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Carnival Kitchen Classes and Prices, New Dining Experience on Carnival Panorama

Last week, Carnival Cruise Line unveiled Carnival Kitchen, a new dining experience that will debut on their new cruise ship, Carnival Panorama.

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Carnival Kitchen offers more than 15 onboard cooking classes inspired by the expansive array of international cuisines showcased on Carnival Panorama. A list of the cooking classes and prices for each class that will be offered at Carnival Kitchen can be found below.

Pasta Master Class
Great cooking is about more than recipes and techniques — having fun is important! In Carnival Kitchen’s Pasta Master Class, we think outside the boxed-noodles and learn to prepare hand-made fresh pasta with traditional Italian sauces. Join in the fun as we learn to mix, roll and cook some Cucina del Capitano classics. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

Sushi Making 101
There’s no need to be intimidated, rolling sushi is actually easier than it looks. If you want to head home a Bonsai Sushi master, we’ll show you techniques you can use to make sushi rolls at home… that are as dazzling to look at as they are delicious. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

It’s an Ice Cream Kinda Day
To make ice cream at home — or anywhere — you don’t even need an ice cream maker. Discover our simple three-ingredient recipe, then mix in your own creativity to make new and unique flavors. Learn an easy way to indulge your ice cream cravings whenever… forever! $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

An Elegant Affair with Dinner – Includes Dinner
Impress your guests by hosting an elegant evening meal in your own home. Before you cook, it starts with planning well and shopping right — and in this class we’ll teach you all three! Get a hands-on lesson in the meal preparation before we sit down and enjoy our creation. You can pull together a meal like this without stress… we’ll prove it! $59. Lasts 120 minutes.

Pizza Master Class with Lunch
This two-hour class is a fun, unique and delicious experience — to be honest, it’s really as much about eating pizza as it is cooking! We’ll teach you the classic Italian approach to pizza, using the best ingredients. Learn about various types of mozzarella, sauces and small-batch dough for home use. We think you’re going to master this timeless classic! $30. Lasts 120 minutes.

Mission Masala Tiger Class with Dinner
Cuisine in India is as diverse as the people — travel an hour in any direction and you’ll find a new language, culture and food! Some may find the country’s array of flavors mind-boggling, but once you try them — and actually cook with them — it will all make sense. Come try your hand at cooking food from the heart! $59. Lasts 120 minutes.

Morning Hustle
Love the idea of a big weekend brunch but hate the time it takes? What if we said you could sleep in and still get it done? We’re serious! Our strategies for overnight-soaked French toast, huevos rancheros and smoked ham frittatas are just a little of what we’ll share with you. Let’s explore the Sea Day Brunch dishes folks love most! $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

El Fuego – A Latin Incident with Dinner
Welcome to an evening exploration of Colombian and Peruvian cuisine, and the techniques and complexities behind them. Delicately-flavored sopas and ceviches, empanadas and robust meats will pair perfectly with local breads from ancient grains. And then? Then some really impressive authentic desserts! $59. Lasts 120 minutes.

Carnival Classics Workshop Class with Dinner
Set sail through an evening of original Carnival classics from around the fleet. Join us as we prepare tuna tartare from Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse, saffron risotto from Cucina del Capitano and — mm-mm-mmmm — that all-time favorite: our Warm Chocolate Melting Cake. $30. Lasts 120 minutes.

Cake Workshop
Decorating a cake is sort of like solving a puzzle. All the pieces have to come together perfectly… but perfection is within reach! We’ll look at some of the fundamentals of a gorgeous cake: how to layer it, fill it and — the really fun part — how to decorate it. From frosting and chocolate swirls to homemade fondant flowers, join us and have a blast! $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

Pit Grill and Smoke Master Class
Grab some tongs and sharpen your BBQ skills. You bring the will… and our experts got the rest! We’re covering core techniques for both gas grilling and smoking, plus we’ll also be sending you home with tips and tricks to help take your BBQ to the next level. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

Tailgate Party
You know why we get excited about tailgating? It’s got all our favorite things: FUN, food, family and friends. Everybody wants to make it unforgettable for their guests, so we’ve gathered some perfect dishes to show you how to make your next one a true game-winner. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

The Orient Unknown with Dinner
Unravel the mysteries of southeast Asian cuisine in this master class. Learn how authentic ingredients come together to create the iconic flavors of Thai, Indonesian and Filipino delicacies enjoyed around the world. Come explore some of the region’s most famous exports: light silky soups, succulent satays and divine desserts. $59. Lasts 120 minutes.

It’s Holiday Season
Whether there’s experience under your belt or you’re an absolute beginner, nobody wants to be cooped up in the kitchen during the holidays! Expand your holiday dinner horizons with our favorite recipes. We’ll help turn down the stress by guiding you through grocery lists, and even share tips on picking the perfect side dish. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

Cupcake Academy
Did you know we have an onboard cupcake expert? Meet them and pick up tricks for creating beautiful cupcake designs! You’re going to learn our famous vanilla cupcake and buttercream frosting recipe, and then get your hands deliciously dirty with sprinkles, sparkles and chocolate dip as you explore decorating techniques. $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

Bake Shop & Pie Town
Can you guess why this is one of our most popular classes? Because everybody loves pie! We’ll begin by exploring the recipe for our best crust. Then comes fillings, from classics like pecan, to cream or fruit pies. (Spoilers: it’s actually as easy as it is tasty.) That’s why this class fills up fast! $30. Lasts 60 minutes.

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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Kitchen Classes and Prices, New Dining Experience on Carnival Panorama

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