Cruise TipsWhat Kind of Perks Can You Get on a Cruise Ship Honeymoon?

What Kind of Perks Can You Get on a Cruise Ship Honeymoon?

cruise honeymoonSo you have decided that following your big day and exchanging your vows in front of loved ones you are going to hit the high seas for your honeymoon. You have made sure that you have chosen a reputable cruise provider; you have made sure that the route that the cruise takes will lead you to countries and places that will inspire both you and your new partner. Essentially you think that you are in the position where you will be able to enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest.

What you may not be aware of, though, is the fact that cruise ships often offer all sorts of little extras for honeymooners and non-honeymooners alike and these can be the perfect way to surprise you other half. Whilst they are not always advertised fully on the operators websites you will find that seasoned cruisers will snap up these extras and due to the limited nature it can be hard to get signed up.

To that end, it would be great if you could sneakily bring this in to the research that you do with your other half to ensure that you will be able to sneak some surprises into the honeymoon that they weren’t expecting – some romantic gestures that will make the honeymoon truly memorable.

So what kind of offers and perks are out there?

Whilst not exhaustive list here are some of the best and most exciting perks that I have seen offered on cruises, use the ideas when researching cruises and let them influence which cruise you might choose. Having done this in advance you will know which cruise offers what extras and you can get in early to book as many up as possible!

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  • Spa appointments – very popular and always busy. Sometimes you can book them privately if you are a honeymooning couple.
  • Special treatment at dinner – what sounds better “a table for two” or a “table for a dozen”? Make sure that you will be able to dine alone on at least one or two of the evenings. Cruise ships are busy places and you will make new friends – but that doesn’t mean that you want to eat with them every night!
  • Slightly tacky gifts – emphasis is on the slightly there. You can get cakes, photos signed by the captain, memory boxes and special keepsakes. Less tacky are the champagne flutes and engraved gifts.
  • Breakfast in bed – some cruises offer breakfast in bed, perfect for dining alone on a busy ship. Enjoy in your specially ordered honeymoon bath robes!
  • Your own chef – maybe a little overboard (no pun intended) and a little expensive but many cruise ships will offer a personal chef for your dinner, eaten by candlelight obviously!
  • Massages and facials – offered by many cruises, even those that are not geared towards honeymooning couples.

There are literally hundreds of different romantic packages across most cruise ship holidays – some freebies and others paid for. A little research beforehand means that you will be able to surprise your loved on a few occasions in the duration of the trip!

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Cruise TipsWhat Kind of Perks Can You Get on a Cruise Ship Honeymoon?

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