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Going on a North African Cruise? Where to Go and What to Know

morroco cruiseIf a North African cruise isn’t your first choice for a vacation, it should be! Beautiful weather, friendly people and tasty food is just the start. Depending on where you go, North Africa has a deep and ancient history involving some of the greatest empires known to man. The cultures along the Mediterranean are noted for their vibrant blend of African, European, and Islamic distinctives. Whether you find yourself taking a camel ride along the Sahara, enjoying the sights and sounds of Libya in the springtime (with too-good-to-be-true weather), or basking in the rich architecture and history of Egypt, every moment of your cruise will be spent with pure joy and relaxation.  As you plan your North African Mediterranean cruise for your next vacation, here’s what to know, where to go and how to make your trip stress-free!

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Cruise Lines to Consider
If you haven’t taken a cruise before and are planning your first one, you’re in for a real treat. Everything you could possibly want on your vacation is all right here on the ship – nightly entertainment, more food than your stomach can handle, swimming pools, entertainment for kids, bars, nightclubs, and spacious rooms with views of the sun setting and rising. Each cruise line has pros and cons, but you’ll want to focus on one that caters specifically to the North African/Mediterranean experience. Try Silversea Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, Crystal Africa Cruises, or Lindblad Expeditions, to name a few. Just keep in mind that some cruise lines will have more (or different) offerings/excursions than others, so depending on what you like, your choice may differ from the next person.

Where to Go on an African Cruise
When it comes to a truly blissful North African Mediterranean cruise, you’ll have more choices than you can handle. Will you choose to see the beautiful and bustling cities of Morocco, or spend your time ashore visiting the pyramids of Egypt? Wherever you go, expect beautiful weather (unless you go in the middle of summer, in which you should expect scorching heat), friendly hospitality, and exhilarating entertainment from the locals! Do you want to go in the warm or cooler weather? Many tourists enjoy visiting Morocco in the wintertime, and although the weather is a bit cooler, it’s still very enjoyable and won’t prevent you from doing any of the activities you enjoy.

Cruising is definitely to be preferred to flying, but remember that safety is still a concern when doing on-shore excursions in North Africa. Make sure to keep your valuables on the ship in your personal safe, and your on-shore money, passport (if required for re-entering the boat), and cruise ID on your person, close to your skin, and hidden. Nations that are predominantly Muslim tend to have more conservative dress-codes (especially for women), so keep that in mind when choosing your wardrobe, or else you may draw unwanted attention!

General Cruise Tips
Remember that no matter where you go, you’ll have a great vacation as long as you practice good common sense, pay attention to your budget and prepare where you go ahead of time in order to maximize your onshore adventures to its fullest potential.  Before booking your cruise, know where you want to go and work backwards. Find a cruise line that not only has a great reputation (referrals from friends and/or family can be very helpful) but goes where you want to go. Although your cruise price pays for your lodging and food, it won’t cover additional items like alcoholic drinks, tips for your waiter and babysitting services. To use the internet is also extra (expect $.50 a minute on many cruise lines.) Lastly, since you have specific needs of your own, make sure that you pick a cruise line that caters to you. If you’re single, make sure you’re not boarding a family-friendly cruise line, and so on. Follow these guidelines, and you’ll have a dream cruise that will convince you never to take any other type of vacation!

Heather J. writes on behalf of MoroccoTours.org, your source for the Moroccan excursion of your dreams!

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PortsEurope/Asia/AfricaGoing on a North African Cruise? Where to Go and What to...

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