CruiseNewsCarnival Cruise Line Dispels Rumor About Extra Gratuities to Cabin Stewards

Carnival Cruise Line Dispels Rumor About Extra Gratuities to Cabin Stewards

Carnival Cruise Line’s popular brand ambassador John Heald addressed a rumor about cash gratuities that guests often give to their room stewards who go above and beyond on their cruise.

The rumor that has been circulating around the internet the past few years is that when a guest gives an additional cash gratuity to their room steward, the room steward has to turn that money into a tip pool.

John Heald posted the following response to the question “What is Carnival’s policy if I personally hand my room steward an additional cash gratuity in addition to the ones I have already paid?”.

“This seems to be the question of the day as many are asking me in reaction to a post made by someone on another page that states that there is a tip pool for state room stewards.

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Please ignore any rumour that you may have read as it is false.

Any cash you give our crew is kept by the state room steward 100%. It is not pooled. He or she may give some to their assistant that helped clean your cabin but again, it is not pooled.

And a massive thank you to everyone who does tip our crew, you are very kind and I know our brilliant crew will continue to strive to exceed your expectations.”

The Facebook post is embedded below

If your room steward goes above and beyond on your next cruise, you can now be 100% sure that they will receive 100% of everything that you give them.

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CruiseNewsCarnival Cruise Line Dispels Rumor About Extra Gratuities to Cabin Stewards


  1. It is my understanding that the daily gratuities go into a tip pool. If too many remove the automatic tips the cabin steward gets punished by having his share reduced. In the case of brits or ausies who do not generally tip the cruise line suppliments the earnings of the cabin steward.

  2. It is my understanding that the tips are pooled “through out the fleet “. Which is disturbing. We give cash to our stewards, and excellent servers.

  3. My question is, will the crew get 100% of my gratuities that are taken out every day from the account? What is the % breakdown across the different crew levels?

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