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Cruise NewsName a NCL Cruise Ship

Name a NCL Cruise Ship

Winners Announced!  Thank you to all who helped participate in this fun contest by Norwegian Cruise Line.

Have you ever wanted to name a cruise ship from one of the main cruise lines?

Norwegian Cruise Line is now giving you the chance.  Norwegian started rolling out details on the 2 new ships that will join the fleet in 2013 and 2014 as part of Project Breakaway.  NCL has opened up a contest where anyone can submit what they would like one of the new ships to be called. They are “looking for two names that reflect the project’s mission of offering a break – away from everyday life – on two innovative ships”.

The contest is open from July 18 until August 14.  You can submit as many names as you like, but you must do so one at a time.  The ship name must also start with “Norwegian”, the same as every ship in their fleet.

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The grand prize winner will receive an exclusive invitation to the Christening Ceremony in 2013.  They will also receive roundtrip airfare for 2, a balcony stateroom, transportation to the port and more!

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsName a NCL Cruise Ship


  1. I filed a complaint with NCL because I submitted the name “Breakaway” the first day of the contest, along with another 60 names over the period of the contest. It is hard for me to imagine that someone else submitted the same name, that same day, and beat my entry. I never received a plausable reply from NCL when I asked to see a copy of the date/time stamp of the entry. I think the whole contest was rigged and they knew from the start who the winners would be. This was just a publicity stunt to get names for future mailing lists.

  2. are u kidding thats was the names it took that long to name it with no imagination or appeal to the name should be ashamed u came up with epic even the five werent that impressive bliss gateway journey how boring seriously dissappointed

    • I know what you mean, Phil. I’m kind of disappointed in the lousy selection of names too. You would think with all of those resources and probably hundreds of thousands of names submitted they could have done a little better than this.

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