Cruise NewsTitanic II Photo Tour: Ship Set to Debut in 2018

Titanic II Photo Tour: Ship Set to Debut in 2018

Several years ago, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer announced plans to build Titanic II, a real life replica of the original Titanic. Titanic II was originally scheduled to be completed in 2016, but now that date has been pushed back to 2018. However, many industry experts have their doubts on whether the ship will ever be built.

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Titanic II would be built in China at the CSC Jinling shipyard and the maiden voyage would retrace the original journey from Southampton to New York. The ship would be built as close of a replica to the original Titanic as possible, with the addition of modern safety features. Those safety features include the ship being built over 12 feet wider, the hull will be welded instead of riveted, and will have modern digital navigation, satellite, and radar systems.

Titanic II will be powered by diesel instead of coal, although the vessel will still have the four iconic smoke stacks. Dining rooms will be modeled meticulously after the original, with passengers eating food from the same menu as the ill-fated ship. There will be nine decks and 840 staterooms that can accommodate 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members.

Passengers will buy first, second, and third class tickets just like the original.  There will be a swimming pool, gymnasiums, and Turkish bath.

Construction has yet to begin on Titanic II.  Cruise Fever reached out to Blue Star Line about the status of the project and was told that all updates would be posted on their website.

View the photos below to see what Titanic II would look like if the ship is ever built.


Grand Staircase

First Class Staterooms

Second Class Staterooms

First Class Dining

Third Class Dining

Smoking Lounge

Swimming Pool

Turkish Bath



If this project ever gets off the ground and Titanic II is built, would you take a cruise on the ship?  Cruise Fever would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
Ben is a world traveler who has visited 40+ countries, taken over 70 cruises. He is one of USA TODAY's experts for their 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. His writings have appeared and been cited in various media outlets such as Yahoo News, MSN, NPR, CNN, Fox, and ABC News. Ben currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow Ben on Instagram. Visit Ben Souza on Linkedin. You may email Ben at [email protected].
Cruise NewsTitanic II Photo Tour: Ship Set to Debut in 2018


  1. What a huge disappointment, I really thought that this was going to happen, I feel like a fool in believing this, I would have loved to go on this, shame on me

  2. My answer is no Clive Palmer is a hoaxer it’s sad people fall for this Titanic 2 publicity stunt. This is not the first time he has pushed the project back or has stalled. Next thing you know he will set the date to 2020.

  3. I really wouldn’t want to eat in that “mess hall”. First class is probably sky high. I think I like the modern ships much better.

  4. I’m torn. I would love to live that fairy tail but this ship was meant to carry passengers from one side of the world to the other, it just wasnt meant to be a vacation lie ships now are made. They would need to add a lot of things to make it work in the modern world while still keeping with the visuals to make it believable to the actual ship from so long ago. Just as film makers fail at bringing beloved books to the big screen, I doubt this ship can be modernized (even if just made larger) without disappointing some die hard Titanic fans.

    Main Issue- Separating the classes will never work in a modern world. Titanic had a ‘split approach’ with the top half being a ship for the wealthy and the lower decks for the ‘rest of the classes’ to be, and neither could mingle. These days no one except crew live below the main deck; below sea level. They would have to flip construction on its head for it to work for 2016+. They could use NCL’s approach of ‘a ship within a ship’ and create a ‘Haven’ for the wealthy people where they can be separated from the rest of the ship but their area would have to be much smaller then the rest of the ship in order to accommodate the masses of ‘regular people’…. and those die hard Titanic fans wouldn’t be impressed with that kind of change. I guess you could make it so that the crew were the ”3rd class passengers”…. maybe make their rooms into the Titanic’s iconic 3rd class rooms and then create a 2nd class and 1st class; 1st class being suites/Haven rooms, and 2nd class being the unwashed masses of ‘normal guests??’ Maybe have tours of the bottom decks, maybe staged to look era-appropriate. No paying guest can legally book a room down there but no one said we can go and visit it if it’s apart of some sort of entertainment… a floating museum of a sorts.

    • Exactly! And the numbers that were quoted in the article are not realistic. I would never want to be on that small of a ship with that many people. Having worked on a cruise ship two times the size of the Titanic that accommodates about the same amount, there is no way. Modern ships are made for more than just transport, even for the crew members that work for month and months at a time with no breaks. They need more space, and the guests I argue would need more space as well.

      A museum or even Hotel idea would be cool, I would love to see that. I argue that they wouldn’t even have to make it a ship! If it was a building built in the general shape and likeness of the Titanic, I would make a trip to walk through and imagine the beauty of the old girl. I would even consider staying a night if the hotel option were chosen, but I would not sail on her though.

  5. I would only cruise on the ship if just the staterooms were of different classes–nothing else. That gym looks prehistoric. An indoor pool? No way. The difference in dining rooms and probably menus is the real deal breaker.

  6. I would gladly take a cruise on Titanic 2! Even if it were built exactly like the first. I would take the chances of surviving. I’ve been a huge fan of the Titanic and have done research. I’ve come to the conclusion that the tragedy of Titanic’s maiden voyage was a setup. That is my opinion and my conclusion. I mean no disrespect to anyone.

  7. I would love love love to be on this voyage!!!!! Titanic is one of my favorite parts of history!!! I would love to be part of Titanic ll

  8. It will quite simply never happen! Besides that it is inappropriate and disrepsectful, but I doubt that would worry Clive Palmer!

  9. I would never take a cruise on that. The memories a lone is the 1st reason and the ship is to old looking. Gross

    • well said, Ann.there are many other fine ships to chose to cruise on, then the horrors of the ill fated disaster of the original Titanic……that was built in all in of all places but china, the quality of construction, should surely be questioned…..

  10. The RMS Titanic was built to carry Passengers . It was constructed in Harland and Wolf’s Shipyard on Queens Island , in Belfast . I was allowed to study some of the original Drawings of parts of this fine vessel , whilst serving my apprentiship , as Engineer Cadet , with the Caltex Oil Company . I was pleased in a way , to be on the Engineering Team working on the last Passenger Ship , ever to grace the ways in Belfast . I refer to the P & O Canberra . Constructed of a steel hull and with aluminium upper works , she had four Steam Turbine Alternators supplying Two Synchronous Electric Motors on two Propellers . After many mixed fortunes in the Passenger and Cruise business , she joined up with Orient Line as their latest Great White Ship . Margaret Thatcher , gave this liner a shot in the arm financially when it was converted into a Hospital Ship in the Malvenas , during the Falklands War . Continuing to sail from Southampton , she served her owners well . However from DAY 2 , she was extremely uneconomical on Heavy Oil in her steam Boilers . She is now “Razor Blades ” as they say in the trade.
    I personally, as you have asked , do not feel comfortable with the idea of naming a modern passenger vessel with the name “Titanic ” unless it was built the same as a replica with Steam Recip Engines and Scotch Boilers . The Titanic was a one off floating disaster , from day one . May she and all those who perished on her ” Resquaint in Pace.” AMEN , so be it .

  11. I absolutely would… as long as one of the ‘modern safety features’ they include are the correct number/size of lifeboats. I’m surprised they didn’t mention that in the article!

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