Cruise NewsCruise Will Visit Both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles

Cruise Will Visit Both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles

Cruisers who are looking for the ultimate adventure should know about a special expedition that will visit both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles.

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Travel to two of the world’s most isolated destinations with the new Pole-to-Pole offer by adventure travel specialists Wildfoot Travel. The brand-new adventure encourages intrepid travellers to visit both the Arctic and Antarctic circles in a combined package which offers fantastic discounted rates for travellers who sign up to explore both polar regions.

The new Pole-to-Pole adventure offer combines two of Wildfoot’s most popular expeditions to create a journey of a lifetime.

First, the Luxury Spitsbergen expedition takes guests on a voyage to the Arctic circle, circumnavigating the entirety of the stunning Spitsbergen coastline – from Longyearbyen to Isfjorden. During the journey, adventurers will sail through deep fjords and narrow channels looking for the Arctic’s diverse wildlife – including polar bears, Arctic foxes and even reindeer.

During this time of year, there is virtually 24 hours of daylight providing some of the Arctic’s best wildlife viewing opportunities. The majority of the expedition will be on West Spitsbergen, where travellers will be able to explore the island and discover hidden treasures including whaling camps, trapper’s cabins and an abandoned polar bear station while learning about the rich history of the area.

The second part of the voyage is the Christmas Antarctic Peninsula expedition , which takes adventure seekers through the famous Drake Passage towards the South Shetland Islands and then onto the Antarctic Peninsula for an adventure of a lifetime.

The 11-day cruise begins in Ushuaia, described as ‘the city at the end of the world’ as the southernmost city in the world. Perched on a steep hill, the windswept town it the final frontier for any adventure traveller to tick off their bucket list.

Expeditioners will arrive in Antarctica over the festive period meaning a white Christmas is guaranteed. A specialised itinerary will take passengers to the best places to take advantage of the wildlife and adventurous activities on offer. Zodiac excursions will take place throughout the day providing amazing photo opportunities and once in a lifetime wildlife encounters. Options also include kayaking and camping on ice for more adventurous guests.

Wildfoot Travel are an adventure travel company dedicated to wildlife conservation and the protection of the environment, while also exploring some of the most remote and interesting locations around the world. They pride themselves on providing out of the ordinary travel experiences, making them the perfect people to help plan an incredible trip of a lifetime to the isolated, far-flung corners of the world.

The Pole-to-Pole Expedition invites guests to travel to two of the Earth’s most remote areas on a trip that they’ll never forget, visiting the Arctic and Antarctic circles during the peak of Summer for each region. Guests will not only learn about the varied wildlife of these destinations but also experience the frozen lands in a way few ever do.

The first leg of the Pole-to-Pole Expedition to the Arctic circle takes place from the 21st of June to 1st of July 2020 for 11 days with the second expedition to the Antarctic circle taking place from the 18th of December to 28th of December for a further 11 days. Customers who book trips as the combined Pole-to-Pole expedition can experience a saving of £2864 compared to booking both journeys separately.

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Cruise NewsCruise Will Visit Both the Arctic and Antarctic Circles

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