Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Line Eliminating Complimentary Room Service With One Exception

Carnival Cruise Line Eliminating Complimentary Room Service With One Exception

Update: Carnival Cruise Line has paused their plan to start charging for room service on cruises.

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Carnival Cruise Line is rolling out a new room service menu in the middle of January and will be eliminating complimentary room service with one exception (continental breakfast).

The new room service menu will feature items that will come with à la carte pricing and will be available on every cruise ship in Carnival’s fleet. The items will range from $2-$5 each and feature everything from sandwiches to pizza to desserts. The new menu can be seen below.

The new charges will apply to lunch, dinner, and late night menu items. Currently, Carnival offers a selection of complimentary and à la carte items.  Continental breakfast will continue to be complimentary when this new menu is introduced on cruise ships.

Why is Carnival Cruise Line making this change? Cruise line Brand Ambassador John Heald posted the following about the reason for this change:

“Over the last several years, we have heavily invested in bringing more variety to our complimentary food choices across our fleet, while at the same time trying to find effective means to continue to reduce food waste. This new pricing structure positions Carnival on par with similar charges by other cruise operators in the contemporary market.”

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This is the first change Carnival Cruise Line has made to their room service menu since January 2018 when they started to charge for late night room service (10 pm – 6 am).

Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean both charge a $7.95 fee for room service orders.

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Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise LineCarnival Cruise Line Eliminating Complimentary Room Service With One Exception


  1. Speaking as a travel agent, my clients cruise because it’s more affordable than a land-based vacation. With all the increases lately, many of my clients are booking all-inclusive resorts!

  2. This new room service policy isn’t a reasonable move. This is food you’ve already paid for once as part of your cruise fare, and being asked to pay for the same food twice just to be able to eat it in your stateroom is absurd. If Carnival wants to initiate a REASONABLE fee for the food’s delivery, that’s acceptable IF the so-called “gratuity” is left to the discretion of the passenger. Charging a second time for the food itself or mandating a tip are cheapskate moves and passengers should ban together and refuse to pay it.Boycott room service altogether. I enjoyed it on my 2013 cruise, and hate to see Carnival looking more and more like the airlines, nickel and diming passengers to death.

  3. well they have to do something the many cruise ships i have been nearly every morning in the hallways i have seen so much wasted foods and some empty plates so as it goes there always a bad apple in the crowd and they ruin it for other cruisers sure order room service but dont order to much and u can finish it

  4. I have used Carinval many times I think this is a bad move. More food is wasted on the Leido decks than room service. I am a Senior and like relaxing in room to eat late sometimes to be alone!! I don’t agree with the change!!
    Sincerely a Guest!!

  5. You pay to go on a cruise because you want to be pampered. They should honor if booked prior to this notice. They keep cutting back and increasing prices. Have never cruise any other cruise line because prices had been fair. Time to move n if this is the case.

  6. I have cruised 7 times on Carnival and only used room service twice. I do not pay to be on a cruise to stay in my room!! As long as they don’t close down the all night Pizza place, Im good!! Nothing tastes better after a night of drinking, doing Karaoke or dancing, gambling or
    watching a movie/show etc… than that fresh Margarhita pizza!!!

  7. I don’t have a opinion one way or the other on this subject but we sometimes get out of bed to grab pizza at 3am and look at the stars and moon so we really don’t use room service anyway and we really try to get small portions so we do not waste much food, hooked on Carnival cruises.

  8. Portions are too big. And sometimes when food which should be hot, is just barely warm, it isn’t that appealing.

  9. @Tyrone Johnson She never said other nations should eat American scraps. She said the amount of food wasted could feed another nation. 2 different statements and I think she is 1000% correct.

  10. Just another way of greed by Carnival. Just like making their guests pay part of the food and beverage departments wages by forced gratuities. Gratuities should be at the guests option not on top of the cruise fare. All the Ships leaving from American Ports should be under American federal wage laws.

  11. This should effect future cruises only! If the amenities/prices were available and part of Carnival’s program when you book the cruise, the same amenities/prices should be available when you take the cruise. It is unethical to change policies in this manner.

  12. Just one more reason we no longer sail on Carnival Cruise ships. They lost our business several years ago as there service, sanitation, and generally low end entertainment and facilities upkeep continued to demonstrate why they advertise the ‘cheapest’ fares. If their passengers are willing to accept this ‘dive to the bottom’ then why wouldn’t they keep diving.

  13. Not tripping on them charging for room service, but $4 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a bit much. I can buy a burger for that price.

  14. I totally agree! It is very disturbing to see food sitting outside the cabins or on the Lido deck!
    I was on the Carnival Vista in November and there wasn’t any restaurant that didn’t serve superb food!
    Thank you for feeding me and my party such good food and such wonderful waiters, waitresses, housekeeping, stewards and all the rest of the crew and staff for such a wonderful cruise!
    I will never forget your kindness!
    Claudia A Sauer
    Aberdeen, SD 57401

  15. I’m all for posting signs elegantly but legible written saying, “Take all you like but please eat all you take” then add… To keep Cruise prices afordable!! That might help. 🙂

  16. I am not bothered by this because I have only used it twice out of 13 cruises. It seems like a small fee to me.

  17. I have taken 29 cruises on Carnival. I am appalled at the wasted food that I see sitting outside of many cabins.

    I support charging for room service. If people have to pay for their eats and beverages, hopefully they won’t waste so much of it.

    But it is not just room service. The amount of food that is wasted on the Lido deck is equally appalling. People pile their plates high; then walk away with the food half eaten.

    The amount of food Americans waste every day probably would feed several African or Latin American nations.

    • As someone from Africa I’d like to let you know that we don’t want your scraps. Get off your high horse.

    • Sounds like it’s just your company sticking it to your customer. It’s not just Americans on your cruise lines and the people who waste are still going to waste. You shouldn’t blame just Americans and if you feel so strongly against Americans don’t do business with them. I know that I surely won’t do business with you.

    • I agree people eat just because it’s there or they feel like I’ll some how get my money’s worth from the cruise line.

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