Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Discontinuing Dynamic Dining on Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Discontinuing Dynamic Dining on Anthem of the Seas

Royal Caribbean will be discontinuing Dynamic Dining on Anthem of the Seas starting with the November 27, 2016 sailing.  Another change that’s likely to be popular with Royal Caribbean passengers is the introduction of formal nights to the cruise ship for the first time.
The cruise line said that the reason for this change was feedback that they received from their guests.  That link was sent to us by one of our readers informing us of the upcoming change.

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Starting on November 27, 2016, Anthem of the Seas will offer the My Time Dining program that has both traditional and flexible options.  There will also be new, upgraded dinner menus on the cruise ship.

All active bookings on or after November 27 will automatically convert to the new dining program. now describes dining on Anthem of the Seas as: “Seek out more than 15 dining options like; Jamie’s Italian by one of Britain’s most famous food exports, Chef Jamie Oliver, Wonderland Imaginative Cuisine, Chops Grille American steakhouse, Izumi Japanese Cuisine and Michael’s Genuine Pub”.  Quantum of the Seas is the now only ship that has Dynamic Dining as the description of the dining on

Beginning with the November 27 sailing on Anthem of the Seas, each cruise will have either one or two formal nights, depending on the length of each voyage.  There will be four main restaurants on Anthem of the Seas: Chic, Silk, Grande, and American Icon.  American Icon and Silk will be designated for passengers who choose My Time (anytime dining) while Chic and Grande will be used for passengers who choose traditional dining (early and late seating).

Passengers will be assigned to dine in one of the four main restaurants for the entirety of their cruise.  The ship offers several specialty dining options that are also available.

Royal Caribbean has the following description for the new dining on Anthem of the Seas: “New, upgraded dinner menus will be introduced each evening in all four main dining restaurants. Each restaurant will feature distinctive, new dishes alongside your clients’ classic favorites shared between the four restaurants. Every night there will be a new, upgraded dinner menu to explore, offering delectable dishes to tantalize the palette of even the savviest foodie.”

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Royal Caribbean will be making adjustments to the entertainment schedule to better line up with the evening dining options. They will also be adding more staff to iFly and North Star to give passengers an expanded hours of operation.  This will allow more passengers to experience these two popular attractions.

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Cruise NewsRoyal Caribbean Discontinuing Dynamic Dining on Anthem of the Seas


  1. So happy that Royal Caribbean listens to its passengers. The rollout of Dynamic Dining was rough from the beginning with an on again-off again status. The concept sounded interesting in theory but I saw few reviewers give accolades about it. I was concerned it may be standardized throughout the fleet. It seemed that it was adding more confusing decision making, the antithesis of a carefree relaxing vacation.

  2. I can’t believe, they are going to destroy the new fine option of dining in the themed restaurants! I expected this new option on every ship I have been in the past years. Please do not stop innovation ! Customer becomes younger year after year and wants this type of dining option like all inclusives resorts!
    Stop thinking only in your old clients. You have younger who quietly take their place… N.B. I’m a diamond RCL member (36 years old).

  3. It’s not a rumour, I had an email on Friday, I’m on the 27th November cruise and seriously thinking of cancelling as we booked this ship because of DD

  4. Thats ridiculous , I”m a diamond RCL member, and i deplore their formal nights, as its nothing more, then a excuse, to sell you pictures of yourself, I can’t believe, they are going to destroy, the fine option of dining in the wonderfully themed restaurants aboard Anthem, as we enjoyed it, Immensely ….

    • Seriously we all KNOW Diamond members are the ONLY ones whose opinion counts and you all are so sure to toss it out whenever the need suits you.

      PLEASE get over it, if you do NOT want pictures taken DON’T get in line, DON’T stand in front of the camera DON’T smile, just go on your merry “I’m a diamond elite” member way and allow us peasants to enjoy our formal nights.

    • She has more of an opinion with you with your one cruise. She’s right formal nights are a waste and Royal Caribbean just screwed everyone who booked based on a rotating menu and change of scenery (ie. young and not you).

  5. I’m cancelling my cruise. I booked this cruise based on experiencing different restaurants like a resort. Ben, good job. You always deliver the news ahead of all other sources.

  6. Do you have a verifiable source for this directly from RCI? Their website still shows Dynamic as an option on their Anthem pages, and this rumor was floating around earlier this year, fueled by a couple people on another cruising site claiming to have inside information and was proven to be completely false.

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