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Cruise NewsMSC Announces the Longest Water Slide Ever Built on a Cruise Ship

MSC Announces the Longest Water Slide Ever Built on a Cruise Ship

MSC has announced that their newest cruise ship that will be launched in March of 2013 will have the longest waterside ever to be built on a ship.   Keep reading to see how long this thing will be.

The MSC Preziosa will have the company’s most elaborate water park named the Doremi Castle Aqua Park.   Consisting of raised platforms, fountains, water pistols, splash zones, and a giant drenching bucket that fills up and dumps when cruisers least expect it, the water park will even had water cannons that cruisers can aim at the unsuspecting for a little mischievous fun.

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But the real draw of this aqua park will be the world’s largest water slide with the suiting name “Vertigo” on deck 18.    So just how long is Vertigo?  The 42 foot high water slide will be 394 feet long and will send riders through its twists and turns at over 20 feet per second.  There are even some parts that jut out over the sides of the ship to give cruisers a thrilling view and a true feeling of vertigo.

There will be bands of clear tubing in parts of the water slide that will give the strobe light affect as cruisers shoot through the slide on this majestic cruise ship.  A 30 foot stretch of transparent tubing will allow for great views of the ocean below as well.

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Keep in mind that this ride is not for everyone.  In fact the cruise line will not allow children under 47 inches to ride the gigantic water slide.  People weighing over 330 pounds will also not be permitted on Vertigo.

For kids not able to ride the water slide there will be single and double water slides in the park as well, and MSC provides adult supervision for the ship’s younger passengers.

The MSC Preziosa is the company’s 13th ship and will complete their flagship Fantasia class.  The ship will be christened in Genoa, Italy, on March 23.

You can read more about the Preziosa here.

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J. Souza
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Cruise NewsMSC Announces the Longest Water Slide Ever Built on a Cruise Ship
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