Cruise NewsCarnival Adds "For Fee" Seafood and Steak to Main Dining Room Menus

Carnival Adds “For Fee” Seafood and Steak to Main Dining Room Menus

If you are taking a cruise on a Carnival Funship, you will now be able to order steak and lobster off of the steakhouse menu in the main dining room on every night of your cruise.  However, there will be a surcharge of $20 per entree.

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The program that Carnival tried out on the Carnival Liberty, Imagination, Inspiration, and Glory started to roll out to all 24 Carnival ships in late August.  Passengers loved the extra dining options enough for the cruise line to make it fleet-wide.

Passengers will be able to choose from a 1 1/2 pound Maine lobster, 14 oz. New York Strip Steak, a 9 oz. filet mignon, and surf and turf.  Each entree will cost $20, a savings of $15 over the steakhouse fee of $35 per person.

Carnival is not the first cruise line to add for fee entrees to main dining room menus.  Royal Caribbean has successfully done this for the past few years.  We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Carnival adding for fee items to the main dining room menus.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Adds "For Fee" Seafood and Steak to Main Dining Room Menus


  1. I just took a cruise and the lobster is no longer free on formal night, you now have to pay, there trying to squeezes every dollar they can,if they offered lobster for free no one would pay for lobster and that would defeat the purpose.

  2. Bad idea. Part of the fun of cruising is all the extra special treats like lobster and steak. I would not book on a ship that does this!

  3. That,s why I loved Cruising you pay for the trip everything is paid for. Now they are starting to get greedy on a lot of ships , making a lot of things an extra charge. The Main Dinning room All food you get there should be standard. And dress up night they should offer Lobster on there main course, no extra.
    Even a lot of shows to are extra to. They are getting away from what attracted people from the start one price everything included. They make enough extra on pictures, shops and drinks, and on activities on shore they sell tickets for. and all the tips we pay.

  4. sick and tired of the nickel and diming. If anything this should of been added to the room service. In need of an update upgrade. Leave the main dining room alone. Our family loves it. 16 cruises and counting

  5. The Carnival ship we are travelling on this coming New Year’s doesn’t have the Steakhouse option. I am happy to be able to order steak & lobster to celebrate our anniversary, and a $40 versus $75 charge is fine with me.

  6. I already PAID for main dining room food – I shouldn’t have to pay TWICE! We were on Carnival Splendor in June and two weeks ago. In June the food was very good. Two weeks ago it was PATHETIC! Of COURSE if you want edible food you can pay an extra $20. bucks for it! The $35. dollar steak house is several courses of excellent food. If you want that – fine. The Main Dining room shouldn’t have a fee just to eat! On formal night our lobster people ordered TWO lobsters since they are good but very small. The prime rib people got a paper thin waste of a steak that was not as think as what a sandwich shop would have given you! The FOOD used to be the number one thing people raved about when discussing cruising. Now all I hear is the no out door smoking bans, bad food, no table clothes, hidden fees and run down ships. Hey – it just really seams to be Carnival. Time to upgrade to Holland America or above to still have some amenities.

  7. Twenty dollars for a steak per person from the steakhouse is cheaper than the thirty five per person in the steakhouse so if you want that type of steak it sounds like a good deal to me. I am sure they will still have a steak to offer in the main dining room for no extra charge. I do enjoy going to the steakhouse and being pampered though!! 🙂

  8. my God you people are stupid, it’s an extra choice. No one is “forcing” anyone to eat it. They still have the same menus just added this if someone wants it. You still get the same apps and desserts you could even have another entree, so quit crying like babies

  9. Does this mean that they will no longer have a steak and lobster dinner in the main dining room and that we must pay extra for these items? If so, I call shennanigans! If this at all brings down the overall quality of the current main dining meals – we’ll be finding a different cruise line for sure! They over charge for EVERYTHING! You can’t even sit on the deck without being harassed constantly by the staff to buy drinks. So over it…

  10. If I want to pay extra then I’d go down to the steak house and pay the 35.00 and not be forced to pay the extra 20.00 at the main dining room for a steak or lobster. I know the main dining has gone down over the years with their but paying extra isn’t going to make the service better. At least in the steak house paying the extra money you do get better quality food and service.

  11. It’s not a charge on the current steak offered, it’s in addition to what is already offered. It gives the guests the ability to get the steak house variety with out going there.

  12. Huh!
    Trying to make up all the lost revenue Carnival World Enterprise lost due to the new smoking policies.
    Dropped 4.5 to 6.23 % on NYSE and CINMA.
    Cruised myself on Carnival and never had to worry about an extra surcharge on steak or seafood.
    Hey, if it aint broke, dont try to fix it !

  13. I think it’s a great idea. Gives me the option of ordering the Steak House steak without having to go to the steak house. It’s an addition to the main dining not a replacement

  14. i think it sucks big time, carnival you are just trying to make up the money you have lost when you banned smoking on the balconies, now you are going to run off more of your loyal cruisers, like you have run off your balcony smokers, we were loyal to carnival until october 9, 2014. now we are spending our money elsewhere, where we can smoke on our balconies and not be put in a corner just because we smoke,

    • Terry I agree 100% after all I just got a 600.00 price drop on a future cruise… If we as smokers would stick together this BS would stop!!

    • In case you haven’t read… Banning smoking on Balconies has IMPROVED bookings and stock prices… Carnival’s 3rd quarter soared right after it was announced that smoking was to be banned on balconies. Face it, you are in a HUGE minority. The world IS going smoke free. As for cruising another line so you can smoke, well, your choices are VERY slim, ALL Major lines, with the exception of Holland America have also banned smoking on balconies and most public areas. You won’t be missed!

    • All cruise lines do this now. You are not obligated to buy these foods. The lobster and steak are larger than what is served in the DR. If you want to do it fine – nothing worth complaining about, just another option.

  15. I think it’s fine it gives you choices. Don’t want it don’t buy it. But if only one in your group want it they don’t have to go to the steakhouse alone. I will get it.

  16. When we last cruised with Royal Caribbean they gave us that option. No one in my acquaintance took advantage of the offer. We thought it was rude and we refused to reward them with our attention. Instead, we doubled our regular entree orders, which they do at no extra charge.

  17. I’m fine with them adding some “for fee” options as long at the regular menu items don’t change. Some folks may want to pay more for the other items and that’s fine…as long as I still get the regular menu and not something watered down to encourage me to buy the upgrade.

  18. So is lobster night gone? I mean I don’t mind having steak from the steak house and not have to leave my regular reservation. But what about lobster night?

    • They are NOT saying formal night steak or lobster are gone. After all, on those nights your not getting a 1 1/2 pound lobster anyway. Your getting like a 4 oz lobster. BIG difference. Read the story again.

    • Lobster night is gone,last cruise I went on I had to pay, no more free lobster on formal night,they should also add that in the story so people won’t assume they still have it for free on formal night, if they had it for free on formal night no one would purchase the lobster and unveils defeat the purpose of them trying to make more money off a cheap cruise,

  19. I think it is a great idea. This gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy food offered in the steakhouse that they might not want to spend the extra $70. My only thought is hos will this affect the Steakhouse if you can get the same steak and/or lobster for less than eating in the Steakhouse.

  20. Theirs enough charges. Should be free! Won’t do no more carnival Cruise. Bought a suite on last cruise could not enough view or sleep because the air conditions were poor! Complain several times. Still wasn’t pleasant!

  21. we should not have to pay for seafood or steak being added to the menu. we pay enough money to be on the cruise that kind of food should be free…

    • If you don’t want it don’t pay for it. They didn’t say they were not going to have it on Formal night like they always do.

    • Yup! I guess the official lobster night on most cruises r officially gone forever. Went

      on the Carnival n Norwegian cruises recently! Norwegian only serve it at the specialty

      restaurants and the Carnival only serve it on 7 days n longer cruises. I guess the only

      way for me to get my lobster fix is go to the sterling brunch at Bally’s in Las Vegas.

      They serve unlimited Boston lobsters for $89.99 . Tony Roma Steakhouse in Las Vegas

      serve lobster n steak for $9.99 after 9pm daily. And if u r ever in LA, CA. Check

      out some of the Chinese restaurants in Monterey Park. They always have promotion:

      if your meals r over $30. You get to order two one n a half lbs lobsters for $5.99,

      depending on the season. Best lobster deals I’ve seen so far!

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