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Manhattan Cruise Terminal Parking: New York Port Guide

Parking garage at cruise terminal in Manhattan, New York City
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If setting sail on a cruise out of New York City’s bustling terminal in Manhattan is on your radar, and you plan to travel by car, knowing where to park is essential.

Planning ahead will help save you a lot of undue stress, and unnecessary expenses you could be spending elsewhere on your vacation, as parking in and around Manhattan is nothing if not costly.

To help you navigate the Manhattan cruise terminal parking, and the costs associated, we’ve complied a reference below of parking options, and anything else you may need to know to help make your search more effortless.


NYC Cruise Ports

Within the New York City district, there are three different major cruise ports to choose from:

For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on parking in and around the Manhattan cruise terminal specifically.

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It is important to note that due to the size of Manhattan, there are quite a number of parking options available near the cruise port. We have included a handful that have had positive feedback from cruise passengers over the years.


Manhattan Cruise Terminal Parking

New York City skyline and Manhattan cruise terminal with cruise ship
Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

If location or accessibility is your main concern, and cost is not, parking near the Manhattan Cruise Terminal may be the ideal choice for your party and could be worth considering.

This parking option is best for those with mobility limitations, or for those who may need handicap assistance at the terminal, as it is the closest to your destination.

You don’t need to worry about transferring to any shuttles, or obtaining additional transportation to the port, as you are already there. You simply drive up directly to the port, park your car, and then head over to board the ship.

And if you truly want the white glove service experience, they do offer valet, which would eliminate the entire parking process all together.


Parking Rates

As with most conveniences, this parking facility does come with an associated cost. As of 2023, the current rate for parking is $45 per vehicle, per night. This is not dependent on vehicle size, make, or model, which can be a plus for those traveling with larger sized vehicles.


Reserve Parking

Their parking system is based on a first-come, first-serve basis, however, you are able to reserve your parking ahead of time and on their website, which they recommend, as port parking does tend to fill up quickly, especially during the summer, and busier seasons (think, holidays).


MTP Manhattan Cruise Parking

MTP Cruise Parking is a parking garage with several locations scattered around New York City. However, the location you’ll want to secure is on 57th and 58th street, which is recommended for parking near the Manhattan cruise terminal.

This option is convenient in the sense that it is located directly across from the cruise port, so there is no need for shuttle service, or additional transportation system.

Another bonus is that because this option is a parking garage, your car is guaranteed to be located indoors for the duration of your cruise. The parking garage is well-lit and secure, so safety wouldn’t be an issue here either and there is plenty of parking due to the size of the structure.


Parking Rates

The starting rate for parking at MTP is $45 per vehicle, per day. If your vehicle is oversized, they will be glad to accommodate for an additional $15 per day.

It is important to note that this option charges by the day, which will make your overall price higher than an option which charges nightly. This may be something to consider when making your final decision for parking near the Manhattan cruise terminal.


Reserve Parking

You can reserve your parking online in advance at (parkwayparking.com) by simply entering the dates of your cruise and searching for availability. You do not get to pre-select a parking space. Their website accepts most major credit cards, and you can pre-pay for parking to make your parking experience more seamless.


ParkRight Manhattan Cruise Parking

For those who prioritize saving money on parking, ParkRight proves to be a very convenient option without compromising on location from the cruise port.

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Located on 43rd street, ParkRight is just a few blocks from the terminal.

There are even porters available who can drop you off at the terminal in your own car, help you handle your luggage and then valet your vehicle back to their indoor parking garage. Talk about white glove service! This can eliminate the need for a shuttle, taxi, or securing other means of transportation to and from the cruise port.


Parking Rates

You can reserve your parking for as low as $27 per vehicle, per day at ParkRight Manhattan. SUVs/larger vehicles are roughly $33 per vehicle, per day, but this cost may vary. Their white glove service (valet) is $35 in addition to the price per night. For payment, they accept all major credit cards.

ParkRight also offers promotions often for their clients, and these can easily be found online and used toward the overall price of your reservation.


Reserve Parking

To reserve your parking near the Manhattan cruise terminal with ParkRight Manhattan, simply visit their website and input the dates of your upcoming cruise sailing. They strongly suggest doing so in advance for guaranteed reservation of a parking space. You can make all your payments that are required online in a seamless transaction.



ParkJockey is a website that has partnered with several parking companies in and around New York City to provide cheaper rates for cruise passengers. Most out of state visitors often experience sticker-shock at how expensive it is to simply store their vehicle in Manhattan while on vacation – sometimes, just as much as the cruise itself.

You can visit their website at: parkjockey.com to learn more about the tools and functionality.  You can also use their app.


Parking Rates

The parking rates at ParkJockey vary and depend on the location that you choose.

For instance, an option mentioned earlier, ParkRight, typically runs at a rate of $27 per day. However, if you were to reserve the same garage and compare prices, ParkJockey could reserve your parking at ParkRight for only $25 per day, with a savings of $2 per day. On a 7-day cruise, this is a $14 savings.


Reserve Parking

ParkJockey’s website is user-friendly, and they make reserving parking around the city less stressful, which is how a vacation should be!

To use their website, you simply enter your departure cruise port, departure date, and cruise ship. Their website will search the closest parking options, and lowest prices available.


Free Parking

It may come as a shock that there is such a thing as free parking in Manhattan, but its true! The question is, why wouldn’t all cruisers gravitate toward this option then?

Read on to find out why the most seasoned cruisers fork over the big bills and pre-plan their parking in advance, and you probably should, too.


“Free” Doesn’t Always Mean Free

In 2005, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) lifted the ordinance that parking meters should be paid on Sundays. This just meant Sundays though.

So, in essence, street parking IS free on Sundays (and some holidays.. and sometimes between 2am-5am), but not any other day of the week. Since cruises aren’t exactly daytrips, this option won’t work out.

Failing to avoid paid meter signs can mean paying several hundred dollars on parking tickets, and even court time. If your car sits long enough, it may even be towed at your expense.


Spots Are Not Guaranteed

Manhattan may be large and have plenty of parking, but it also has plenty of people and plenty of cars (and probably with the same idea as you).

Just because you may know of an area with designated ‘free’ parking does not mean that you are guaranteed a parking space there. And since New York City is the city that never sleeps, you cannot plan to ‘arrive early’ to secure a space either. It’s all up for gamble, and with a vacation on the line, it’s not a gamble you should be willing to take.

If you’re unable to secure a parking space, and need to divert to your backup plan, this adds time to your travel plans. Every minute spent runs the risk of you arriving late to your destination, which in this case is your cruise ship. In the event you were unaware, the ship waits for no one, and will depart with or without you.

NYC skyline and cruise ships in port
Photo Credit: Cruise Fever


Final Thoughts

As evidenced in this article, New York City is bustling with not only people and places, but parking options as well.

When it comes to parking for your cruise departing from the Manhattan cruise terminal, your most convenient, although most costly option is parking directly at the port. It is best practice to make a reservation online ahead of time to secure a parking spot.

If cost is important to you, there are various other options to consider when visiting and parking at the Manhattan cruise terminal for your NYC cruise.

Safe travels, and bon voyage!

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