to the turbulent waters, Barbados has unfavorable trade winds and coral reefs which can be difficult for even the most experienced sailor.

Peak tourist season, however, coincides with calmer waters and fewer storms which can make a day on the water very enjoyable. There are many boating and snorkeling options to choose from to spend a fun and exciting day on – and under – the water.

  • Small Group Catamaran Cruise from Bridgetown – Enjoy a relaxing day on the Caribbean with a professional guide. Take a snorkel lesson then explore two snorkel sites where it is possible to see sea turtles in their natural environment.
  • Catamaran Cruise – Board the catamaran at the historic Careenage. Snorkel with gentle sea turtles. At the second snorkel stop, watch tropical fish being fed and snorkel near one of the famous shipwrecks. Enjoy the views of the phenomenal coastline from the ocean.
  • Catamaran Snorkeling Cruise – Dive in and experience Barbados snorkeling from a 60-foot catamaran. Sun bathe or lounge in the shade as you sail down the west coast of the island. Enjoy the pristine coastline and warm ocean breeze. The boat makes multiple stops where you can dive in and experience life under the sea, including a shipwreck, tropical fish, vibrant corals, turtles, and other marine animals. Choose between a three and five-hour cruise.
  • Lunch and Snorkel Sail – Swim with turtles and explore shipwrecks while snorkeling on this half-day cruise. Board the Jolly Roger and relax in the sun or in one of the schooner’s shaded areas. The first stop is Carlisle Bay where you will swim and snorkel over several shipwrecks. Then, sail on to Payne’s Bay on the west coast where you can feed tropical fish and swim with sea turtles. Enjoy fun, onboard games such as conga dancing, plank walking, and rope swinging.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Shipwreck Adventure and Beach – Enjoy a half-day tour from Carlisle Bay where you will relax in a glass bottom boat and view tropical fish, sea horses, sea turtles, octopi, rays, and other marine animals in the turquoise water.
  • Explore and Discover Tour with Boat Cruise – This full-day itinerary will start out exploring the island’s East Coast with a stop at Cherry Tree Hill, proceed to Morgan Lewis Windmill. After sampling some sweet sugar cane juice, continue along the coast to Bathsheba Beach and watch the surfers take to the waves. Next, stop at St. John’s Church, a 17th century Gothic church on a stunning cliff-top setting. Head towards the West Coast and explore the Garrison Historic Area. After lunch, take a scenic boat cruise around Carlisle Bay and watch for sea turtles! Finally, following a safety briefing about swimming safely with wild sea turtles, dive in and take a closer look.
  • Clear Kayak Shipwreck Tour – Explore Carlisle Bay in a completely new way. Enjoy a “glass bottom” kayak and see clearly as you paddle over three sunken shipwrecks filled with tropical fish and marine life.
  • West Coast Reef and Wreck, Clear Kayak Tour – Depart from Holetown Beach and experience a 360-degree view, above and below the surface as you paddle over vibrant coral reefs filled with tropical fish until reaching a stunning shipwreck.
  • Carlisle Bay Turtle and Shipwreck Adventure – Travel to Carlisle Bay, home to the idyllic Copacabana Barbados beach. Relax on a lounge chair with umbrella until it’s time to head out on a 1.5-hour snorkeling cruise. Explore a natural habitat for sea turtles and a local shipwreck.


21.  Scuba Diving

Dive into the sparkling waters surrounding Barbados to explore underwater caves and crevasses on the east coast and shipwrecks scattered on the west coast. There are even bioluminescent waters which are perfect for a night dive and an opportunity to participate in a sea turtle rescue project. Barbados is a diver’s paradise!

  • Sea Turtle Rescue Project – Encounter Hawksbill Sea Turtles three days a week with marine biologists from the Barbados Sea Turtle Project. The biologists catch, tag, and release the turtles so they can track the local turtle population. The Project’s goal is to bring back the local sea turtle population because the Hawksbills are critically endangered. The Project is based out of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus. For a more hands-on experience, you can volunteer with the team and possibly even participate in hatchling releases. Observing a Hawksbill Sea Turtle glide through the sea is completely captivating and not to be missed!
  • Bioluminescent Night Dive – Dive under the Arawak Cement Factory Pier with your Guide at approximately 6:30 p.m. for a 60-minute dive. Turn off your diver’s flashlight and move your hands through the waters. You will instantly notice that you are not alone – you will be surrounded by millions of bioluminescent plankton, along with spiny lobsters, tarpons, sea urchins, and tropical fish. The dive is a maximum depth of 35 feet, so it is good for beginners.
  • Friars Craig – This is a great beginner’s dive. Friars Craig is a 100-foot sunken freighter lying in 55-feet of water with abundant marine life and close proximity to a coral reef.
  • Pamir – Another great beginner’s dive, this 155-foot sunken ship is on the northwest side of the island. It was intentionally scuttled in 1985 to attract fish. The freighter is 165 feet long and is at a depth of 60 feet. It is a shore-accessible, relaxing dive.
  • Berwyn – The Berwyn is a 70-foot long French Tug Boat that was sunk in 1919. It is covered in marine life including healthy coral growth and reef creatures. The Berwyn is located off the south coast of the island and is an amazing dive for underwater, wide-angle photography.
  • Ce-Trek – The Ce-Trek is an old cement boat which lies under 40-feet of water. It is now populated by tropical fish and other marine animals and is a must see for avid scuba divers.
  • Ellion – Explore a real drug boat without any of the danger. This boat is now populated by fish and is a very interesting dive.
  • Stavronikita – Stavronikita is for experienced divers only. This 360-foot Greek freighter sits in 140 feet of water and is home to all kinds of tropical marine life. The freighter was damaged badly by fire and sunk in 1978 about 230 feet from shore. It is now home to a colorful and impressive array of coral growth – something not usually found on other Caribbean islands. Explore inside the ship if you are an extreme adventurer.


22.  Hunte’s Gardens

Journey to the center of the island and experience a botanical garden which was created by a horticulturist, Anthony Hunte, in the 1950s. Hunte’s Gardens is located in an unusual gully. Paths lead deep into the gully where you will see examples of terraced greenery on many levels. Amble at your leisure to view rare and exotic plants as well as small birds and animals.

23.  Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Gardens provides visitors with an authentic garden experience. It was created as a private family retreat and has a wide variety collection of plants. There are approximately 20 different, but connected, gardens with over 500 different plant species, including over 150 trees. Stroll through the gardens at your leisure and admire these historic and organic gardens.

Adventure Tours:

24.  Bushy Park Radical Racecar Experience

Seek adventure at this racecar driving experience that offers three levels of enjoyment. A Bushy Park Team Member will take you through a full safety briefing before issuing your safety equipment. Then, it’s off to the track!

Strap into the Radical SR3 and race off for one of three levels of racecar enjoyment. After each session, debrief with the instructor and review your drive times.

  • Radical Ride – one 4-lap session as a passenger;
  • Radical Drive – one 4-lap lesion as a passenger and one 4 lap session as a driver with an instructor next to you;
  • Radical Advanced Drive – one 4-lap session as a passenger; one 4-lap session as a driver with an instructor next to you; and one 6-lap session driving alone.

25.  Bushy Park Karting Experience

Find more adventure at the Karting Experience which allows participants to drive on a quarter mile track with two levels of karting enjoyment. A Bushy Park Team Member will take you through a mandatory 10-minute safety briefing on how to operate a go kart and the various flags and signs you may see before issuing your safety equipment.

Strap into the Birel Kart and get ready for some heart-pounding excitement!

  • The Regular Experience includes a 10-minute session, allowing you to drive as many laps as you can in that time. You can download your lap times and your overall performance record.
  • Grand Prix Karting Experience includes a 5-minute qualifying session for your qualifying results. The 15-minute race will then start. The Karter who leads the race at the end of the 15 minutes is the winner!

26.  Bushy Park Swift Experience

Bushy Park also offers you the chance to enhance your driving skills. Learn and practice new techniques in a controlled environment to increase your safety on the road. A Bushy Park Team Member will take you through a full safety briefing before issuing your equipment.

Strap into your Swift Cup Car and follow the lead car onto the racing circuit. The instructor will set the pace and show you the correct racing lines for four laps. You will then drive four laps solo. The Advanced Package allows you an additional six solo laps. When you finish your driving experience, your driving times will be available for review.

27.  Barbados 4×4 Jeep Safari

Access the remote eastern part of the island on a tour in a four-wheel drive vehicle. Your Guide will drive you over the rocky paths as you view the landscape and take photos. Learn about the ecosystem while visiting attractions like Little Bay, Bathsheba, and Edge Cliff.

28.  Island Jeep Safari

Navigate over mixed terrains, on- and off-road, to some of the best areas of the Eastern part of the island. Skilled Guides will regale you with tales of the island’s history and culture. Enjoy the custom-designed 4X4 Jeep while exploring Edge Cliff, Bathsheba, Joe’s River Forest, Little Bay, and more! This jeep safari is a must-do for your complete island experience!

29.  Jetblade

Fly high over the surface of the water using jet propulsion and experience jetblading! An Instructor will provide safety training and gear before you start your hydroflight – it is as close to flying as you can get.

Participants are propelled 15-feet into the air by the propulsion force of a water-propelled jet pack. This experience is for all adventure seekers and curious tourists and is a one-of-a-kind memory.

30.  eBike Island Adventures

Save some energy and tour the island’s trails on an electric bike for breathtaking views and experience a part of Barbados that is usually hidden from the average tourist. There are two available eBike island adventures:

  • The Great Adventure Tour – Meet in the south coast fishing village of Oistins and cruise east to enjoy amazing views and the historic South Point Lighthouse. Go off-road onto cliff trails which reveal hidden coves and secluded beaches on this untouched coastline. Be amazed at the Chancery Lane Wetlands which is a layover for migratory birds.
  • The Rural Heritage Tour – Meet at the PEG Farm on Hackelton’s escarpment and head out along the cliff to experience the awesome views of the east coast. Ride on ancient, tree-lined country trails past Codrington College, St. John’s Parish Church, and Hackelton’s Cliff before returning to PEG Farm.

31.  Atlantis Submarine Expedition

Board the Atlantis submarine at Shallow Draught for a 2-hour, underwater adventure. Submerge to about 55 feet and admire vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and turtles through the large windows.

Continue your descent to about 150 feet and see a shipwreck which was previously only accessible to skilled scuba divers. Learn the story of this remarkable shipwreck and observe the marine animals that call it home.



32.  Fish and Swim Trip

Depart from the dock in Bridgetown to enjoy the island’s glistening waters and learn how to fish from a professional on this half-day fishing excursion. View the landmarks of the island’s coast and develop new skills with multiple fishing techniques like live baiting and trolling. You will fish for tuna, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and other tropical fish.

33.  Reef Fishing Trip -Private

Your three-hour fishing trip departs from Bridgetown Dock and travels to the south or west coast of the island. The experienced captain will talk about the history of the coast and help with casting and operating the rod and reel. Great for either a beginning or experienced fisherman.

34.  Private Tour: Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Enjoy an exclusive, personalized fishing experience for up to six people as you depart from the Careenage in Bridgetown. Choose the tour length and use the provided equipment while fishing for wahoo, mahi-mahi, marlin, sailfish, tuna, and barracuda. Learn how to bait your line, steer the boat, and how to use navigational instruments while enjoying a relaxing fishing trip.


35.  Turtle Swim Tour

Board a private vessel in Bridgetown bound for the sea turtle habitat. The first stop will allow you to feed and swim with the sea turtles. The Guide will take photos of you with these peaceful creatures. Next, you will snorkel at the shipwrecks and explore how artificial coral reefs are formed. Enjoy the tropical fish and other marine life that call the reefs home.

36.  Monkey Feeding

Explore the Barbados Wildlife Reserve at feeding time and interact with wildlife such as peacocks, iguanas, tortoises, deer, and Barbados Green Monkeys. The monkeys are not captive and have the freedom to come and leave the reserve as they desire. Feeding time is the best time to see as many wild animals as possible.

37.  Welchman Hall Gully

Welchman Hall Gully is a majestic rainforest that is home to fragile native plants and a variety of wildlife. Enjoy an amazing view of the east coast and watch monkeys as they feed on a specially-built platform. Welchman Hall Gully is a perfect way to experience the heart of the island.

Culinary Delights and Crafts

38.  Cooking & Food

Bajan food is unique, with African, Indian, and British influences. While on the island, sample the locally-caught fish, home-grown, grass-fed meats, sweet plantains, and tasty West Indian curries.

39.  Cook like a Bajan Cooking Class

Prepare, cook, and eat an authentic Bajan meal with a local chef and learn about the Bajan culture through food. Ten or fewer participants will be given detailed guidance on cooking and presenting a Bajan favorite meal. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the taste and flavor of your very own Bajan meal. Make sensory memories and bring home the recipe and a piece of Bajan culture.

40.  Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen – Culinary Experience

Meet the tour at Cheapside Market and start with a typical local breakfast. Then you shop at Bridgetown Fish Market and for the items needed to prepare lunch. Learn how to fillet the fish then compete with your team to make the best Bajan Rum Punch. Each team then prepares lunch while listening to traditional Caribbean music.

Enjoy the meal in the relaxed atmosphere with Rum Punch and a local fruit juice. Your immersion in the Bajan culture will be unforgettable with a complimentary digital copy of the Guide’s cookbook, “Treasures of My Caribbean Kitchen.”

41.  Original Bajan Walking Food Tour

Join this three-hour walking food tour through the streets of Bridgetown and experience the Bajan culture by sampling great cuisine at difficult-to-find, local-favorite spots. Stroll 1.5 miles through the city where your Guide will enthrall you with the history of one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. Delight in this genuine culinary journey!

42.  Chocolate Factory Tour

Explore the history of chocolate and learn about the production and export of dark chocolate on this one-hour factory tour. Follow the Guide through the factory to learn about the multi-step process of making chocolate from cocoa bean harvest through confection creation. Sample ingredients and different types of chocolates as you tour this working factory.

43.  Pelican Arts and Crafts Tour

Meet your Guide at the Bridgetown Port and tour the Pelican Craft Center, the largest craft center in the Caribbean where everything is made by locals. Watch local crafters make beautiful crystal pieces and learn how local cigars are made. Enjoy this cultural experience on your two-hour tour and discover the exquisite local crafts.

What Language is Used in Barbados?

English is spoken with a distinct accent and vocabulary that is blended with words from a West African-English dialect called Bajan. Barbadians locally refer to themselves as Bajans. The people are courteous, thoughtful, and generous and you will be greeted with salutations from the locals as you explore the island.

Some common Bajan phrases to help you on the island:

  • Wa gine on – “What is going on?”, commonly used as a greeting.
  • Yuh gawh be kiddin – “You must be joking.”
  • Cheese on bread – “Wow!”
  • Wuh part you is – “Where are you?”
  • He en hay pompasettin – “He is showing off.”
  • To flam, or he/she flam – meaning that the person is a flirt

Enjoy Barbados and plan your time wisely to fulfill your island dreams.

Note: This article was updated in March 2024.

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