Cruise TipsPackingCruise Packing Pro-Tip: 18 Wall Magnet Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Cruise Packing Pro-Tip: 18 Wall Magnet Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Wall magnets might not be on your cruise packing list.  But it’s a popular item to pack for many regular cruisers who have a myriad of uses for the common household product.

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You’re not allowed to use tape in your cabin as it can damage the walls, so magnets have become a popular way to both organize and decorate.

In fact, there are so many uses for wall magnets in a cruise cabin that we have put together a sort of master list.

Wall magnets for a cruise ship cabin

Some passengers don’t realize that almost every cruise cabin has metal walls and a metal ceiling.  This makes this easy-to-pack item the perfect way to keep things tidy and make that little slice of home a bit more liveable.

If you pack magnets on a cruise and have a use for them that is not listed here, feel free to leave a comment and let us know so we can add it to the list.

1. Organizing Lanyards and Key Cards

Keep your lanyards and key cards in a spot where they’re always ready for adventure. With wall magnets, you can say goodbye to the frantic pocket pat-downs and hello to a world where your essentials hang out in plain sight, just waiting to be grabbed on the way out to your next onboard escapade.

This is probably the most common use for wall magnets in a cruise cabin.

2. Drying Swimwear and Towels Efficiently

Wet clothes and towels can add up quickly on a cruise.  Transform your cabin into a savvy drying station without turning it into a jungle of wet fabric. Wall magnets offer the perfect solution for hanging swimwear and towels, allowing them to air dry quickly and keeping your space neat.

Just remember that you will need to throw those towels onto the floor to indicate you’d like them to be washed.

3. Storing Hats, Caps, and Backpacks

Elevate your hats, caps, and backpacks from clutter to decor. By hanging them up, you not only keep your cabin floors clear for impromptu yoga sessions but also ensure your accessories are always within arm’s reach for that sunny deck day or shore excursion.

Just make sure your magnets are strong enough to hold a backpack.  I like to keep my hats right near the door for a quick grab on the way out.

4. Cabin Door and Wall Decorations

This isn’t for everyone, but some cruisers just love to decorate their doors, and it’s become a non-negotiable tradition on every sailing.

Turn your cabin door into a beacon of personality amidst a sea of sameness. Whether it’s family photos, fun signs, or handmade decorations, magnets let you add that personal touch that says, “Here we are!” and “Yes, we do have the most fun cabin on the ship!”

It also makes it easier to find your cabin if you all those numbers start running together as you walk down the unending hallways.

5. Creating Privacy Spaces

With a few hooks and some curtains, you can transform bunk beds into secret forts or cozy nooks. It’s not just for kids—adults can appreciate a little privacy too, making it perfect for reading, napping, or just escaping for a moment of quiet in the bustling life onboard.

This is especially useful for friends of 3 and 4 sharing a cabin.

6. Blocking Light and Securing Drapes

For those who dream of sleeping in without the sun’s wakeup call, magnets are your new best friend. Secure those drapes and block out the light for a blissful morning snooze. They’re especially handy in balcony cabins, where the draw of sea views meets the need for just five more minutes of sleep.

7. Displaying Important Papers

Keep your itineraries, excursion tickets, and other papers with information about your cruise in sight and in mind. A magnetic wall turns into a command center, ensuring you never miss a beat while keeping those memories and plans front and center.  Magnets turn your door or wall into a bulletin board of must-knows and must-dos.

8. Storing Necklaces and Other Jewelry

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces and missing earrings. Magnets provide a picturesque way to organize your jewelry, turning your accessories into part of the room’s decor while keeping them untangled and ready for your next elegant dinner onboard.

I wouldn’t recommend this for the more expensive jewelry as that’s what the safe is for.  But for an easy way to sort out everything else, magnets can be a huge hep.

9. Hanging Shoe Organizers

Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes anymore! Hang one up with magnets and suddenly you’ve got the ultimate storage system for toiletries, sunglasses, and those mysterious small items that always seem to disappear until you don’t need them anymore.

10. Organizing Sunglasses and Small Items

Keep your sunglasses and those pesky small items from playing hide and seek. With magnets, they’ll be right where you left them, ready for your next adventure under the sun or around the ship.

11. Rope Lights Decoration

For those who love to decorate their cabin and create a personalized feel, they can use rope lights hung by magnets. Whether it’s a soft glow for romantic evenings or festive twinkles for celebrating, these lights transform your cabin into a magical retreat.

12. Storing Hoodies and Light Jackets

Prepare for the unpredictable air of the open sea and the air conditioner’s whims by having your hoodie and light jackets hanging within easy reach. It’s the perfect blend of practicality and readiness for whatever the day or night may bring.

There’s plenty of room in the closet if there are just two of you staying in the cabin, but a little magnetic hook by the door is still an easier way to hang light jackets, if you don’t  mind the visual.

13. Participating in Postcard Exchanges

A fun tradition among some cruise passengers is to exchange postcards on board. Here’s how it works: passengers leave decorated postcards in designated areas (like by using magnets to hold them to the outside of cabin doors), others pick them up, write a message on the back, and leave them for someone new to discover at the next port.  Some online forums or groups will post which cabins on a particular cruise are participating in this.

14. Storing Bags, Purses, and Tote Bags

Keep your cabin floor clear and your bags in tip-top shape. Hanging them up not only saves space but also turns your collection into a display of ready-to-go options for every occasion onboard and ashore.  This can be useful for light bags and totes.  Again, you want to make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold the weight.

15. Hanging Belts and Scarves

Organize your belts and scarves in a way that makes getting ready feel like browsing a boutique. With everything in view and within reach, choosing the perfect accessory becomes a breeze.

16. Organizing with Wall Packets to Keep Counters Clean

Kind of like a shoe organizer you can wall packets to stash away those bits and bobs that usually end up scattered across surfaces. It’s a simple trick that keeps your counters free for more important things—like a room service feast.

17. Storing Miscellaneous Items for Cabin Cleanliness

A clutter-free cabin is a happy cabin. Use magnets to hang up all those extra items, keeping your space serene and shipshape, ready for relaxation or entertaining.  Ok, this point is kind of a catch all, but you can fill in the blank with a comment below if you use magnets for something not covered here.

18. Hanging CPAP Lines

For those with CPAP machines, magnets offer a clever solution to keep lines off the floor and out of the way, minimizing tripping hazards and maximizing comfort and safety in your cabin.

Final Thoughts

Now that you see the many uses of wall magnets on a cruise, there are a couple things you want to watch out for as well.  First of all, when packing these magnets in your luggage be sure to keep them away from electronics.  You can wrap them in some clothing or in a separate bag.  Just make sure you insolate them from anything that can cause issues if exposed to powerful magnets.

You should look for magnets with a strength of 40lbs or greater.  Remember that a magnet on the ceiling will be able to hold more weight than one on the wall that can slide down the surface.

You can buy magnet hooks or clamps, depending on how you want to use them.

  • Pack magnetic hooks in a small box within checked luggage, surrounded by clothing, to prevent them from sticking to items or getting lost.
  • Keep hooks away from magnetically sensitive items like electronics and credit cards to avoid damage.
  • Test hooks on different cabin wall textures for optimal hanging; avoid placing in walkways or near safety devices to prevent hazards.

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J. Souza
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Cruise TipsPackingCruise Packing Pro-Tip: 18 Wall Magnet Hacks You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

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