Cruise NewsNorwegian Cruise Line Bans Balcony Smoking

Norwegian Cruise Line Bans Balcony Smoking

Norwegian Cruise Line became the latest cruise line to put an end to balcony smoking.  The announcement comes a week after Carnival said that guests will no longer be allowed to light up on stateroom balconies.

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This new policy from Norwegian starts on all sailings on and after November 1, 2014.    Smoking in the casinos will also be limited to players only.  This new rule includes e-cigarettes.  Cabins have been smoke free for the past several years.

On the Norwegian’s two newest ships, the Getaway and Breakaway, smoking on the Waterfront will be permitted on the starboard side, with an exception being in the dining areas.

Holland America is the only mainstream line that will still allow guests to smoke on balconies.  Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines stopped allowing it last fall.

Norwegian said that they made the change due to the utmost importance of  the health and well being of their guests and crew.

Cruise Fever will love to hear your opinions on these recent smoking changes.  Will you cruise more?  Cruise less?  Happy with these changes?  Please leave a comment in the section below.

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Cruise NewsNorwegian Cruise Line Bans Balcony Smoking


  1. I can appreciate you not wanting to smoke along with me, but I always get the farthest back port or aft balcony possible, and there’s no way my cigarette smoke is bothering anyone but me. As of Nov. 1, smokers will have a roughly 10X20 space to smoke on deck 11 on the Sun, and only if gambling in the casino. Just a little harsh.

  2. Freedom of choice?? Non smokers have a freedom of choice too, not to have to inhale toxic fumes! To be honest I have not read of the high number of people ON A CRUISE SHIP being killed by alcohol! “Stand up and revolt” all you like, your habit is revolting and harmful, passive smoking, have you read about it? As for not being able to sit outside while a smoker is out on their balcony, well, it is true, some of us have lung/heart problems, also asthma, it is not pleasant to get sick due to selfish smokers. Yes we do leave the house but are careful to avoid smokers, on one’s own balcony that it not possible, after all we have paid for a balcony to enjoy the view, not to stay inside! Cruise lines are changing their policy to help staff as well as the majority of their passengers, why should they bow to the smokers who are a minority?

  3. We were booked on the Epic for December but when news broke on, we cancelled. This is a form,of discrimination and we will not spend thousands of dollars to be outcasts. We too are considerate smokers but I refuse to be on a ship with whiny people who will be ratting on smokers any chance they get. People exaggerate when they say they cant bear to sit outside because of smokers. If thats the case, they must not leave their house ever. It was fun while it lasted, so long Cruising!

  4. What ever happened to freedom of choice? Isn’t this America? Make the whole Starboard side, including the cabins, smoking and the Portside non-smoking. Alcohol offends me and kills lots of innocent people every year too but the cruise line will never ban that because it’s where they make their money! When does the discrimination end? No other group of people, be it blacks, Jewish , homosexuals etc. have to endure this treatment, why should smokers! We need to stand up and revolt!

  5. we just cancelled 4 balconies and a wedding because of carnivals ban on balcony smoking and we spend about 5 thousand in the casino, we don’t smoke on the balcony 24/7, and we don’t flick our butts over the balcony, we are considerate smokers and bring a special ash tray called a butt bucket with a lid on it to keep our butts from flying off the balcony so it looks like our group of 8 will no longer cruise, where we are punished like children and put in a little corner. well it was nice while it lasted, why don’t they make the balcony’s in the back of the ship smoking so that the smoke that they claim is blowing in to blow off the back of the ship, you make smokers feel like 2nd class citizens, and its a form of racism, just like the old days, we want to enjoy our vacation too

  6. Thank you Norwegian! I am very happy that inconsiderate smokers are not allowed to suck and puff on the the balcony! Non smokers pay extra money for fresh air. All the smokers need to congregate in the casino and puff and blow their money away!

  7. I am totally in favor if this. I hate smoking and it really makes me physically sick. I wish cruise ships would be totally non smoking for my health for the crews health and for the passengers health. It can ruin a beautiful experience. It’s way past time to do this.

  8. While I do have compassion for those who are addicted to smoking, it’s been a problem for us to have neighbors who smoke because it’s impossible for them to prevent their smoke from invading our balcony and even pulling into our cabin when the door is opened. I’m sure it’s hard for them to understand how stinky that is for us nonsmokers since its all over them, but it really has kept us from enjoying our balcony and moving to an inside cabin. Personally I’m happy with the change, and we just booked a Fall anniversary cruise with Norwegian after hearing this!

  9. Good. Who wants to be standing on their balcony downwind of a smoker getting all their smoke and ashes anyway. This will be happening for all cruise lines soon enough I imagine.

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