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Cruise Gym Dispute: Passenger Told to “Move Out of the Way” as Influencer Films

Carnival Cruise Line Brand Ambassador John Heald recently addressed a passenger complaint on a Facebook Live video.

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The passenger was simply trying to work out in the gym on Carnival Celebration when a woman told him to get out of her shot as she filmed with her phone.

Carnival Celebration cruise gym
A Carnival Celebration passenger recently mentioned an interaction in the gym that kept him from working out. Photo Credit: Cruise Fever

Graham, a 52-year-old corrections officer from Montgomery, shared the following experience with Heald.

Diagnosed with a recent health condition, Graham found exercise helpful in managing it, but also admitted with a touch of humor,

I’m trying so hard to plan on being good with exercising so I can eat all the yummy food they are serving here without one ounce of guilt!” He continued, “I was in the gym this morning early around 8:00-ish.”

But his workout plans in the cruise ship gym were quickly thwarted by a woman who was recording a video.

She told me I needed to move out of the way from the view in the mirror,” Graham recounted. “I was shocked… She told me she was filming for Carnival and I had to get out of the view!

According to Graham, the passenger wasn’t just filming herself casually.

She filmed herself with a phone making motivational mantras,” he said, implying the woman was creating content for social media.

He added that she told another passenger the same thing, ‘get out of my film shot’.

Heald responded to the message saying he did some checking into the situation.

Upon investigating with Carnival’s PR and marketing teams, Heald assured Graham that there were no official filming projects happening onboard, particularly not with iPhones in the gym.

This was obviously some lady who is doing one of her influencer things that people do these days,” Heald said on the live video.

Heald went on to express his amusement at the situation, calling the passenger’s behavior “very rude.”

In a lighthearted attempt to resolve the situation, Heald offered Graham some playful advice.

“I told him to go back to the gym… and if this lady is there filming, that he has my full permission to walk into the background of her film and twerk,” Heald said.

“I promise that if he does that then I will send him some nice free things to say thank you for the wonderful work he does and to have fun.”

Whether Graham chose to follow Heald’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion will have to remain a mystery for now.

But this is not an occurrence that is exclusive to cruise ships.  Many videos have gone viral as of late as ‘influencers’ have pushed the boundaries in claiming spaces in local gyms.

We encourage cruisers to avoid bad cruise ship etiquette, so everyone on board can have an enjoyable vacation.

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J. Souza
J. Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCruise Gym Dispute: Passenger Told to “Move Out of the Way” as...

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