CruiseNewsCarnival Cruise Line Makes Change to the CHEERS! Beverage Program

Carnival Cruise Line Makes Change to the CHEERS! Beverage Program

Carnival Cruise Line has made a change to their CHEERS all-inclusive beverage program that is available on their cruise ships.

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Carnival’s CHEERS package allows passengers up to 15 alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks per day for the price  of $51.95 to $56.95 depending on when it is purchased.

Previously, the package allowed for any drink up to $50 in value.  Drinks over $50 each were priced at a 25% discount.  Carnival has made a change and now the CHEERS! package is good for drinks up to $20.  Drinks over $20 will come at a 25% discount.

This pricing change has been updated on  When did the change in price happen?, a website for Carnival travel agents, says that the CHEERS! information page was updated on August 24, just before noon.

What does Carnival’s CHEERS! package include?

First of all, passengers must be 21 years or older to purchase CHEERS! and if one guest purchases it, every adult in the same stateroom must also purchase it. Sharing drinks is not allowed. The program allows for up to 15 alcoholic drinks per 24 hours (6:00 am – 6:00 am) and there is a 5 minute wait time when ordering drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks are unlimited. A complete list of drinks included can be found a few paragraphs down.

The cost is $51.95 per day (must be purchased for the entire length of the cruise, can’t buy it for just one or two days) plus 15% gratuity if you pre-purchase it before your cruise. Once on board the ship, the price goes up to $56.95 per day, plus 15% gratuity.

The package includes the following drinks:

  • All spirits, including cocktails, cognacs, whiskies and other spirits, as well as beer, wine and champagne by the glass, with a $20 USD or lower menu price per serving
  • Sodas (including specialty sodas), Zero-Proof frozen cocktails (including smoothies) and juices
  • Specialty coffees and hot tea served in the main dining rooms, specialty restaurants and coffee bars
    Milkshakes, where applicable
  • RockStar energy drinks, Powerade, Vitamin Water, Coconut Water and Honest Tea
  • 500ml bottled water and other non-alcoholic bottled beverages served in bars and lounges
  • Large format (1 liter and 1.5-liter) bottles of water in the main dining rooms and specialty restaurants
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for any spirit, cocktail or wine by the glass, costing above $20 USD per serving
  • 25 percent discount off the menu price for wine and champagne by the bottle
  • 25 percent discount off beverage seminars and classes

CHEERS! is not offered on two day cruises, charters, and cruises from Australia.

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CruiseNewsCarnival Cruise Line Makes Change to the CHEERS! Beverage Program


  1. I have cruised with carnival twice and purchased the cheers package. I have learned that if you have 2-3 stops where you disembark for the day, the cheers package isn’t worth the money. And if you have a 7 day cruise and are charged for each day, that’s a rip off too! Cause you can’t use it the first day and the last day you are preparing to disembark back at your port, early in the morning that day, so 2 days you pay for that you can’t use it on!!

  2. I am cruising out of New Orleans to Cosumel on 9/20/18. I was not allowed to buy the drink package. The reason was that I was the only one buying the drink package in my group. The others in my group do not drink and I guess the cruise line doesn’t buy that story….so I have to pay full price for my drinks. This is very unfair and thanks carnival for costing me extra money.

  3. not the most brilliant marketing move. Most people didn’t partake in beverages that were in excess of $20. By nickle and diming those that did, you now look cheap. Also prices go up with inflation etc over time so to cut this by over 50% won’t last long. All while continuing the impression you are making cuts to service and increasing prices.

  4. My wife and i paid for the cheers package 4 months ago. We go on our cruise tomorrow, August 25th. I just got off the phone with a customer service representative who told us that our cruise is effected even with previous proof of purchase. We were never notified of any change. I know 20 is still a lot, and now matches other cruise companies. The principle of the matter is that we paid under the premise of 15 drinks up to a fifty dollar value daily. Very unfortunate…

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