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Major Hurricane Hitting Bermuda As Cruise Lines Change Itineraries

Hurricane Gonzalo, a category 3 hurricane packing winds of 125 mph, is expected to pass over the tiny island of Bermuda this evening. (Live video at the bottom of this article) After the storm impacted cruises...

Hurricane Cristobal Has Cruise Lines Making Itinerary Changes

Hurricane Cristobal, the 3rd hurricane of the 2014 hurricane season, currently has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph and is moving north at 15 mph. As the hurricane moves north, it is expected to pass...

2014 Hurricane Season & Cruises

June 1 marked the beginning of the 2014 hurricane season which runs through the end of November. Each year hurricanes and tropical storms cause cruise lines to alter itineraries as they try to keep...

Tropical Storm Sean Poses Small Threat to Cruises

Update Thursday 5:00pm EST: Tropical Storm Sean now has winds of 65 mph and is moving north-northeast at 13 mph. There is a chance that the storm could be upgraded to a hurricane today if winds...