Cruise NewsCarnival Eliminates Adults Only Aft Pools on 7 Cruise Ships

Carnival Eliminates Adults Only Aft Pools on 7 Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruise Line has made the aft pools on several of their ships family friendly and they will no longer be for adults only.

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John Heald, Senior Cruise Director at Carnival Cruise Line, posted on his Facebook page that seven Carnival ships will now have a family friendly aft pool.  This new policy is now in place and the seven cruise ships are:

  • Carnival Conquest
  • Carnival Glory
  • Carnival Valor
  • Carnival Liberty
  • Carnival Freedom
  • Carnival Splendor
  • Carnival Victory

In addition, Heald said that Carnival Conquest will received a “stunning new Serenity Deck” during the ship’s dry dock in October.  Twenty-one of the cruise ships in Carnival’s fleet will continue to have an adults only Serenity Deck.

Carnival’s newest and largest cruise ship, Carnival Vista, has had a family friendly aft pool since the ship debuted in May 2016.

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Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Eliminates Adults Only Aft Pools on 7 Cruise Ships


  1. If I’m paying thousands for a much deserved vacation then I EXPECT to be able to relax. Having other people’s kids running around and being obnoxious everywhere I go isn’t very conducive for that…. and no I’m not going to stay in my cabin the whole time just to get away.
    Please don’t expect me to put up with other’s children who don’t feel like watching them. I really think you should reconsider this decision and continue to have options for everyone and not just groups with children. The adults are the ones who are funding it… Not the kids.
    Get rid of Club O2 or the arcades first if you’re going to be doing something silly like that.

  2. We love Carnival out of Tampa. We live 30 min. away and now seniors and do not drive far so we use Supershuttle. If our adult areas are gone, may as well stay home and do something else. Shame on you. Guess all good things really do end. We are married 55 ys. and booked on Miracle for May and Dec. Might be our last year.

    Paul and Paula

    • . The Miracles still has its adults-only area. The seven ships listed are the conquest class ships and 2 former Destiny class ships.

  3. Kids do not belong in hot tubs. It raises their body temperature and can be detrimental to them. Parents need to keep their kids out of the hot tub.

  4. I was convinced that it would be ok to cruise on the Carnival Splendor by the hook of adults only areas around the pool. Due to the difficulty of my husband arranging time away, we usually book our travel up to a year out and have a trip planned in January for the Mexican Rivera. I wonder if I can get a refund, and the choice to find a Celebrity cruise? We’ve never been bothered by children on Celebrity, although I know that a few kids have been on board. I am really unhappy. First time and last time I will ever go Carnival. I was enticed by the retro decor and wanted to see the Splendor, but not bad enough to be unable to avoid a pool filled with children.

    • I agree, the Serenity deck does not have a pool. My favorite ships were the ones that had the adult only off the Lido . Adults go on Carnival to have FUN too, not much fun when kids are splashing around. Re-thinking future cruises with Carnival and I am platinum.

  5. I agree with the others, although I have children, they’re grown I still sometimes don’t want to be bother with them, so all kid friendly pools NO WAY, NO HOW!

  6. As a Diamond member, I have not sailed with Carnival in over 3 years. Now, I am a Diamond with Royal Carribean, soon to place my loyalty with Norwegian. I thought about coming back to Carnival , but no thanks! No kids in aft pool for me

  7. I am very disappointed, We specifically choose that ship for our last 4 cruises due to adult only pool at the back. We were tired of kids snorkeling in the hot tubs on the Breeze/Magic class.

  8. That is ridiculous! Although not to many kids cruise in September, but when they are in the pool or hot tub their parents let them run wild and they have no respect for other adults. We’re booked in September so we’ll see how it goes. I have no problem telling a child to behave or calm down. If it becomes a problem, we will book future cruises with another company.

  9. We cruise about five weeks a year on Carnival. We will become Diamond VIFP members on our next Carnival cruise. We are seriously considering finding a different cruise line since it is obvious you do not value your most frequent cruisers, retired adults, by taking away the adult only pool area. I don’t want a chair, I want a pool.

  10. We chose the Conquest class ships for their adult aft pools. Just one more thing going away…makes you wonder who at Carnival makes these types of decisions and the basis for them. This one can’t be based on money, like most benefits/features that get taken away…because based on the above comments to this latest news, the cost will be substantial if you lose so many cruisers. I’m platinum and have been cruising with Carnival since 1993. In fact, my wife and I will be on the Conquest this coming Saturday. Too late to change that, but not too late to start cruising with other non-CCL owned cruise lines going forward. So sad that Carnival Management is so out of touch with its’ loyal guests’ wishes….

  11. This is a bad decision I know people cruise with kids I get it there are areas for them. A lot of adults try to go on a romantic cruise they have planned with out their kids i.e. Grandma watching them so they can have a peaceful get away which is needed. Carnival you have blown it on this so big it’s not even funny

  12. Very disappointed…love kids but as an adult with grown children do not want to vacation with other people’s children. Carnival will lose money over this.

  13. I go on Carnival ships all the time and I HATE this idea. The other pools with kids are so noisy, I liked the quiet of the adult only pool. This is a bad idea.

  14. This was a big problem on our last cruise on Carnival Magic! We were getting cannon balled while in the pool. At one time there were 20 children in the hot tub from the ages of 2 to 12. ne had on a life jacket & one had snorkel gear. Children are not even suppose to be in hot tubs. My Mother is 85 and could not get to the Serenity deck. I tried to find her a way using the elevator and our room was deck on 10. So you take away the adult poos & hot tubs. Not happy about this and will find a different cruise line in the future.

  15. What a shame. I love kids and took my young grandchildren on many cruises, but I also believe in Adult Time.

    It’s nice to be in a pool where there are no parents screaming at their children or confusion. There are many older people who enjoy cruises, sun and water and have the time and money to cruise more often than families.

    I’m sure on any given sea day, the adult pool and hot tub are full, so please leave something for the older crowd to enjoy other than the casino.

    • Sadly, the casino is super smokey and so the casino is not a great place for non-smoking adults. The adults only pool was a nice way to ‘get away from it all’. We are going to try a different cruise line after this next January cruise.

  16. This is very upsetting news! Adult areas are already very limited and Serenity gets very busy. We need more adults only pools and hot tubs. Will definitely start looking at other cruise lines.

  17. Wow we cruise every year…. guess not anymore…. it’s nice to have a private place while adults drink. Ooo Well RVing and another cruise line it is.

  18. I am very happy about this decision. We have a 16 year old and we have cruised with him since he was 2. He has never been allowed in the adult pool so we were always stuck going to the only pool we could go to and it is always so crowded. There is hardly anyone ever at the adult pool. Carnival is a family friendly line and must finally realize that one pool is not enough for the people with kids young or old which make up for most of their guests.

  19. Well that is TERRIABLE news!!!! A group of us have bookings on the Glory and we will be cancelling them!!! The aft area with adults only was the best hangout area on deck!!! I am so upset!!!

  20. Not happy at all with this news! I enjoyed Carnival and especially the adult pools.
    I am sure they will end up rolling this out on all their ships eventually.

    Time to look at other lines that offer the adult only areas.

  21. I SHOULD save my time…..Carnival neither reads these comments nor cares about our opinion. So far, every comment I have read (on several blogs) are against this change, especially with no advance notice. But, it won’t matter a bit. Carnival only cares about the bucks….and families spend more so that’s the bottom line.
    I have a cruise scheduled for December and I am seriously thinking about switching cruise lines for that one. I like kids….but I DO NOT want to spend MY VACATION watching other people’s children! The adult only pools were one of the few places you could go to avoid children running around and splashing and just generally being children. Nothing wrong with that, but why can’t we have an adult place for some peace and quiet? Kids are even allowed in the Piano Bar! I wonder if they will let me chill out and play some games in the Kids’ Club? LOL

  22. Planning a group cruise for myself & about 4-5 other adults – it will be a first-time cruise for all of us – the drama in these comments is making me really nervous about planning through Carnival! But, I don’t think my group will be too keen on these family-friendly pools either.

    I’ll still give Carnival a try, but I’ll avoid booking any on these ships listed.

  23. I liked,because Carnival doesn’te esforcé their own rules..In dinning room did not uses dress code,and in the lido dont use hand sanitizer..The people use the same glass for juice.Etc.

  24. I am not happy about this one bit. The aft pools were the only place for adults to gather and relax without children. The children have plenty of kid areas all over the ship. I can see where this could be a bigger liability to Carnival. A lot of parents do not properly supervise their children already so I see this as an area that could be dangerous for unsupervised children.

  25. What a bunch of crap… like there isn’t enough pools for kids. Just when I booked for May.. very disappointing

  26. This is unfortunate, we love kids, but not 24/7 in the hot tub and pools for adults only
    Looks like another reason to book RCL.

  27. Can’t believe that they did this without notice… could have understood “on future sailings”…Many time Carnival cruiser and the adults only options are a big factor in that selection. If I wanted Disney I’d book Disney!

    • Funny thing.
      I will no longer sail carnival after last months spring break debacle.
      They court college kids and drunken parties..they even sell the tee shirts!
      The funny thing is..
      Disney is the BEST cruise line if you do not want to be annoyed by OPC [other peoples children].
      They have it down to a science.
      You never have kids bothering you…ever on Disney.
      But, it is so expensive….that NCL is the better choice now.

  28. What’s it matter. Carnival doesn’t enforce their own rules. Dining room dress codes, saving chairs on Lido, unattended children in pools/hot tubs, etc.

  29. I agree, while still small and and busy the aft pool for adults waa was nice I have adult time, in fact I think they should have a pool area for people over 40!

  30. As an adult who does not like being around children (and refuses to apologize for it), this is terrible news. Thank you, Carnival. You’ve made my decision on whether to go with you or RC this summer a lot easier.

  31. This is awlful news!!! That was the only adult only area on the ship!!! I just scheduled another cruise on the Conquest and if I would have known that I would not have booked with that ship!! Do not convert the adult only pool area until the serenity deck is built!! Very bad timing!!!!!

  32. Well unfortunately I wish they had left it alone..Serenity isn’t big enough to hold everyone wishing for a quieter place…afta deck pool area, although still busy, was sometimes a place to get away from the noise of mid-ship fun..most of the time you can’t even get into the pool or around it on sea days..but all will be fine…the point is to just relax & have fun!

  33. BOOOOO! The serenity deck is nothing without the pool for adults only. Kids have the water park, slides and big pools plus hot tubs! Don’t get me wrong, I love kids….just like pool time without them too. Lol.

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