Cruise Tips10 Things You Should Not Worry About On a Cruise

10 Things You Should Not Worry About On a Cruise

Going on a cruise? Here are ten things that you should not worry about as you lead up to embarkation day. Seriously, don’t worry about these things.

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Bad Weather – Hardly a day goes by without me seeing someone ask the questions, “How’s the weather in the Caribbean in October (insert any month)? Do you think it will rain?”. The weatherman can barely tell us what the weather will be like this evening, never mind months from now. It’s the Caribbean, it’s generally warm to very hot, and it rains often. Don’t worry about what the weather is going to be for your cruise that’s months away. Spoiler alert: You’re going to have a great time!

Noise Due to Stateroom Location – One of my favorite stateroom locations is near the stairs/elevators. This gives easy access to the public areas of the ship. If you are thinking about booking a cabin near this area and are worried about noise, don’t be worried about noise. I’ve noticed that no matter where my cabin is located, it’s a total crap shoot on how much noise you will hear from other passengers. So go ahead and book that cabin that is in a desirable location and don’t worry about noise.

Seasickness – Is the fear of seasickness keeping you from taking a cruise? Modern cruise ships are amazingly stable and most times, you can’t even tell you are on a cruise ship. If you are easily prone to motion sickness, pick up the patch, wristband or Bonine and don’t worry about seasickness. I know many people who were really worried before their first cruise, but that fear quickly subsided after the first day of sailing in the calm waters of the Caribbean.

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Hurricanes – Hurricane season is a six month season that runs from June 1 through November 30. However, that doesn’t mean that will be will be storm during your cruise. Worrying in advance if there will be a tropical storm or hurricane is just senseless worry. If there is a storm during your cruise, the ship will sail to calm waters and sunny skies. What happens if there is a hurricane or tropical storm during my cruise?

Getting Bored on Sea Days – I will admit, this was one of my worries before I took my first cruise. I went on the cruise worried about being “stuck” on a cruise ship during sea days and finished my cruise loving every second of the sea days.  Sea days will quickly become your favorite days of a cruise.

Might Not Have Fun – Don’t worry about whether or not you will have fun on your upcoming cruise. There’s a reason why the cruise industry has exploded in popularity over the past 25 years, it will be one of the most fun weeks of your life.

Dinner Mates – If you are doing traditional dining (early or late seating) on a cruise, you will more than likely be seated with other passengers for dinner. Don’t worry in advance if you will “click” with them. Remember, if you have any problems, just talk to the maitre d’. He will reassign you to another table.

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Other Passengers Will Ruin It – Just today I saw someone worrying about whether other passengers will ruin their upcoming cruise. Don’t worry about other passengers, you and you only have control over how much you enjoy your cruise. The cruise is what YOU make of it.

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have a great cruise

Dressing Up Too Fancy on Formal Night – If you want to dress to the nines and bring the tux and fancy gown for formal night, go right ahead. Even though passengers tend to not dress up as much as they did a decade ago, don’t worry about what other passengers wear or think. There’s no such thing as wearing something too nice on formal night.

Missing Cruise/Flight – Instead of worrying that you will miss your cruise or flight, fly in the day before your cruise and get off your vacation off to a relaxing start. On the way home, book a flight after 12:00 p.m. and you will have nothing to worry about.

Remember the less you worry, not only will you have a better time anticipating your upcoming cruise, but the better time you will have once you are on board.

dont worry on a cruise

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise Tips10 Things You Should Not Worry About On a Cruise


  1. You should add “I’ll feel cooped up” to this list. That’s what my husband said before I took him on his first cruise, and even all my (and his cruise-loving parents’) explanations about how huge cruise ships are wasn’t enough to convince him until he got there and saw it for himself. How he’s a convert!

  2. I was recently on a carnival cruise . Paid nicely for an end veranda room. On one of the nights, the crew had the loudest , raucous party beyond those of college fraternities. Complete with disco DJand lights. The party started at 12am and I called guest services who sent security who said they could do nothing and the party would end by 2;30 am. The loudness could be clearly heard from our room. I complained upon return and was basically told we will give you ship credit for your next cruise. REALLY/? Do you ever think I will travel with them again? If there were an emergency ,we would have died because that crew was smashed. We were scared and then angry.
    Still furious at carnival.
    Do not travel with them unless you want to risk your safety.

  3. One thing that should be added is “I am afraid to cruise because I will get norovirus.” We have cruised 3 times a year for the past 5 years and have never gotten sick. My sister refuses to cruise for this reason. She has no idea what she’s missing out on!

  4. Seasickness did worry me as I suffer from it. I asked my doctor for advice. It was, 1/2 Dramamine per day for 3 days before the cruise. 1 whole tablet 2 hours before getting on the ship. Then back to 1/2 tablet per day. Worked like a charm. He said to stay away from the patches, they come off when sweating or swimming and that messes up the dosing. Other remedies do not work.

    While the big ships are more stable, only people who don’t suffer from motion illness will say you can’t feel the motion. You do. The motion is more subtle on the big ships and often that is worse for those with motion sensitivity.

    As I said, Dramamine worked like a charm. Several cruises later, I never worry about seasickness anymore.

    • I was also worried about sea sickness however instead of taking medication that could interact with an alcoholic beverage I take ginger tablets 3 times a day starting about 36 hours before boarding. I’ve been on 2 cruises in the last 7 months and have stuck to ginger to combat nausea. Give it a try!!

      Happy sailing!

  5. After cruiseing for 56 years and never having a bad cruise, I always wondered why I love to cruise so much?Well it’s because my wife and I never have to worry about a [single] thing.

  6. You are wrong about not worrying about the noise. A few years ago we had a cabin above the discoque on Carnival. Our cabin vibrated every night until two. Always look what is below or above your cabin and unfortunately you can not believe the cruise specialists to tell the truth about noise.

    • Agreed. Been there. Done that. Also beware of booking above or below the restaurants. They vacuum and move equipment around in those spaces all night.

  7. While I agree about not worrying, I will say my biggest pet peeves are deck chair hogs and parents who take a vacation from being parents on a cruise.

    When George or Agnes wake up at 4 am and put out their books, sunglasses and towels on prime deck chairs only to return at 10:30 am drives me nuts.

    It’s hard to not let them ruin your vacation when you see little Archer and Hunter running up and down those long halls or seeing Timmy and Jeremy playing in the hot tub for hours on end (never getting out to the bathroom).

    I’m all for making the best out of my cruise vacation, but when I take precious time off of work, I want to enjoy myself.

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