Cruise NewsCarnival Testing the Elimination of Mini Bars in Staterooms

Carnival Testing the Elimination of Mini Bars in Staterooms

Update – April 26, 2016: Cruise Fever received word that Carnival Cruise Line is currently testing the emptying of mini bars on select cruise ships.  Carnival’s beverage department will be testing the change to see what resonates with guests. The cruise line has not decided at this time if this will go fleetwide.  Cruise Fever will have all updates if and when Carnival announces any future changes.

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Original Article: Carnival Cruise Line, the world’s largest cruise line, is eliminating mini bars in staterooms according to a post by John Heald.
Carnival Cruise Line will be emptying the mini bars that are in staterooms (the ships that have them) by the end of this month.  However, Carnival will be keeping the mini refrigerators in cabins so passengers can use them to keep other items cold (bottled water, soda etc).  John Heald, the senior cruise director for Carnival, posted on the following message on his Facebook page:

“By the end of this month, all the ships that have mini bars in the cabins will have them emptied and used for storage of your ordered bottled water or for whatever you wish.”

This change will make it easier on room stewards on embarkation day as many passengers ask to have the mini bar emptied so they can keep the drinks the brought on board cold.  Cruise Fever would love to hear your thoughts on this change coming to Carnival.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Testing the Elimination of Mini Bars in Staterooms


  1. I think it’s a great idea. We always rearranged so we could get our own soda & water in the refrigerator. Thanks Carnival!

  2. I don’t mind not having a mini bar,but would like to still have a refrigerator. I have to carry my insulin with me as I have diabetes type 2 & it must be chilled. Let’s not forget your passengers with medical needs. Love Carnival Sincerely Thank You

  3. Great play Carnival! It’s about time! Like most have said, this way I don’t have to bother the cabin steward to remove all the contents so that I have room for my bottled waters and medications. Would love to see every cabin have a mini fridge in it! A Necessity for this cruiser! Thanks and keep up the good changes (just listen to your repeat cruisers!)

  4. This is wonderful news. We always have them remove the items so that we can use the refrigerator for our waters and soda! Thanks Carnival!

  5. Perfect! My Family NEVER drank the items in there anyway. Plus, now we will have enough room to put our own drinks. It will also be VERY CONVENIENT for ME to have some cold juice that I always get from the Lido Deck the night before, seeing as I HAVE TO TAKE MY MEDICATION as soon as I wake up!

  6. Way to go Carnival. I cruised in March 2016 and mini bar was empty ordered water 12 for 2.99 could only get 7 bottles down. And my free bottle of wine fromCarnival. Thank you. Until next time. JJ

  7. This is awesome. I hated having to empty the stff they pt in htere to fill it with or stff. then you had to find a place to put it and there is not alot of space in the room to start

  8. Great idea! Does anyone actually ever drink anything in there??? I think not! I love having a fridge in the room for my stuff

  9. Great idea, we have cruised multiple times and always empty the fridge out, it will be nice to be able to put our water and cokes in it and not have to bring a small cooler and keep it full of ice.

  10. Just cruised the Carnival Elation. Our mini fridge, which was nice and cold, was empty. We gladly used it for a medication that needed refrigeration as well as for milk, water and lemonade.
    Great idea to empty the ‘mini bar’.

  11. Great idea, been on 7 Carnival Cruises so far and this Saturday will be our 8th, it will be the 8th time I’ve had to request it be emptied as well, as someone in recovery (for many years) this is a step in the right direction

  12. WONDERFUL!!!! I would hope/think that you could/should be able to order the thing be “stocked” if you really really want THEIR drinks. But I am guessing this was a total loser for them. Way to much work to check and keep track of.

  13. About time. Now replace those electric coolers with real mini refrigerators that get things cold in a few hours instead of days.

  14. Great move by Carnival! Can now use it for bottled water, iced tea or lemonade from buffet and snacks.

  15. I think its a good idea. The room Stewarts work very hard for you and this would also speed up the boarding. I agree there’s enough places to get drinks on the ships.

  16. I am on the Carnival Dream now and I love that the mini bar is gone. I can put my bottled water and whatever in it. There’s really no need for them to stock it when you can call room service for free. Smart call Carnival.

  17. I don’t think I ever used what was in there and I’ve been on carnival many times We have water ordered so now there’s room to put it in.

  18. Excellent idea for most, what if you want your mini bar stocked however? I will make the assumption some people will pay those crazy prices for booze at 3 AM after all the bars have cut them off…lol

  19. I think that’s a great idea. I don’t drink. But need room for water or whatever I bring. It just puts more work on our room stewards. Thanks John and Carnival

  20. Yay….we always hated either trying to rearrange the stuff or bothering the room steward to empty the fridge. This will make things so much easier!!! Thank you Mr. Heald and CCL

  21. As a loyal Carnival cruiser, I think it’s great. I know some like to buy from the mini bar and Carnival is forgoing this revenue to allow others of us who buy water, need medications chilled, etc. to have the convenience of the frig. Thanks, Carnival!

  22. Best idea ever. There are plenty of bars and access to getting drinks all over the ship. Being able to use the refrigerator for other thing. I think it is better than having a mini bar in the room.

  23. Do all your ships have mini fridge in there staterooms. Never used bar so I won’t miss my carnival…

  24. I think its great being that I empty the frig every time I take a cruise to put my sons as well as my drinks, juice, and waters in there. This past cruise I took 3 weeks ago, we needed to house my mother’s diabetic medication.

  25. This is a great idea!! I refused to pay those high prices for soda or water; so I would just bring my own. This way; I will have a place to store my items!

  26. Yayyyyyyy I am also one of the people that ask the steward to remove all the items or sometimes I will and place them under the desk now I won’t have to bother the steward

  27. This is great and a long time in coming! We always ask to have the “mini bar” removed as soon as we board and sometimes it takes more time than necessary, though the cabin stewards are always obliging. Also, thank you Carnival for keeping the mini fridges in the cabins…we appreciate it!

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