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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Line Is Making a Good Change to Embarkation Day

Carnival Cruise Line Is Making a Good Change to Embarkation Day

Carnival Cruise Line is making a good change to embarkation day in regards to the muster drill that all cruisers are required to attend before their cruise ship leaves port.

The Muster Drill/safety briefing is probably the least popular part of everyone’s cruise.  No one enjoys being outside in a crowded area when it’s 90 degrees waiting for the drill to start. It’s pretty much miserable but it’s also necessary in the case of an emergency.

Carnival Cruise Line is going to take the pain out of the muster drill by implementing Electronic Muster or E-Muster.  Carnival is getting rid of the large gatherings and you will complete the drill on your own time before the ship sets sail.  Here is how it will work.

Once you board your cruise ship, use the Carnival HUB App to locate where your muster station is. The location will also be listed on your boarding pass. Carnival Cruise Line is recommending for everyone to download their app to their cell phone before boarding.

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When you arrive at your muster station, check in with a Carnival team member so they can mark off that you are there.  After checking in, you will watch the safety video on your stateroom TV that will explain what you need to know in case of an emergency.

Carnival’s safety video features the cruise line’s one and only Chief Fun Officer, Shaq.

Everyone in your cabin must check in at the muster station and you can do it on your own time, not at a set time like traditional muster drills have been held in the past.

You can do it as soon as you board, after you have lunch, or whenever you feel like it. It just must be completed before the ship departs and the ship will know who has and who hasn’t completed the drill.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Line Is Making a Good Change to Embarkation Day
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