Cruise QuestionsCruise Questions 3: Food, Tipping, Golf, TVs, Cruise Safety

Cruise Questions 3: Food, Tipping, Golf, TVs, Cruise Safety

Our 3rd segment of Cruise Questions Answered covers the topics of eating, televisions, golfing, and tipping along with a few other topics that have come in. If you have a question that you would like answered, do not hesitate to contact us or email ([email protected]) and we will be happy to answer your cruise questions.

Do people still go on cruises after the Costa Concordia accident?

While cruise bookings were initially down for a few weeks after the accident, most cruise ships are still sailing near capacity.  The accident did scare some who have never been a cruise vacation.  However, those who have gone on cruises realized that this accident was caused by human error and that cruising remains a safe way to vacation.  The cruise industry has also added new safety measure to make sure that incidents like this one do not happen again.

Can I eat after boarding a cruise? Can I eat as much as I want?

These were two different questions that came in but since they go together, we will answer them as one.  Yes, you can begin eating as soon as you board your cruise.  We actually recommend boarding the ship as early as possible, grab lunch and begin relaxing.  The buffet is usually always open on embarkation day along with a main dining room for a nice sit down meal.  The buffet can seem chaotic on embarkation day on some ships. Suite passengers will also likely have other options for lunch that day as well. 

You can also eat as much as you want when on a cruise.  If they are serving lobster tails in the dining room, you can order 2 or 3 of them.  The portions are smaller than at your average restaurant and it is not uncommon for someone to order 2 or 3 appetizers or even entrees.  Room service is also available 24/7 so you will never go hungry while on a cruise.  The average cruiser gains a pound per day while on a cruise.

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Are there TVs on cruise ships?

Yes, every cabin on a cruise ship has a TV.  The newer ships and recently upgraded ships have flat screens while the older ships will have the old CRT screens.  The TVs will have anywhere from 8-15 channels (news, sports, movies, weather) and several of the channels will be information about the ship’s excursions and activities.  If you have an inside stateroom, leaving the TV on the ship’s webcam will let you keep an eye on the outside weather.

Can I hit golf balls off the side of a cruise ship?

No, you are not allowed to hit golf balls off of the side of a ship into the ocean.  This practice stopped after fish were dying from swalling them. They do make golf balls made out of fish food now but those are not on any of the main cruise line’s ships.  Some vessels do have a “driving range” where you can hit the ball into a net to work on your golf swing.

Do I have to tip?

Yes, you are required to pay gratuities that will go to your servers and room stewards.  Cruise lines automatically charge (around $12 a day per passenger) to your on board account unless you choose to pay them upfront.  If you feel that the service you received was not up to par, you can have your gratuities adjusted by visiting the customer service desk.  It is also customary to tip a couple dollars if you order room service.  Drinks will automatically be billed with a 15% tip.

Was Lifetime’s Love for Sail cancelled?

While there has been no official word from Lifetime, it appears that the TV reality show Love for Sail has been cancelled after just two episodes.  The first episode was filmed on the Norwegian Pearl and the second was filmed on the Norwegian Epic.  The show is no longer in the normal Tuesday night spot.  You can read Cruise Fever’s review of the show here.

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Cruise QuestionsCruise Questions 3: Food, Tipping, Golf, TVs, Cruise Safety

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