Cruise NewsComplaints Heard! Norwegian Cruise Line Reverses Food Ban

Complaints Heard! Norwegian Cruise Line Reverses Food Ban

Many passengers voiced their opinion of disapproval after Norwegian Cruise Line adopted a new policy that banned passengers from taking food from dining venues back to their cabins.  The complaints did not fall on deaf ears, the cruise line reversed the weeks old policy according to Travel Weekly.

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The policy went into effect after Frank Del Rio, the new CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, toured a Norwegian cruise ship and noticed piles of dishes and trays outside of stateroom.  In an effort to keep the hallways clean, the cruise line decided to not allow passengers from taking food from dining venues back to their cabins. This was done as an effect to improve the passenger’s experience onboard.

However, the announcement came during the same time when the new $7.95 room service menu went into effect.  This lead many to believe that it was done to increase revenue. Passengers voiced their disapproval loudly on Facebook groups, message boards, and in emails to the cruise line.

Andy Stuart, President of Norwegian Cruise Line, said that they are reversing their new policy and will now have more frequent inspections of hallways to keep them clean.  He said that they are listening to customer feedback and that they picked the wrong solution to correct the problem.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsComplaints Heard! Norwegian Cruise Line Reverses Food Ban


  1. Hi: Any advice on whether or not NCL is responsible for passenger(s) falling inside cabin during rough waters and receiving delayed medical response from their personnel? Also, be particularly careful with the medical care or lack of sanitary procedures given during the outbreak of flu viruses on board the GEM ship (Winter of 2015)? Other than stating that passenger has to wait until they return home to file a claim which amounted to zero, the cruise line is just a place to sleep, eat and try to enjoy the entertainment! This is not downer toward cruising but to have some way of obtaining service while on board the ship and to have the cruise line responsible for their lack of action.

  2. We took our Granddaughter last summer and paid more for her in the cabin than we paid. It would be nice to be able to take a child in the summer for free or reduced rate.

  3. The cost of cruising for many of us who have outlived our spouses has for the most part become cost prohibitive. Having to pay double fares for one person is quite an expense and often times prices cruising out of our budget.
    It would seem that if you were to charge double gratuities instead of fares more people would be able to afford cruising. It would be easy enough to start a last moment list of available bookings for those who are able to go on short notice. It would be cost effective to fill as many cabins as possible. It would also go a long way to opening up the cruise experience to those who have not done it before.
    Mike Nicholson

    • I agree Mike, I used to cruise all the time until Carnival stopped their share a cabin with another single person program, and went from 1 1/2 the cost for a cabin for a single person to doubling the price for single people. Sad to say I haven’t cruised since, and I loved cruising with Carnival, did 23 cruises with them and could no longer afford it at those prices. They should have never ended the share a cabin with another single passenger. I’m sure a lot of the single passengers who used the program stopped cruising as well.

    • Mike: I hear ya!!! I always get a cabin by myself everytime I cruise and when Carnival stopped having their single supplement rate; I have to now pay double for my room. I wish they would bring back the single supplement rate. As far as NCL solo rooms; the prices is expensive and I can get a bigger room by myself on Carnival for a cheaper rate. NCL solo rooms are extremely tiny!!! I think I might feel closed in in this tiny cabin!!

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