Cruise News Bermuda Proposes New Taxes/Fees on Cruises

Bermuda Proposes New Taxes/Fees on Cruises

If you are looking to take a cruise to Bermuda, it may soon cost you a little more. The House of Assembly in Bermuda is looking at adding new taxes on cruise ship passengers the Royal Gazette is reporting.

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The fees were proposed by tourism minister Zane Desliva that’s part of the Bermuda Tourism Authority Amendment Bill 2019. Here is a rundown of the cruise taxes that may be increased, and new taxes/fees that Bermuda is considering adding.

For cruise passengers leaving Bermuda between April 1 and October 31, they will be charged $16 each.  The only exemptions will be crew members, passengers arriving by reason of distress, and infants.

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The proposed bill ups the penalty for non-payment of departure tax from $25 to $75. For cruise ships that carry more than 4,000 passengers, the tax levied will be $22 per passenger (from April to the end of October).

The passenger tax will remain at $20 per person ($60 maximum) for each 24 hour period the ship is docked in Hamilton or St. George.

Passengers on cruise ships that dock at the Dockyard will see an increase to $25 per day ($75 maximum).

Cruise port fees and taxes are generally added to the price of cruise fares when booking a cruise.

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Cruise News Bermuda Proposes New Taxes/Fees on Cruises

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