Cruise NewsRoyal CaribbeanRoyal Caribbean Adding New Fees for Attractions on Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean Adding New Fees for Attractions on Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean will begin adding a new fee for a few attractions on one of their cruise ships starting in November.

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The cruise line said that in order to improve guest experience and to minimize wait times, there will be a fee for the North Star and Ripcord by iFly on Quantum of the Seas starting with the November 16, 2019 sailing.

The new fees will be as follows:

  • Ripcord by iFly: $29 pp USD
  • North Star: $12 adults pp USD / $8 child pp USD (up to 11 years)
  • Bumper Cars: Complimentary (with option to upgrade to Express Lane for $5 pp USD)

Note: Express Lane option is to be paid onboard at the Seaplex/Bumper Car area.

Guests will be able to purchase tickets for these activities on Cruise Planner.

These new fees apply to Quantum of the Seas on roundtrip sailings out of Singapore starting on November 16, 2019.  Cruises that are nine nights or more in length and repositioning sailings are excluded from these new fees.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsRoyal CaribbeanRoyal Caribbean Adding New Fees for Attractions on Cruise Ship


  1. Yep just got off Symphony of the Seas and besides the fact that it was as crowded as any cruise I have ever seen in my life and don’t get me started on the particular issues I had that seemed special just for me but my family and I had done a lot of research to decide what ship to go on and this was the most expensive one and the things I had read that were free had suddenly started costing ON the ship! The wave rider, the escape room, the ice cream parlor and other things were suddenly an extra fee. I’ve had it with cruises at this point I am paying way too much for someone to tell where to go and what do to and cram me in with a bunch of other people.

  2. People, get your facts straight. The tragic fall of the infant was not Royal’s fault, it’s OBVIOUS those windows are open and they are not easy to get out of, that was negligence on the part of the family. There IS free food options, plenty of them, on Coco Cay. They are implementing these charges on ONE ship for a specific market, likely to test profit and crowd control, it is very unlikely this will be implemented across the board.

  3. How about improving quality control and safety to ensure infants can’t fall to their death through gaps in their window panels instead?
    Charging guests $29 for an attraction is abusively greedy and a deterrent for those like myself considering Royal among the many other cruise lines. I can understand charging for specialty restaurants, but this is getting ridiculous. If they insist on up-charging, why not give every guest one free access to the attractions by swiping their stateroom card, and then charge for additional times thereafter?

    • Any idiot who holds a 2 year old up to an open window and then lets them fail to their death, only to blame the cruise line, should be put in jail….and so should you for thinking that its a “quality control” issue and not a parenting neglect issue!

    • Jamie L, you obviously have NO understanding of the “gaps in their window panels”.

      The infant was put on a railing in front of an obviously open window in an area with many obviously open windows.

      Would you be blaming the cruise line or the grandfather if the baby had fallen off the railing on their stateroom balcony? What about if the grandfather had placed her on the railing of the Promenade deck? What about sitting her on the edge of the railing on the uppermost deck on the ship? Because that’s basically what happened.

      The window wasn’t missing or defective in any way — it was an obviously open window that had a sturdy protective railing almost a foot in front of it. Why the grandfather put her on ANY railing without holding on to her is anybody’s guess. But the cruise ship didn’t put her there, and the cruise ship didn’t let go of her.

      There are windows that open in MANY (most) multi-story buildings all around the world… fortunately, most people don’t place babies on those windowsills and let go of them. Why it happened here is a mystery, but it’s NOT the fault of Royal Caribbean.

  4. This nickle and diming is out of hand. What a bunch of crap. They put things on ships to enjoy and then sock it to ya. That’s shameful. All inclusive resorts or another cruise line may be in the near future for us. It’s ashame because we have always been loyal to Royal.

  5. Yeah, 10% improving customer experience, 90% greed with those prices. So Coco Cay doesn’t have a free food restaurant at all, even with reduced selection?

  6. Express lanes, eh, okay I get that. Charging for the other things? Nope. I was just about to book a sailing on Quantum and now that will be a big no from me. The allure of a cruise vacation is that it’s all inclusive, once they start nickel and diming you for attractions, it’s no longer appealing. I loved our RC cruise, but I guess I’ll look at other cruise lines now.

  7. A lot of the extra items on all the CRUISE lines have a extra cost after they GET established or the lines GET extra long

    When it’s FREE a lot of people just GET off the attraction and just go to the end of the line for another ride all day long

    As they add more and more extra things on the ships and the ships GET bigger MORE CRUISE lines will start charging extra fees for the extra items so that the cost of thoes extra items are PAID for by the ones useing them and not cause a price increase to all the passengers that don’t use them

  8. Wow! Seems like a pretty greedy mood on part of Royal Caribbean. I guess the idea of “all-inclusive” vacation will start to go out the window. And once RC does it, all the rest will start to fall in-line. It’s bad enough you have to pay for food when you go to their private island.

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