Cruise NewsNorwegian Cruise Line Now Charges for Infants

Norwegian Cruise Line Now Charges for Infants

Norwegian Cruise Line was the only major cruise line to not charge for children aged 6 months to 2 years old.  However NCL has changed their fares for the young ones and they will be priced the same as other 3rd and 4th persons in a cabin.  Newborns that are not yet 6 months old are not allowed to cruise.

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The first two passengers in a cabin are priced the same regardless of age on Norwegian.  Additional berths in the same stateroom will be at a discounted price, plus port fees and taxes.

This change puts Norwegian on the same or similar terms with Carnival and Royal Caribbean who have been charging for kids under 2.   Disney is slightly different offering children 3 and under a 50% discount off the price for children 3-12.

This change shouldn’t come as a surprise since cruise lines often match the policies of the other, especially when it comes to price increases.

We can see both sides of the coin on this one.  We understand that children under the age of 2 do not add much extra cost to the cruise line.  How much food does an 18 month old eat?  However, they still need to be served and children can usually require more work to clean up after than adults.  Cruise Fever would love to hear your thoughts on charging children under the age of 2 to cruise.

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Cruise NewsNorwegian Cruise Line Now Charges for Infants


  1. Weighing in on the whole charging for children under the age of 3. It is completely insane! My 16 month old grandson would not eat enough to even be noticed. As for making a mess that would require more clean up than an adult that is also insane. I take care of him every day during the week therefore would know this. We are seeking alternative plans for my daughters 21st birthday due to this insane new policy. That means NCL is missing out on a 8+ person booking because I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for a 16 month old. It’s the principle of it!!

  2. I’ve booked a NCL cruise for 3/22/13 celebrating my “big” birthday with 18 members of the family, totaling 7 balcony cabins. I have been charged by NCL for a 9mo old infant. Mother has been told she must bring her own unopened food on board for the 9 day cruise. Thank goodness we are not flying as the food weight would be an issue, we’re leaving from a local port. I’ve had my agent relay my unhappiness to NCL to no avail. This has now become a thorn in my side. Any suggestions?

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