Cruise NewsNew Cruise Line Fathom Impacting Lives in the Dominican Republic

New Cruise Line Fathom Impacting Lives in the Dominican Republic

It’s been just over a year since Carnival Corporation announced the launch of the world’s first social impact cruise line, Fathom Travel.
The first social impact cruise on Fathom to the Dominican Republic departed Miami, Florida on April 17, 2016 and passengers were able to experience first hand what impact travel was all about. Cruise Fever was on that maiden voyage that saw results start from the very first day in Puerto Plata, it truly is a life changing experience.

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Now after six weeks of impact cruises to the Dominican Republic (Adonia sails to Cuba every other week), it is obvious a significant difference is being made by cruise passengers who give up a week of their life to help make a difference in the world. The following is the cumulative impact that has been made so far by Fathom travelers.

English – In the first six weeks, 728 Dominicans were able to have an average of 13 hours of English interaction in not only the classroom, but also in community homes. This community and student English is vital as tourism booms in Puerto Plata. This will help locals with more careers choices and the opportunity to better provide for their families.

Water Filters – In six weeks, 316 water filters were produced that will help provide clean water access to 1,500 locals. This will provide a significant reduction in waterborne illness. Indirect benefits will include better work and school attendance.

Concrete Floors – Fathom travelers have installed concrete floors in 16 homes that has given 111 Dominicans a safer living environment and improved quality of life.

Recycled Paper – 3,851 sheets of paper have been produced which has helped increase production and sales. As a result, the employees report greater overall well-being.

Cacao and Women’s Chocolate Cooperative – In the first six weeks, travelers have wrapped 25,008 chocolate bars and cleaned 1,679 pounds of nibs. This has helped the company grow sales, thrive, and provide critical income opportunities in the region.

Reforestation and Nursery – 8,656 trees have been planted including an incredible 1,300 trees on the first day the ship arrived in port. With time this will lead to more nutrient-rich soil, reduction in soil loss, improved localized air and water quality, an increase in localized biodiversity, and higher agricultural yields.

You can join the growing impact travel movement as Fathom’s 700 passenger Adonia sails every other week to the Dominican Republic. Cabins start at only $499 per person. Visit or call your local travel professional.

For more information about what Fathom Travel is all about, listen to the Cruise Radio’s broadcast that was recorded on the inaugural Fathom sailing.

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Cruise NewsNew Cruise Line Fathom Impacting Lives in the Dominican Republic

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