Cruise News1,210 Cruise Ships Visited Nassau Last Year, Breaking Passenger Record

1,210 Cruise Ships Visited Nassau Last Year, Breaking Passenger Record

After a $300 million cruise port renovation at Prince George Wharf, Nassau has shattered its previous records for the most passengers in one year.

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The cruise port, which can now accommodate up to six cruise ships at once, welcomed 4,490,802 passengers in 2023, according to a press release.

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The 1,2010 cruise ships that brought these passengers into port, helped usher in a 14% increase in passengers compared to 2019.

This surge coincides with the completion of the first phase of the port’s ambitious redevelopment.  The recent changes boasts a new arrivals plaza, a vibrant Junkanoo museum, an amphitheater, and a slew of Bahamian-owned shops and restaurants.

“This monumental achievement wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of the cruise industry, our dedicated team, and the entire Nassau community,” stated Mike Maura, Jr., CEO of Nassau Cruise Port. “We’re thrilled to share our newly revitalized waterfront, bursting with Bahamian culture, exciting entertainment, and culinary delights. And remember, even more surprises are in store for 2024!”

The revitalized port wasn’t just about aesthetics; it proved its operational might throughout the year. In March, it shattered its single-day passenger record with 28,554 visitors, only to surpass it again on December 27th with a staggering 29,316. This surge not only surpassed the projected annual target of 4.2 million guests but also etched a new record of 4,490,802 for the year.

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This record-breaking year paints a promising picture for Nassau’s future. With a world-class waterfront experience, coupled with the ongoing second phase of development, Nassau Cruise Port is attempting to become a premier destination in the Caribbean, attracting even more visitors and further boosting the local economy that was crushed in 2020.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, I. Chester Cooper estimated that the surge in cruise traffic generated more than $6 billion in visitor spending, making a tremendous impact on the Bahamian economy.

Encouraged by a successful 2023, the port team is even more ambitious for 2024, anticipating at least 5.6 million passengers.

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J. Souza
J. Souza
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Cruise News1,210 Cruise Ships Visited Nassau Last Year, Breaking Passenger Record

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