Cruise TipsThings You Should Never Post Online Before or During Your Cruise

Things You Should Never Post Online Before or During Your Cruise

We live the age of social media, where we share moments of our lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other channels. However, there are somethings that you should never share online before or during your cruise.

In our never ending effort to help our readers have the best cruise possible, think twice before posting the following on social media sites until after you are home.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to take a photo of your boarding pass for your flights and post it online.  Trust me I get it. You’re super excited about your flight to Miami so you take a photo of your boarding pass and upload it to Instagram.  Why is this a extremely bad idea?

From the information on your boarding pass (Airline confirmation number, name, and destination), anyone can go to the airline’s website and not only make changes to your reservation, but they can also cancel your flights.  A colleague of mine recently posted a photo of his boarding pass on Twitter, and I was shocked to see all that I could do with the information in the photo.  I just about had full access to his booking. I had the options of doing everything from switching his seat assignment to canceling the booking.

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Obviously, I didn’t touch a thing and sent him a message letting him know so he could delete the photo and not make the same mistake again.  However, not everyone is honest like me and all it takes is one jerk to really mess up your vacation.  If you really want to post a photo of your boarding pass, make sure you block out all sensitive information (confirmation numbers, ticket numbers, frequent flyer numbers etc).

Also, it’s a bad idea to post your cruise documents online that show your cruise confirmation number.  It just makes it too easy for a hacker to access your bookings.

Another thing that you should not post online is the photo page on your passport.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have seen cruisers post a photo of it in a cruise group as soon as their passport arrives in the mail. Your passport number should be treated like your social security number.

If you’re excited about finally receiving your passport and want to show it off to your travel buddies, take a photo of the outside of it.

Lastly, be extremely careful about advertising to the world that you will be gone for the week, especially if your home will be vacant during that time.  Criminals love nothing more than knowing that your home will be unoccupied for the week.

Once you are home from your cruise, post away and let your friends know what an awesome vacation cruises can be. But while you are on the trip, using a little discretion and common sense can keep you and your sensitive information safe.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
Ben is a world traveler who has visited 40+ countries, taken over 70 cruises. He is one of USA TODAY's experts for their 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. His writings have appeared and been cited in various media outlets such as Yahoo News, MSN, NPR, CNN, Fox, and ABC News. Ben currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Follow Ben on Instagram. Visit Ben Souza on Linkedin. You may email Ben at [email protected].
Cruise TipsThings You Should Never Post Online Before or During Your Cruise


  1. All of this is true but if your address is not on social media the criminals will not now where you live. I only post to Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram after I come back home. I check-in and post to Facebook because only about 3 people know our address we don’t have parties, we have ADT and dust to dawn lights at entrances. I went live on Facebook at the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italia (Italy) and Santorini, Greece 2 years ago.

  2. We live the age of social media, where we share moments of our lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other channels. Teenagers spew every minutia of their “very” important lives…Adults should know better and act like they know better!

  3. One other tip is to never put your home address on your luggage tags. Use your work address or another place that lost bags could be returned to. Many people will be handling your bags and they will know you are not going to be home for awhile.

  4. All good tips but to add to the “Not To Do” list for your travel, don’t leave without canceling your newspaper subscription (I know but some people still DO get the paper delivered). And some TO DO insights such as placing you mail delivery on hold. This can be done at the USPS website. Newspapers piling up on your front stoop and mail building up in your mailbox is a flag for thieves that you aren’t and haven’t been home in awhile.Hopefully you have nosy neighbors to “watch” your house while your away but if not, contact your local Police and see if they do courtesy drive-by’s where they will go to your home and actually do a walk around to make sure everything is sound and secure. You may also want to put a timer on some of your lights to go on and off at certain times to make it look like someone is home at night. Everyone gets excited when their going on a cruise and want to boast about it. But you don’t want to come home to an empty house.

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