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Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Taking a cruise out of New York from the Brooklyn cruise terminal?  We have you covered with everything you need to know before you set sail.

aerial view of aMSC cruise ship in Brooklyn cruise terminal(1)
Aerial view of Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, also commonly known as the Red Hook Terminal, first opened in 2006 and has maintained consistent operations since this day. Operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, this cruise terminal has become a popular departure point for those traveling to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Canada/New England, and even Europe.

Although smaller than its New York City counterparts (the Manhattan and Cape Liberty cruise ports), the Brooklyn cruise terminal handles nearly 50 ships across 3 cruise lines, and 250,000 traveling passengers annually with only a single pier.

In this article, we will discuss some important topics pertaining to New York’s lesser-known cruise terminal, such as general information, transportation to and from the pier, local hotel accommodations, parking options, and accessibility that passengers should be aware of to help them ensure a seamless vacation.


Brooklyn Cruise Terminal General Information

NY city skyline from Brooklyn cruise terminal
The view of New York from a ship docked in Brooklyn cruise terminal. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

If you’re sailing with Cunard, MSC Cruises, or Princess Cruises out of New York, your cruise will be departing from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Each of these cruise lines offer exciting itineraries across the globe, ranging from Caribbean destinations in the Bahamas, to uniquely curated fall foliage experiences on Canada/New England sailings.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is conveniently located at 72 Bowne Street Brooklyn, New York 11231 – it is important to make note of this exact address should you be driving in, or using a ride share option from a local airport. There is only one cruise berth here, Pier 12, which makes navigation easy for first-time visitors.


Transportation Options to and From the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is situated in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. This port’s location makes it an ideal hub in the cruising industry, as it serves as a convenient departure port for passengers from not only surrounding areas, but those coming from afar to visit New York.

New York is a very accessible state, and therefore, has a wide range of options available to travelers when planning to reach their cruise destination. Some of these options include driving, the use of a car service, flying into a local airport, taking the train, a bus, or even a ferry!


Driving to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

view of area outside brooklyn cruise terminal from top of ship
Parking lot and entrance of the Brooklyn cruise terminal. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

If you plan on taking your own car to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, you will enter from the Bowne and Imlay Street intersection. Due to the terminal’s smaller size, and single pier, it is easily accessible with parking close by.

Passengers cruising from within New York, or greater New Jersey make up most of the population who prefer this route. Although you will save money on transportation expenses without purchasing plane, or train tickets, you are required to pay a nightly fee to park your car for the length of your stay.


Using a Car Service (Taxi, Uber)

Another useful method of transportation when traveling is car service programs, such a taxi, and Uber, especially when traveling within the same state. This offsets the need to leave your car in a parking lot for an extended period, and the costs that are associated with this luxury.

Car service programs are abundant, and constantly operating in the Brooklyn New York area, and there are several options that can be planned for in advance to allow for a seamless vacation experience. The rates associated with your rideshare option will vary greatly depending on the day of the week, time of the year, and day, as well as which company you decide to use.


Flying into the New York/New Jersey Area

For cruisers traveling to New York for their vacation, flying is often a promising option for convenience, time, and even to create a more fun experience.

Some cruise lines have even been known to offer appealing flight discounts to encourage those out-of-state guests to visit new areas and try out different itineraries they may not have considered otherwise.

The closest airports to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal are LaGuardia Airport and JFK Airport in New York, as well as Newark Airport in New Jersey. Both LaGuardia and JFK are in Queens and are roughly 25-45 minutes respectively from the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, depending on which airport you fly into.

Newark is roughly 45 minutes away. It is important to always factor in additional time for traffic, and unforeseen events to ensure that you reach your destination promptly.

When cruising, if flying to your destination is part of your vacation plans, you should always consider arriving the day before your trip commences. This is important to note because if your flight is delayed, or you miss your flight, and plans change, your ship will still be sailing that afternoon without you aboard, and your plans, and money will be forfeited.

Adding an additional day onto your vacation can also be a fabulous idea, especially when visiting a city as popular as New York, where there is always plenty to do!

View of Manhattan NY from Brooklyn cruise terminal
You can enjoy great views of the city before your cruise sets sail from the Brooklyn terminal. This shot was taken from a lounge on MSC Meraviglia. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever


Arriving by Train/Bus/Ferry

Some of the lesser popular options when it comes to transportation is arriving by train, bus, or even a ferry boat, but New York has them all.

If you would prefer not to fly, but don’t live close enough to drive, arriving by train can be a very viable option. New York City has two train stations – Penn Station, and Grand Central Station – with taxis, and other rideshare options readily available to transport you to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

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If you’re a seasoned New Yorker, and already have a bus pass, using the bus system may work in your favor here. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has routes posted on their website daily that can help you navigate how to reach the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

While this can offset costs drastically, especially for those who already have bus passes, this option may not be ideal for large families, or those with physical limitations, as there is some walking involved.

Should you be visiting Brooklyn from a local New York borough, such as New York City, Queens, or Staten Island, the ferry is a very convenient option to help you reach the terminal. The New York City Ferry has a daily South Brooklyn route with frequent stops, one of which is the Red Hook stop, which will bring you closest to the pier.

Photo Credit: Cruise Fever


Local Hotel Accommodations

There are several hotels centrally located to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, which provides convenient accommodation options for passengers sailing out of this port. Here are a handful of options that are in close proximity to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal:

The Lodge Red Hook

The Lodge Red Hook is one of the best options as far as accommodations go if you want to be closest to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. It is just under a mile from the pier and is about a 3-minute drive away, or, a 14-minute walk. Although there are no direct shuttles from any hotel in the Brooklyn area, this option is arguably the most convenient.

 New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge is located within walking distance of the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at just over 15 minutes, which also makes this accommodation an ideal choice as well. A nice advantage of this particular hotel is the on-site restaurant, which can be helpful for those traveling from far.

 Hampton Inn Brooklyn (Downtown)

This accommodation is in downtown Brooklyn and is just a short 15–20-minute drive, or ride to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. Some significant perks of this option are the free breakfast option for all guests, comfortability, and cleanliness.

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Parking Options at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

brooklyn cruise terminal parking
Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Parking at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is convenient, safe, and seamless for cruise passengers sailing out of this port.

Parking Rates

The cost of parking will vary depending on the duration your vehicle is parked in the lot, as the price is calculated daily. For example, having your vehicle parked for a 3-night sailing would be a smaller price tag than a 7-night sailing.

The current parking rates for standard-sized vehicles (which includes cars, vans, and trucks) is $25 per day. Oversized vehicles (RVs, busses, and limousines) will cost $40 per day. It is important to note that these rates are always subject to change, and it is always recommended that you check the NYCruise.com website prior to your sailing.

Parking Process and Procedures

The parking process at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is quite easy, and smooth for both first time visitors, and seasoned cruisers alike.

Upon entering the parking lot, you will receive a parking ticket with a bar code, which you will need to keep in effort to complete your payment and exit the parking lot after your cruise. Passengers can easily make a payment at one of the kiosks located inside of the terminal building before exiting the lot.

Essentially, the parking at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal is much like a revolving door system. The cruise ships will arrive between 7am-9am, and passengers will disembark by 10:30am. This frees up parking spaces until the next series of passengers arrive, and park for their cruise.

parking at brooklyn cruise ship terminal
Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Parking Accessibility

Accessibility and assistance regarding parking for those who may need this as an option is available at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

There are several designated handicap parking spaces reserved for those who need this option. Additionally, Porters are on-site by approximately 9am to assist passengers with luggage and other belongings during embarkation and disembarkation. It is important to remember to that it is customary to tip these individuals in accordance with their services.

If you require additional service, it is recommended that you communicate these needs to either your travel agent prior to your arrival, or to the Brooklyn Cruise Line terminal staff to ensure that your needs are best met.


Additional Information

inside brooklyn cruise terminal
Inside the cruise terminal in Brooklyn. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever


The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal currently does not provide free Wi-Fi for passengers, or visitors.

If you have purchased a Wi-Fi package directly with the cruise line you are sailing with, this will take effect after the embarkation process. Should you need Wi-Fi connection prior to sailing, it is recommended that you temporarily use your cellular data, or search for hotspots in the local Brooklyn area.

Bathroom Facilities:

There are plenty of bathrooms available for passenger use throughout the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

All bathrooms are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure a standard of cleanliness and hygiene for all guests.

Additionally, there are accessible bathrooms for passengers with mobility impairments, as well as amenities for infants and young children.

NY view from pool on cruise ship from Brooklyn cruise terminal
Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

In Conclusion

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal serves as a significant port for the cruise industry, and offers exciting itineraries on several different cruise lines.

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