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Cruise FactsCruise Ships with Best Crew to Passenger Ratio: Major Cruise Lines Compared

Cruise Ships with Best Crew to Passenger Ratio: Major Cruise Lines Compared

passenger to crew ratio on ship
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Customer service is one of the most important factors of your cruise vacation.  No one wants to wait in long lines at the customer service desk or walk around trying to find a crew member to help with something.  The more crew members available for each passenger the smoother a cruise will be.

So, we compared the biggest cruise lines in the world and looked at the number of crew members compared to the double capacity of guests on each cruise ship.

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Over 100 cruise ships were compared to see how many passengers per crew member were on each ship.

Using the number of every crew member on a ship is not a perfect metric. After all, cruise passengers only interact with certain crew members that are in public spaces on a ship. But still this figure gives an idea of the kind of service you can expect.

This list does not compare luxury cruise lines like Seaborn Cruise Line, Azamara, Viking Ocean Cruises,  Regent Seven Sea Cruises, etc.   These lines are in a different tier, and you can expect a passenger-crew ratio closer to 1:1.

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How did we calculate the passenger to crew ratio in this list?

cruise ship crew to passenger ratio

To come up with the figures below we took the double-capacity of a cruise ship and divided that by the number of crew members.   We then sorted the ships of each major cruise line by this ratio from worst to best in terms of more crew members per guest.

Also, a key variable that can change from trip to trip is the actual number of guests on a voyage, but using a standard double-capacity figure keeps that variable static in our calculations.

I also realize that the crew numbers can fluctuate, but I did try to get the latest numbers based on the data available.

Each cruise line is compared separately, and then an average passenger to crew ratio number is given.

Remember, the lower the number the better the ratio.  So a 2.25 means there are an average of 2.25 passengers for each crew member on the ship. This may also be represented as 1:2.25.

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I recently compared cruise ships by their space to guest ratio as well. This was an imperfect but interesting way to examine how crowded a ship may feel.  But an even bigger factor in your cruise experience is customer service and how accessible the crew is to each guest.


Carnival Cruise Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
Carnival Horizon3,9341,4502.71
Carnival Panorama3,9341,4502.71
Carnival Vista3,9341,4502.71
Carnival Radiance2,9841,1002.71
Carnival Sunrise2,9841,1082.69
Carnival Breeze3,6901,3862.66
Carnival Magic3,6901,3862.66
Carnival Dream3,6461,3692.66
Mardi Gras5,2822,0002.64
Carnival Celebration5,2822,0002.64
Carnival Splendor3,0121,1502.62
Carnival Sunshine3,0021,1502.61
Carnival Glory2,9801,1502.61
Carnival Conquest2,9801,1502.59
Carnival Freedom2,9801,1502.59
Carnival Liberty2,9801,1602.57
Carnival Valor2,9801,1802.53
Carnival Elation2,0529002.28
Carnival Legend2,1249302.28
Carnival Miracle2,1249302.28
Carnival Pride2,1249302.28
Carnival Spirit2,1249302.28
Carnival Paradise2,0529202.23

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Carnival Cruise Line ships is 2.54.

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Royal Caribbean Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
Liberty of the Seas3,7981,3002.92
Navigator of the Seas3,3761,2002.81
Anthem of the Seas4,1801,5002.79
Ovation of the Seas4,1801,5002.79
Quantum of the Seas4,1801,5002.79
Freedom of the Seas3,7821,3602.78
Vision of the Seas2,0507422.76
Spectrum of the Seas4,2461,5512.74
Independence of the Seas3,6341,3602.67
Enchantment of the Seas2,2528522.64
Explorer of the Seas3,1141,1802.64
Adventure of the Seas3,1141,1852.63
Mariner of the Seas3,1141,1852.63
Grandeur of the Seas1,9927602.62
Rhapsody of the Seas1,9987652.61
Wonder of the Seas5,7342,2042.6
Voyager of the Seas3,1141,2002.6
Serenade of the Seas2,1468322.58
Odyssey of the Seas4,2001,6632.53
Brilliance of the Seas2,1428482.53
Symphony of the Seas5,5182,2002.51
Jewel of the Seas2,1128422.51
Allure of the Seas5,4922,2002.49
Oasis of the Seas5,4002,1812.48
Radiance of the Seas2,1438942.4
Harmony of the Seas5,4972,3002.39

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Royal Caribbean cruise ships is 2.63.

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Norwegian Cruise Line Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
Norwegian Escape4,2661,7332.46
Norwegian Getaway3,9631,6462.41
Norwegian Breakaway3,9591,6572.39
Norwegian Epic4,1001,7242.38
Pride of America2,1869272.36
Norwegian Bliss4,0041,7002.36
Norwegian Jade2,4021,0372.32
Norwegian Encore3,9981,7352.30
Norwegian Star2,3481,0312.28
Norwegian Dawn2,3401,0322.27
Norwegian Gem2,3941,0702.24
Norwegian Joy3,8041,7002.24
Norwegian Spirit2,0329122.23
Norwegian Sky2,0048992.23
Norwegian Prima3,0991,3882.23
Norwegian Pearl2,3941,0722.23
Norwegian Jewel2,3761,1002.16
Norwegian Sun1,9369062.14

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Norwegian cruise ships is 2.29.

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MSC Cruise Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
MSC Sinfonia2,5467213.53
MSC Armonia2,1607213
MSC Opera2,1607213
MSC Seaview4,1321,4132.92
MSC Preziosa3,9591,3882.85
MSC Grandiosa4,8421,7042.84
MSC Virtuosa4,8421,7042.84
MSC Bellissima4,5001,5952.82
MSC Meraviglia4,4881,6082.79
MSC Seashore4,5401,6482.75
MSC Seaside4,1321,5132.73
MSC Lirica1,9847522.64
MSC Musica2,5509872.58
MSC Orchestra2,5509872.58
MSC Poesia2,5509872.58
MSC Magnifica2,5189872.55
MSC Divina3,5021,3882.52
MSC Fantasia3,2741,3702.39
MSC Splendida3,2741,3702.39

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on MSC cruise ships is 2.75.

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Celebrity Cruises Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
Celebrity Reflection3,0461,2712.4
Celebrity Silhouette2,9021,2502.32
Celebrity Beyond3,2601,4162.3
Celebrity Solstice2,8521,2502.28
Celebrity Equinox2,8521,2502.28
Celebrity Eclipse2,8521,2712.24
Celebrity Millennium2,2189992.22
Celebrity Summit2,2189992.22
Celebrity Apex2,9101,3202.2
Celebrity Constellation2,1849992.19
Celebrity Infinity2,1709992.17
Celebrity Edge2,9181,3772.12

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Celebrity cruise ships is 2.25.

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Princess Cruises Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
Enchanted Princess3,6601,3462.72
Discovery Princess3,6601,3462.72
Sky Princess3,6601,3462.72
Royal Princess3,5601,3462.64
Regal Princess3,5601,3462.64
Majestic Princess3,5601,3462.64
Caribbean Princess3,1421,2002.62
Crown Princess3,0801,2002.56
Emerald Princess3,0801,2002.56
Ruby Princess3,0801,2002.56
Island Princess2,2009002.44
Diamond Princess2,6701,1002.43
Sapphire Princess2,6701,1002.43
Grand Princess2,6001,1502.26
Coral Princess2,0008952.23

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Princess cruise ships is 2.54.

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Holland America Cruise Ships by Passenger to Crew Ratio

Cruise ShipDouble CapacityCrewPass/Crew Ratio
MS Koningsdam2,6501,0362.56
MS Nieuw Statendam2,6661,0532.53
MS Rotterdam2,6681,0532.53
MS Westerdam1,9648002.46
MS Oosterdam1,9648122.42
MS Noordam1,9168002.4
MS Zaandam1,4326152.33
MS Zuiderdam1,9168422.28
MS Nieuw Amsterdam2,1069292.27
MS Eurodam2,1049292.26
MS Volendam1,4326472.21

Average Passenger to Crew ratio on Holland America Line ships is 2.39.

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Cruise FactsCruise Ships with Best Crew to Passenger Ratio: Major Cruise Lines Compared
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