ShipsViking7 Reasons Why You Should Book a Cruise on Viking Star

7 Reasons Why You Should Book a Cruise on Viking Star

Cruisers have a ton of options when choosing a cruise ship for their next vacation.  They each offer different features that make each ship unique.  If you are looking for a ship to take your next cruise on, here are seven reasons why you should book a cruise on Viking Star.

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Views – One of the features that has impressed me the most about Viking Star is the abundance of floor to ceiling windows on the ship.  There are so many great places to sit (inside and outside) that offer unobstructed ocean views.

Cabins – The spacious cabins are ideal for passengers who don’t like staying in cramped cruise cabins. The large bathroom has a huge shower with the most water pressure I’ve ever had on a cruise ship. Everything is about comfort with the cruise passenger in mind.  The smallest cabin is 270 square feet. On most cruise ships, that is a suite or mini-suite.

No need to bring a power strip as there are plenty of outlets and 5 USB ports on the desk.  Yes, 5 USB ports. In the day and age we live in, this isn’t a convenience, it is a necessity. There is a large TV screen on the wall facing the bed, a comfortable couch, and chair.  One of the most practical features in our room?  A pitcher of water that is always kept full.

Service – The service from the staff on Viking Star has been nothing short of superb.  They seem to have perfected the perfect balance of asking you if you need anything without being constantly nagged if you want something to drink.

Our room steward remembered our names from day one.  The service all around the ship has been excellent.

Food – Since one of the main aspects of cruising is the food, it does not disappoint on Viking Star.  For being a small ship (900 passengers), there is a large variety of options for dinner (7).  There are two specialty restaurants on the ship and both are complimentary.  Viking purposely put the best food served on board in the main dining room (The Restaurant).  That is unheard of in the world of ocean cruising.

Ports/Enrichment Lectures – A major part of cruising is the ports that you visit on each voyage.  This is one area where Viking Star really stands out.  Activities around the ship are geared towards the ports that you will be stopping at.  This includes enrichment lectures, local vocal groups, movie under the stars, and even dinner options in The Restaurant.

When the ship was in Barcelona, a local choir came on board to sing to the passengers.  Viking Star brings the ports onto the ship, making each cruise truly unique.

The ship overnights in some cities so you won’t feel rushed trying to cram everything in just a few hours.  On our trip, the ship spent a full 24 hours in London, England.

Thermal Suite – The thermal suite on Viking Star rivals, if not surpasses, that of ones found on the large mega ships by the mainstream cruise lines.  However, the biggest difference is that there is no extra charge to visit the thermal suite.

This really is one of the great places to relax on the ship. One of the highlights of the thermal suite is the snow grotto.  Each changing room also has its own dry sauna and cooling down pool.

“There’s no extra charge for that”  – Which of the following comes with a surcharge on Viking Star:  Internet/WIFI, soda/beer/wine at lunch and dinner, specialty restaurants, 24/7 juice/coffee/cappuccinos/lattes, laundry room including detergent, thermal suite, and 24/7 room service?  None, they are all included in your cruise fare.  Also included is one shore excursion in every port that you visit on your cruise.

Bonus reason:  There is no hard sell in the spa at the end of treatments.  Actually, they never try to sell you one thing before or after your treatment.

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ShipsViking7 Reasons Why You Should Book a Cruise on Viking Star

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