Cruise NewsCruise Lines With Ships You Can Live On

Cruise Lines With Ships You Can Live On

While living on a cruise ship might be a dream for many, there are actually several cruise lines that offer cabins you can buy and use as a permanent residence.

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Yes, you can actually live on any cruise ship that you want, but it would require booking a cruise on every single voyage on that ship. You also would not be able to decorate the cabin as you would not own it.  A better solution?  Buy a cabin on one of the following cruise lines and explore the world from the comfort of your home.

The World

The world’s first cruise ship that offered cabins you can buy and live in full time.  There are 135 residences laid out on the 12 decks on the ship. 106 of them are apartments with the rest being studios.

The cruise ship was launched in 2002 and at 644 feet long, the ship’s website actually refers to itself as the largest private yacht in the world and the “most exclusive floating city on the planet”. The residents vote on the ports and itinerary that the ship will visit in the upcoming season.

Many of the apartments aboard the ship have been designed by the cruise ship residents, but they are not cheap. To enjoy this mobile and adventurous lifestyle, it will cost you between $2-15 million. But for a view that is always changing from one spectacular sight to another, and to be able to enjoy stress-free traveling to exotic locations, the families aboard the World have decided that the price is well worth it.

Blue World Voyages

Former Starbucks President John B. Richards is serving as the CEO of this new cruise line.  Blue World Voyages is promising to create a ship that is unlike any other cruise ship at sea. Blue World Voyages’ first 350 passenger cruise ship will debut in 2019 and will have 26 cabins you can purchase as a home, a lap pool in the ocean, beds by the pool deck so you can sleep under the stars, and staterooms for solo travelers. For photo renderings of their first cruise ship, click here.

Not only will their first ship will have a sea water lap pool, but the ship will have the first full spa deck at sea and first full sports deck at sea.  Blue World Voyages will begin sailing in the Mediterranean in May 2019 and will be a “gouge-free price zone”. Visit


The world’s first affordable cruise ship that you can live on with condo/cabins starting at just $155,000.  The average entry price will be less than $355,000 with monthly fees similar to the cost of living in a major city. Named My Home At Sea, this signature ownership and travel experience is offering cabin/condos aboard a cruise ship that travels the world. For photo renderings, click here.

Their first 24,000 gross ton cruise ship is bringing the beauty of classic ocean travel into the 21st century. The vessel will offer 450 cabins broken into five tiers that will range from $155,000 to $1.4 million. The ship will first set sail in February 2020 after receiving a $40 million renovation.

The itinerary is set only from point-to-point every 2 weeks to allow for provisioning and safe running of the vessel. The ship will say in most ports for 3-5 days, giving you the proper time to explore each port of call.

All other ports and locations in between those dates are voted on by you, as a cabin-condo owner, via their app. This innovative approach allows the on-board community to choose destinations just a few days in advance.  Visit for more information.

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Cruise NewsCruise Lines With Ships You Can Live On

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