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5 Reasons to Take a Cruise to Thailand

thailand cruiseFor those looking for a unique and adventurous vacation,try Thailand.Booking a cruise to Thailand could be just the getaway you need.

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There are many islands to explore along the coast of Thailand.Planning a cruise to Thailand can allow you to experience land as well as water activities.You can try scuba diving,surfing and kayaking just to name a few.


Thailand offers many land adventures as well.There’s island hopping,sightseeing,shopping and dining at exotic restaurants.For those planning on nothing but relaxing there are spas and massage parlors.One of the most popular land activities for tourists is sunbathing.Thailand has many popular beaches such as:Phuket and Ko Chang.With flower laden landscapes,beautiful mountain views and over fifty islands to explore,Thailand is a sightseers paradise.


In short Thailand has many surprises for you to uncover.Choosing a Thailand cruise can lead to untold adventures.Below you will find the top 5 reasons a Thailand cruise can be the ultimate vacation.




Taking a cruise vacation is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your family.A cruise ship has space for the entire family to do activities together and/or spend some private time alone.Your family can be close without falling all over each other.




Thailand cruises offer many choices for leisure and other activities.There is always fine dining and lots of entertainment to choose from.




Cruises allow you to enjoy a beautiful meal amidst the serenity of calming waters.Dining on a cruise ship is like eating at a floating restaurant.




Taking a cruise will allow you to visit many of the local hot spots in and around Thailand.You can dock at many different ports and visit the local landmarks, ruins,beaches or any number of restaurants and monuments.Taking a cruise in Thailand is like taking multiple vacations at once.




A holiday charter cruise in Thailand can be very inexpensive.Some charter cruise companies will even give you a bigger discount the larger your family is.


Cruises in Thailand are open to all ages.Your entire family can enjoy a number of activities for a small price.There is something for everyone,from swimming for the kids to after hours entertainment for the adults.Your entire family is sure to have a great time.These are just a few of the reasons you should consider taking a cruise in Thailand for your next vacation.

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PortsEurope/Asia/Africa5 Reasons to Take a Cruise to Thailand

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