OpinionFirst Impressions of the Carnival Breeze: Live from the Ship

First Impressions of the Carnival Breeze: Live from the Ship

We are currently enjoying our 3rd day aboard the Carnival Breeze on a 6 day cruise to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel, Mexico. We decided to take some time in the middle of this trip to post our first impressions of the ship so far.

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From the moment you step onto the Carnival Breeze you can feel the tropical theme permeating every aspect of the ship. From the pictures of palm trees and beaches along the stateroom hallways to the realistic palm trees marking the doorways, eating areas and lounges, there is no mistaking what this ship seeks to accomplish: to make the ship itself a tropical destination.

Before we even got onto the ship a lady in the van ride over to the Miami cruise port (yes we used a park and ride service which we will review later) did nothing but brag on the Carnival Breeze.

“It’s drop dead gorgeous!”, she kept on saying, after wishing she could trade places with us on our cruise.

A more thorough review will be posted later on the site, but for now I wanted to just mention a few things about the ship that stood out after a couple days on the ship. These are totally random and in no specific order. Just hope I have enough internet minutes with Carnival to let me post this with some pictures.

Wide and inviting hallways. I already mentioned the hallways and I don’t want to belabor the point here. After all, they are just hallways, right? But how many of us have been on ships for the first time only to be bored to death by the never-ending, cramped, and monotonous hallways that begin and end every day. From the wood-slat look to the doors and the tropical pictures dotting the hallways, Carnival did not forget to spice up those long corridors a little bit.

Cucina Del Capitano. This Italian style restaurant offers a unique specialty dining experience for $15 per adult, but during lunch hours the Italian dishes are offered free of charge.   We went during lunch of course and really enjoyed it.   After picking a seat you simply fill out on a form what kind of pasta you want, what you want included in it (chicken, sausage, broccoli, peppers etc), and what kind of sauce. In a few minutes your great-tasting dish is delivered to your table. Cucina Del Capitanon is located 11 Aft right above the buffet up a set of stairs (it’s easy to miss so look for it right behind the Sweet Spot).

Impressive water park. I’m not a huge water park fan personally, but the water park aboard the Breeze is more than inviting and has enticed me to try it.   Two huge water slides start you out at the top and are some of the best I’ve seen at sea. WaterWorks also has a humongous bucket of water that fills up and then dumps on anyone wanting to instantly cool off. It’s not only a great way beat the heat but a fun way to experience some water park fun. These are some of the most impressive water slides I have seen at sea and they are definitely worth trying out. There are tons of other water related contraptions and sprayers at the water park as well, and they will keep the kids occupied for a while. There are only a few children on this specific cruise, but the ones playing at the water park seemed to be having a grand time.

Clean, open, and fresh. I know this is a newer ship and it’s supposed to feel fresh, but the Breeze really delivers on that new vibe. The pool deck is nice and open, with loungers laid out in a fan shape in front of the main pool and a huge TV screen. The rooms are light and airy. Even the stateroom bathrooms have a Bahamas feel with sky blue sinks and floors and muted yellow walls. The buffet area has a great design with some of the nicest looking and feeling faux brick I’ve seen and palm trees and sun umbrellas at some tables. Even though you’re inside you feel like you’re eating on a boardwalk at the beach.

Innovative Ropes Course and Sports Area: Besides having a decent size basketball court/volleyball court/soccer court the Breeze boasts the 1st ropes course at sea. Below the ropes course is an impressive mini-golf course, a foosball table, and ping pong table. Right next to the basketball court is a work out station on both sides of the ship. These work out machines use your own body’s weight against you to help exercise legs, arms, and core while watching a game or simply watching the beautiful views of the sea from the 12th deck.

Great staff. Just wanted to do a quick shout out to all the staff that has been super friendly and accommodating thus far. Our room steward works so hard to learn our names and use them every time we walk by. So I’m working hard to pronounce his name properly as well.  The staff has been awesome aboard the Breeze so I had to make sure I tipped my hat to them.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I won a “ship on a stick” in a bean bag toss competition (corn hole where I’m from)? I’d love to dedicate this trophy to all our awesome fans and followers. This one’s for you.

More to come from the Breeze later. Please ask any questions about the ship or what you pictures you would like to see from the ship so I can post them at some point.

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J. Souza
J. Souza
Jon is the co-founder of Cruise Fever and has been on 50+ cruises since his first in 2009. As an editor, 15-year writer on the cruise industry, and avid cruise enthusiast he has sailed with at least 10 cruise lines and is always looking for a great cruise deal. Jon lives in North Carolina and can be reached at [email protected].
OpinionFirst Impressions of the Carnival Breeze: Live from the Ship


  1. I will be sailing on the Breeze Dec 6th for 8 days. I am curious about the Serenity area. Is it crowded? Is there beverage or food service? What type of movies do they play at night, current films, family themed, animated? What about during the day? How much is the entrance to the spa and what is included. We did not get a Cloud Spa room. Photos of the serenity area, what is included in a spa pass, and a review of the entertainment. Thank you and have fun!

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