Cruise NewsNew 100 Cabin Cruise Ship Prototype Is Powered by Wind

New 100 Cabin Cruise Ship Prototype Is Powered by Wind

Over the past few years, we have seen companies unveil designs and prototypes for new cruise ships.

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This includes a 60,000 passenger turtle shaped ship, a ridiculous mile long Freedom ship, and a really interesting 430,000 gross ton ship. Every one has their own vision for what future cruise ships will look like.

Now, YSA Design has unveiled a wind powered catamaran cruise ship, Seabreeze, that would have 100 cabins and carry up to 200 guests.

The ship would be over 300 feet long and have dual hulls. Since the ship’s draft would only be 12 feet, it would be able to access shallow waters where larger ships couldn’t visit.

The vessel has four 150 foot high foldable sails. If wind is insufficient, the cruise ship’s engines would run on green bio-methanol. It would have hybrid drive to also offer silent running on battery power.

“Sustainability is critical but cruise shipping also needs to continuously reinvent itself,” said Trond Sigurdsen, Senior Architect and Partner, YSA Design. “A sustainable ship which brings environmentally conscious guests closer to the sea and reaches destinations others cannot is a clear opportunity at the premium end of the cruise market.”

Each hull would have four decks with a yacht like top. The ship would carry 200 passengers in 100 cabins and have 155 crew members.

The dual hulls would also provide greater stability creating a better experience for the guests on board.

The design envisages a transparent bay structure between the hulls so that guests can “hover” over the sea. Enhanced by auxiliary lighting, “seeing a shipwreck or coral reef would be unforgettable”, said Sigurdsen.

In another scenario, guests relax on a mesh connecting the hulls in a “floating experience”.

YSA Design said the following about this new ship:

“Seabreeze also aligns closely with contemporary thinking on destination-based cruising, where a ship gliding in under sail would not disturb wildlife and would be a welcome visitor anywhere. A 21st century wind-powered ship could even drive revival in communities which suffered with the demise of sail.”

Time will tell if Seabreeze will ever be built. But for now, it’s fun to look all of the interesting new design concepts for cruise ships.

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Cruise NewsNew 100 Cabin Cruise Ship Prototype Is Powered by Wind

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