Cruise NewsHow One Cruise Line Is Avoiding Some Cruise Port Bans

How One Cruise Line Is Avoiding Some Cruise Port Bans

Many popular cruise ports around the world are either banning larger cruise ships from visiting or limiting the number of passengers that can visit each day via a cruise ship.

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This will mostly affect the mainstream cruise lines that have cruise ships the size of small cities and can carry anywhere from 1,000 to 7,000 passengers.  However, Windstar Cruises with their fleet of smaller cruise ships will largely be unaffected by these changes.

Windstar’s cruise ships carry anywhere 148 to 342 passengers making them the ideal solution to this problem. Here are seven popular ports and destinations that Windstar’s ships visit that have started restricting the number of passengers and the size of ships.

Santorini, Greece – Santorini is one of the most picturesque ports in all of the Mediterranean.  The port now limits the number of cruise passengers per day to 8,000.  Windstar visits the port on their Treasures of the Greek Isles cruise on the 148 passenger Wind Star.

Key West, Florida – Key West has voted and talked about banning larger cruise ships and how many ships can visit in a day for the past few years.  Windstar can still visit the port on their 312 passenger Star Legend during the cruise line’s Jungle’s and Jewels of the Central America Coast itinerary.

Venice, Italy – One of the world’s top bucket list destinations, Windstar’s small ships allow them to sail through the Grand Canal.  This incredible experience takes place on the 148 passenger Wind Spirit on the Best of the Balkins itinerary.

Dubrovnik, Croatia – Dubrovnik became overwhelmed with tourists after many locations around the city where used to film Game of Thrones.  Now, only 8,000 passengers per day can arrive via a cruise ship.  Windstar visits the port during their Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast cruise on the 342 passenger Wind Surf.

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French Polynesia –  All cruise ships that are 3,500 passengers and larger have been banned from visiting the tropical paradise of the French Polynesia. Bora Bora allows just 1,200 cruise passengers per day. Windstar Cruises has been sailing to Tahiti for more than 35 years and they currently have two ships sailing in the region, a 148 passenger and 312 guest yacht.

Juneau, Alaska – The Capital of Alaska now only allows five cruise ships a day to visit the port. Windstar’s new Scenic Alaska itinerary takes guests through the Gastineau Channel to and from Juneau on a 312-passenger, all-suite yacht Star Breeze. The ship is small enough to cruise up narrow fjords, get closer to scenic shorelines, and adjust the schedule to linger when whales or other wildlife are present.  Try doing that on a large cruise ship!

Bar Harbor, Maine – Bar Harbor has not only begun to limit the number of daily cruise ship visitors, but also the number than can arrive each month.  Windstar is able to visit the town on their 312 passenger Star Pride during the fall on their Southeast Canadian Explorations cruise.

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Cruise NewsHow One Cruise Line Is Avoiding Some Cruise Port Bans

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