Cruise NewsCruise Line Building a Nearly 10,000 Passenger Cruise Ship with a Theme...

Cruise Line Building a Nearly 10,000 Passenger Cruise Ship with a Theme Park

Dream Cruises is building a 204,000 gross ton cruise ship that will not only carry nearly 10,000 passengers at maximum capacity, but will also have the first ever cruise ship theme park with the longest roller coaster at sea.

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In 2021, Dream Cruises will debut Global Dream, the first of two Global class cruise ships from the cruise line. The cruise ship is currently under construction and will carry more passengers than any other ship in the world.

Apart from the theme park, amenities will include a Cineplex, Asian and Western spas, ample shopping facilities as well as authentic Asian and international dining experiences and fast food restaurants.

Designed for two guests, the 2,500 staterooms can also accommodate up to four with a unique two bathroom design to allow several people to get ready at once and a sofa bed that easily unfolds to sleep two comfortably. A thoughtful touch is a privacy curtain that can be closed to divide the room into separate seating and sleeping areas, making the cabins suitable for families and group travelers. The cabins will be approximately 15% larger than standard cruise ship staterooms.

State-of-the-art technology will include Bluetooth locks and a new smart system allowing passengers to control different functions such as the LED mood lighting and climate control with a smartphone app, voice recognition or through a touch-screen control panel. Smart sensors will also be able to detect occupants in the cabin to automatically adjust the lights and temperature for better energy efficiency and triple vent air-conditioning outlets ensure even air distribution for maximum comfort.

Roller Coaster

The “Space Cruiser” will be the highlight of the “Dream Park at the Pier” – first-ever theme park concept at sea that will push the envelope of entertainment and leisure facilities available at sea for discerning cruise passengers looking for unique experiences.

Each of the three Spike carts will provide interactive driving excitement for up to two riders per vehicle with inline seats and an integrated throttle allowing guests to control the speed of the ride. Due to the unusual perspective, the driver of the “Space Cruiser” will have the feeling of flying over the sea.

Theme Park

With something for everyone, “Dream Park at the Pier” assembles a myriad of attractions including:

  • Bounce Activity Park – Spread out over the size of a basketball court, this inflatable park isn’t the same old bouncy castles found at kiddie parties. Guests can run, bounce, dance and jump their way around the massive bouncy obstacle course for the ultimate nostalgia trip.
  • Jump! – Bounce around to your heart’s content in a special trampoline park that will have you jumping for joy!
  • Shark Bay – Unleash your inner daredevil on our bungee trampoline. Accomplish acrobatic feats while attached to a safety harness for maximum fun.
  • Wipe Out – Ride the waves at our on board surf simulator. Whether you hang ten or hang out, you’ll have a wet and wild time with your friends.
  • Cosmic Chaos – Spin, twirl, give it a whirl. Become a human gyro and get ready to tumble.
  • Kranky Kraken – Kiddies can make friends with our amiable octopus and fly around in one of his many arms.
  • Little Dreamers Ride – Tiny tots can test their driving skills in our mini karts for some race-car hijinks – all in a safe and controlled environment.
    And much, much more!

Global Dream will have 28 elevators and eight sets of escalators.

The Global Class ships will also be the largest cruise ships ever built in Germany and the world’s largest cruise ships in terms of passenger capacity.

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Cruise NewsCruise Line Building a Nearly 10,000 Passenger Cruise Ship with a Theme...


  1. I’m amazed and disappointed by the stupid comments that have been posted so far.

    After my having completed 50 cruises so far, these bigger ships are safer, more stable in rough seas, carry more interesting and well-traveled people to enjoy meeting, and offer wider choices of activities, entertainment, dining, and most everything else. And their greater efficiency also helps make cruising an even better vacation value, too! Besides their ability to include more sophisticated and capable systems to minimize pollution and other environmental problems.

    What’s more, the cruise industry is moving in a BIG way to these megaships. The fifth or sixth biggest passenger ship as of a year or two ago will barely be on the list of the 25 biggest within six or seven years… there are NINETEEN more bigger ships ordered for delivery that soon!

    People who don’t like big ships, and are willing to pay the higher prices on smaller and more limited and less interesting ships, will still be able to find smaller ships if that’s what they really want. Meanwhile, the cruise industry is BOOMING.

    I’ll also point out that (contrary to a previous answer), the “tonnage” figure for passenger ships is not (directly) weight… it is a specified function based upon the VOLUME of “permanently enclosed” space.

    Personally, I’ll be excited to see what these new ships are like!

  2. Gross register tons is a measurement of cubic volume, not weight. Oliver Max is 100% correct. I have taken 5 cruises on Oasis class ships and never felt crushed by crowds. No desire to go on this new ship, 10% less volume capacity and 35% more people

  3. I doubt it will ever attract mass U.S. appeal. Who would want to travel on such a monstrosity with so many other people? No Thanks! The Asians can have it.

  4. Biggest? 10,000 people? Theme park? Absurd! At what point is a ship so big it is dangerous to be on it? Titantic and Andra Doria were big ships they lie on the bottom of deep oceans! I’ll neber book my family on one of these behemoths!

    • Titanic was the largest of her day, but by today’s standards is tiny. Andrea Doria was never considered a ‘big’ ship. If you think big=unsafe, and think those two ships were big, you better not go on anything larger than 40,000 tons. All of NCL, Royal, and Carnival are out for you.

  5. I’m really looking forward to never ever stepping foot on that piece of shot raft of legionares disease and pestilence. Id really be surprised if anyone did. Disgusting!!!!

  6. While the cabins may accommodate 10,000 the actual limit will be set based on life boat and life raft accommodation.

  7. The Royal Caribbean Oasis Class ships are 225,000 gross tons and hold around 6200 passengers maximum. This ship will be smaller at 204,000 gross tons and hold potentially 10,000 people? Doesn’t sound like fun to me,

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