Cruise NewsWorld's First Affordable Cruise Ship You Can Live On, Cabins/Condos Start at...

World’s First Affordable Cruise Ship You Can Live On, Cabins/Condos Start at $155,000

Let’s be honest, it’s a dream many of us have.  Who wouldn’t want to live on a cruise ship, waking up each morning to a new view as you wander the globe visiting exciting destinations from the comfort of your own home.

One new cruise line is making this dream an affordable reality.  Storylines is the world’s first affordable cruise ship company and is selling condos on their first cruise ship starting at just $155,000.  Named My Home At Sea, this signature ownership and travel experience is offering cabin/condos aboard a cruise ship that travels the world.

The cruise ship will be an 18 deck ship that will debut in a few years. The vessel will offer 450 cabins broken into five tiers that will range from $155,000 to $1.4 million. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll find full washrooms, hardwood floors, carpeted living spaces and tasteful furnishings throughout. Storylines has worked with award-winning design firms and decorators to give the spaces a clean, modern feel, with efficient use of space, plenty of storage and up-to-date technology.

The itinerary is set only from point-to-point every 2 weeks to allow for provisioning and safe running of the vessel. All other ports and locations in between those dates are voted on by you, as a cabin-condo owner, via their app. This innovative approach allows the on-board community to choose destinations just a few days in advance.

All the necessities of daily life are provided for you and included in your fee. Meals, drinks, housekeeping services, access to all facilities, even an on-board medical staff are included.

The company is offering a range of attractive financing options to match your budget, cash flow and time frame. Reserving your cabin-condo is easy, with a fully refundable $5,000 deposit subject to terms and conditions of the agreement.

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The five tiers of cabins condos offered are:

Tier 1 ($155,000 – $400,000) – The most affordable cabin-condos make excellent use of space without sacrificing comfort, and exterior options are available that add natural light to the space. Area: 183 sq. ft. – 248 sq. ft.  Monthly service fee: Starting at $4770 per person (per cabin, based on double occupancy)

Tier 2 ($345,000 – $515,000) – Nicely furnished living areas give this class of cabin-condo cozy places to relax and socialize. Some exterior cabins even have large sash windows that give them a light, airy feel. Area: 258 sq. ft. – 291 sq. ft. Monthly service fee: Starting at $5204 per person (per cabin, based on double occupancy)

Tier 3 ($415,000 – $580,000) – The midrange cabin-condos strike a balance between affordability and luxury, with extra touches like private balconies and full bathtubs. Area: 301 sq. ft. – 355 sq. ft. Monthly service fee: Starting at $5479 per person (per cabin, based on double occupancy)

Tier 4 ($585,000 – $630,000) – These premium cabin-condos offer the feel of a spacious urban studio apartment, with large living areas, comfortable seating and ample storage. Area: 366 sq. ft. – 452 sq. ft. Monthly service fee: Starting at $8928 per person (per cabin, based on double occupancy)

Tier 5 ($990,000 – $1,400,000) – The most spacious and exclusive offerings, these expansive exterior cabin-condo suites allow for maximum privacy and luxury, with living/dining areas separate from the sleeping quarters. There’s a two-deck duplex layout with a study, main-level living/dining area and upstairs bedroom, and a large single-deck suite with private terrace. Area: 570 sq. ft. – 624 sq. ft. Monthly service fee: Starting at $9533 per person (per cabin, based on double occupancy)

Storylines goal is to build a fleet of affordable cruise ships and thriving communities that they call “My Home At Sea”.  Their first ship will launch in 2019 with a second cruise ship to follow soon after.

For more information these affordable residencies at sea, you can visit their website at

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsWorld's First Affordable Cruise Ship You Can Live On, Cabins/Condos Start at...


  1. The ship looks to be the Marco Polo rejuvenated. She is already 45 yrs old and ready for the scrap yard, let alone being transformed into a floating residence. Is this company for real, or simply wishing to cash in on sales, then claim insurance when the ship finally breaks down beyond repair or fails sea worthiness inspections over the coming years. If she was a new ship, and the purchase prices were higher I could see interest in the project, but for a 45 yr old ship ready for retirement, maybe not!

  2. yes… that maintenance fee is much higher than the price you could cruise on a much nicer ship almost ten times that ship’s size, and with much better entertainment, activities, and socialization.

  3. I’ll be a single retiree but do not want to pay a fee for minimum of two occupants. A single person, half price, fee is very do-able for my world travel interest. Bummer… Looks like a Costa Rica beachfront, tree-top condo for me.. Cheers!

  4. Hi Rick, Hi Allen,
    We actually have cabins right now from just $155k purchase price and $1,700 per month fees for 2 people for your all-inclusive living; that’s food, drinks, spa, massage, hair salon, entertainment, room cleaning the list goes on.
    You can review the full package inclusions on our website and feel free to reach out to us to see what cabins are still available that may suit your requirements.

    • Hi Alister
      What is your website?
      The prices you are quoting are better for us as we are from Canada and we have to pay approximately 30-35% more on our monies. Also we have problems with the government with our limit of being out of the country
      for 183 days, or lose our pensions and health care.

  5. The cheapest cabin has an almost $5,000 PER MONTH PER PERSON fee! I don’t consider that affirdable!

    • Rick, I agree. The cost of the cabin itself is very reachable for the middle class but the maintenance/service fees seem incredibly high. Storyline says it costs about the same to live in a major city but I can’t believe that. Who spends $10k a month per couple above their mortgage/rent costs? Only the wealthy. I assume you would have to pay that fee even when you are not using it. That is well over $300 per day for the small cabin. You could go on a very nice cruise for just the cost of the maintenance fees. Also the quoted maintenance fee does not give you much. You still have to pay extra to get room cleaning, tips, etc.

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