ShipsCarnivalCarnival Dream Cruise Ship Review and Pictures

Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Review and Pictures

Carnival Dream review
The Carnival Dream

The Carnival Dream cruise ship is part of Carnival’s Dream Class along with the Breeze and Magic.  It is another mega ship by the cruise line and can hold up to 4,631 passengers if all 1,800 plus cabins are full.   This ship sails out of Port Canaveral Florida on every Saturday for a 7 day and 7 night cruise vacation.

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WaterWorks and Pools

Carnival is known for its amazing water parks on board their ships and this Dream Class ship will satisfy the needs of any water park lover.  The Twister and Drainpipe have been huge crowd favorites with their twists and turns that rival any big waterslide on land.  There are racing slides so you can compete against your friend or spouse and there is also a spray area for the little kids to have fun in and cool off a little.

There are pools, hot tub, and whirlpools everywhere on this ship, including a relaxing Thalassotherapy pool that massages you with jets of water in every direction.  This is located in the Cloud 9 spa if you are interested.

One of the biggest features along with the pools on the Dream is the jumbo TV screen that is poolside.  The screen is 12 feet high by 22 feet wide and displays movies, shows, news, games, and events from the cruise ship itself as well.  Yes, it’s an outside screen, but it’s very clear and easy to see even in broad daylight.


carnival dream webcam
Live webcam picture showing the jumbo screen over the pool on the Carnival Dream.


There is an 18 hole mini golf course on this ship, which is usually crowded and a little hard to play in windy weather when it’s blowing your ball all over the place.   You can also enjoy a day of shooting hoops on the full size basketball court that is enclosed with a mesh net so the ball won’t go into the ocean.  There are little soccer goals on the side as well that are used for games for the kids throughout the week.


Cloud 9 Spa

The spa features a beauty salon, the Thalasso pool, a fitness center, a steam bath, aerobics, a spinning class, the Laconium, Tepidarium and more.  It’s a great place to go work out, chill out, or just hang out and enjoy gorgeous ocean views as you relax your muscles with a vigorous massage.


For the kids

There are plenty of places for the kids to hang out as well.  There is Camp Carnival, Carnival Waterworks, Circle C (ages 12-14), Club O2 (ages 15-17), and even a video arcade with air hockey, racing games, and prize games in a very spacious room for a cruise ship.


Staterooms and Cabins

The Dream has some of the most elegant and delightful cabins of any cruise ship around, but there are a few decks and staterooms you might want to avoid.

Cabins and decks to avoid

Anything in the middle toward the aft of the ship on Deck 6 or the Upper Deck may cause problems for you if you are a light sleeper.  Most of the “action” on the ship is going on right under your feet, and this includes clubs, discos, the casino, and the main lounge.  Always try to avoid rooms that are right next to elevators as well, as this can be a noisy area when people are getting up and going to sleep.  The less traffic that goes by your room the better.

Want more information on all the decks of the Carnival Dream and which rooms and cabins to avoid?  Check out this page at Cruise Advice that has all of the nitty gritty details that users have put together.  You will see specific room number to avoid as well as what decks are the quietest and have the biggest balconies with unobstructed views.

Cove Balcony Cabins

carnival dream cove balcony
View from the Cove Balcony on the Dream

The Dream has something that few other ships in the world have: what it calls Cove Balcony Cabins.  These balcony rooms are just a few decks above the water, so you can really feel and hear the spray of the ocean water as the ship barrels through it at full speed.  If you get sea sick easily these may not be the cabins for you, but for those who love to be close to the action and really see the ocean water from a closer distance, they will find that these balconies offer a rare cruising experience.

The cove balcony cabins are the first balconies on a cruise ship to be put into the steel hull of a ship like this.  Most of the time, if you were on the 3rd deck or lower you had to have a simple porthole to see the outside world.  But these balconies do not stick out like most cruise ship balconies.  They are actually inset into the ship itself.  There is ample space for two chairs and a small table and the door that leads you back into your cabin is water tight in case of emergency.  And you will be close enough to the water to want something water tight, especially in rough seas.


Lounges and Public Ares

There are many areas on the Dream for taking care of the little details of life or just hanging out with friends.  You can stop

carnival dream atrium
The beautiful atrium on the Carnival Dream

by the Fun Hub to check your email or do some internet surfing while away from home or check out the photo gallery where all of your pictures will be displayed from your cruise ship vacation.  One of the most spectacular places on the ship is the atrium which you can see in the picture below.  Other areas include the art gallery, main lounge, dance club, piano bar, promenade, casino, conference room, and jazz bar.

carnival dream main lounge
Carnival Dream Encore Main Lounge

The Encore Main Lounge is where you will be watching all of the shows.  It is a good size auditorium that seats about 2,000 people and is top of the line in terms of sound and visual effects.


Restaurants and Diningcarnival dream crimson restaurant

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to dining on the Carnival Dream.  You can check out the Chef’s Art Steakhouse which is very elegant and stylish.  Or you can check out the Scarlet and Crimson Restaurants which are just gorgeous dining halls.  And of course, you are on a cruise ship, so the food is fantastic.


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ShipsCarnivalCarnival Dream Cruise Ship Review and Pictures


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