Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Ends Balcony Smoking & Raises Gratuities

Carnival Cruise Line Ends Balcony Smoking & Raises Gratuities

Carnival Cruise Line sent out a letter to travel agents today stating that passengers will no longer be allowed to smoke on the balcony of their staterooms.  All staterooms, suites, and balconies will now be smoke free.

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This new smoking ban will be implemented on October 9, 2014.  Smoking will still allowed in designated sections of each cruise ship (casino, sections of the open air deck etc).  Carnival joins a growing list of the major cruise lines that have outlawed smoking in staterooms and on balconies.

In addition to the new smoking rules, gratuities will be raised from $11.50 a day to $12.00 per day per passenger with all voyages departing October 9, 2014 and onward.  Guests who have prepaid their gratuities as of July 7, 2014 will not be affected.  This is also the standard rate for the major cruise lines.  View the letter that was sent out to travel professionals regarding these changes.

Passengers who are caught smoking in their staterooms or balconies will be charged a $250 cleaning and refreshing fee.

The only mainstream cruise lines that will still allow passengers to smoke on their balconies will be Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America.

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Ben Souza
Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Line Ends Balcony Smoking & Raises Gratuities


  1. Thanks Terri. I’d like to read your comment on this:
    1) Are non-smokers complaining about the smell, or the health risk from smokers in open air situations?
    2) Anybody buy one of the Carnival “drink cards,” I understand a person can order 15 alcoholic drinks daily with the card.
    3) The CDC reports that the US spends about $193 billion a year on smokers. By the way, the CDC reports that the U.S. spends about $224 billion a year on excessive drinking.
    4) One in ten deaths of working age adults is attributed to excessive alcohol consumption. The definition of excessive includes five or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion.
    5) Does Carnival care about the health of passengers, or only quieting the few whiners who don’t want to smell cigarette smoke. Personally, I don’t like “old lady designer perfume” but try not to cough and offend others when passing someone wearing it.

    • Earlier poster said she has “been on 29 cruises and it felt like 90%of people on balconies were smoking” !
      Carnival your screwed !!! That’s a lot of smokers you just lost out on.

  2. Carnival, thank you for banning smoking. On any of my past 29 cruises, whenever I was on my balcony and leaned out, it seemed as if more than 90% of the guests on balconies are smoking. It’s no better in the casinos. The vast majority of those gamblers seem to be smokers. But I guess gambling with your money is akin to gambling with your life. Maybe the smokers won’t cruise with Carnival any longer, and the casinos won’t be crowded. Oops…that might be a revenue breaker, but the non-smokers will, of course, be happy to pay double or triple the rates to keep the ships afloat.

  3. I am a smoker. I cruise because I like it not to smoke and I follow all the smoking rules. I sit on the three seats allotted for smokers at the casino bar. Sometimes non-smoker seats are empty and smokers stand five deep around those three seats. I take my morning coffee and walk outside in the rain and up to the highest deck where smokers are allowed. I only play machines that have the yes to smoker sign BUT do not pull the “we are doing it for your health ” reason. If that we’re so you would stop smoking all together and drinking because cigarettes and alcohol are both detrimental to your health. You should also serve only fat free foods because people are all needing to get heart healthy and high cholesterol is a real killer these days. You do all that for the health of everybody and you won’t be a fun ship anymore you will be a floating hospital full of healthy unhappy cruisers.

  4. I can tell you that this will make me MORE likely to take a Carnival cruise. Thank you, Carnival!

  5. I think raising the gratuity is a good thing. The crew bust their butts to earn a living . I gladly pay the gratuities PLUS tip on top of that. Every cruise I’ve taken so far with Carnival has been awesome and a enjoyable experience. The crew of each cruise have always gone above and beyond to give me that experience. So I have no problem paying more.

  6. I am smoker. I understand non-smokers not wanting to smell smoke, but I seriously don’t understand why some rooms with balconies cannot be designated smoking!! Rooms on the top deck aft for example. Just so everyone could be happy. I did cancel my cruise in November, as I booked a balcony room so I could smoke there. I didn’t enjoy my last cruise in a non-balcony room and had to take elevators and walk forever to find a smoking area.

  7. As a cruiser two times I am thrilled with Carnival’s decision!

    I am glad to give those staff people a little more additional money! I know the gratuity that the cruise lines “charges” goes to all staff, from what I understand… even the captain and his crew. I am sure they make lots more money than the cabin staffers and the waiters and waitresses. We have had great cabin staff people and also great waiters and waitresses…. We have always tipped the cabin person and the waiter/waitress, in addition to what the cruise line automatically “charge” because we felt they worked very hard to keep us happy and comfortable.

    Secondly, the smoking ban…. I am thrilled! Contrary to what the smokers say, the smoke does travel on balconies outside and into rooms. We have had it happen to us…and that is infringing on my rights! I have asthma and can not tolerate smoke. Sitting outside on our balcony on one of our cruises was impossible because we had a smoker on the next balcony. It ruined my cruise….it was in our room also, just by opening our door and stepping back into the cabin. The smoke “hangs” in rooms on drapes, floor coverings, even wood work…. Sorry, but it does ruin my health and my cruise…

    Again, thank you Carnival!!!

  8. Carnival has joined the extremists in banning smoking on balconies. I just cancelled our cruise and won’t be cruising anymore. What’s next? You non-smokers can share balcony time with smokers since smokers aren’t always on their balconies smoking. But no, you’re just as extreme as society has falsely brainwashed you about smoke. I’ve smelled far worse in public bathrooms and smoggy cities but you don’t hear me complaining. If the cruise industry wants to continue to be extreme, how about they have a smoking only cruise ship? You must smoke or be thrown overboard!!!

  9. After reading all the posts on this page, I am amazed at the attitude of people. Yes I am a smoker and yes I pay extra for a balcony suite to smoke. Why??? I do not like to smoke in an enclosed area. I am very respectful of non-smokers. I do not smoke in other peoples homes or cars, etc. What bothers me the most is that the non-smokers are ready to throw us off the ship for simply a choice we make. There happen to be completely smoke free ships. I don’t think one smoker has complained about this but let someone try to stand up for what is right for them- look out, mob attack attitude in full motion. I am booked on a Carnival Cruise for November. Guess what–I am going to smoke on my balcony and yes I am going to pay the $250 refurbishing fee. So if you are a non-smoker and you are by me look out because I think I will just sit on my balcony and smoke all day!!! It is the point of the matter. I also pay extra for my health insurance. How is it that alcohol leads to all kinds of bodliy damage but alcoholics don’t pay extra for health insurance. Neither do obese people, which I see plenty of on cruises. How many off you that have commented negatively do not have bad habits for your health. And yes. before you comment that smoke, second hand, third hand, affects other people- you do have a choice to go on a smoke-free ship. We were not given a choice!!

    • Lisa great points! I’m just really tired of being treated like crap cause I smoke by strangers that don’t know anything about me. Smoking doesn’t make a person who they are. Its simply a habit I started 22 years ago. Of course I wish I never started but I also do enjoy it. Probably doesn’t make sense to a non-smoker. Its seriously been like the Salem Witch Trials on all the cruising boards in the last few days from non-smokers. Lol. I am not a big drinker, but enjoy some alcohol once in a while. I have personally seen alcohol ruin lives and kill people quicker than cigarettes, but will that ever be banned? Heck no!! I will adjust to this smoking ban. I have heard the fine though is $250 per occurence.

    • Do tell us the names of these completely smoke free ships! Obese people only harm themselves not you, the thread is about banning smoking on balconies, don’t try to deflect the attention, as all smokers do to justify gheir obnoxious habit.

  10. Gratuities are only being raised $.50 a day. That’s only $3.50 for 7 days. I don’t see why people think that’s so crazy. And as for the smoking, it’s probably because of people throwing their cigarettes wherever they want. No one wants that landing on their balcony if they are out there too…

  11. I think it’s great. I like to sit on my balcony and not smell someone elses smoke. Besides too many idiots that have been careless with butts have made it beyond dangerous. Really if you can’t walk to a smoking area then don’t cruise, make more room for the non smokers. Nobody wants your second hand smoke. GO CARNIVAL!!!!

    • My thoughts exactly. I love how smokers are getting huffy and all bent out of shape for us non smokers gladly applauding Carnival for the decision. Smoking is disgusting and bad PERIOD. Yeah I have bad habits too but when has picking my boogers every hurt anyone’s health?

  12. As far as the tips go…I don’t mind at all. Those people work super hard and get paid next to nothing! They get paid based on their home country’s laws. Some barely make anything. We always tip extra anyways and will continue to do so. They have to split that between all the workers on the ship. Some people really are cheap!

  13. I understand the rights of everyone. Non-smokers it is you right not to want to be around smoke. However it should be a smokers right to light up on the comfort of their paid for balcony. The smoking areas have become unfair. Carnival should designate certain balcony rooms as smoking rooms for their balconies to accommodate everyone. There are all kinds of bad habits that folks have such as over eating, over drinking, texting while driving, over medicating yourself. All of the things can and do effect other individuals and their health. Non-smokers give it a break the world does not revolve around you! I grew up in a tobacco state and long before America was discovered our countries Native Americas were smoking Indian tobacco which still can be found today growing in the wild. You probably come from the same ancestors that took their land and rights and placed them on land tracts not of their chosen. Lighten up!!!!!!

  14. I was really bummed and upset by the news today that Carnival will ban smoking on balconies starting October 9th, and our cruise is October 13th! I’m quite tired of seeing the nasty and hateful comments by the “high and almighty” non-smokers, not just on here but other sites as well! We purchase a balcony stateroom for the views and a perk is you can smoke. I’m not sure if we will cruise again after this but most likely will. Everywhere you go these days, you cant smoke. I understand the health issues and so on. What I really hate though is the foul mouthed people that are so quick to judge smokers when I bet they themselves do things that are probably unhealthy as well. We will make do. But in my opinion, as long as you are courteous, safe, and don’t litter, you should be able to smoke outside anywhere!

    • I agree Tori. If you read the comments from NON smokers, they are a bunch of rude , arrogant, pompous Goodi-Two Shoes who act if they can walk on water instead of sail on it !! I’d be willing to make a wager that Carnival will at some point make a reversal on their new smoking policy. Reason? Carnival is like any other business…they need the money. The bars on deck have drinkers that want to smoke, the casino has people who want to smoke. The bars and casino are where they make a lot of there money. Carnival should have blocked a section of balcony room near the back of the ship on deck 8 for their smokers. But meanwhile, I don’t need some arrogant “I’m better Than You” person telling me where to spend my money. And I really hope Carnival has to RAISE their rates because of the smokers who will spend their money elsewhere.

    • Most smokers just throw the butts on the ground wherever they are including other people’s property on land or other people’s balconies on ships. I have never come across a “considerate smoker” anywhere. Streets are littered with butts everywhere. BTW as there is only one cruise line left to change their policy, very unlikely they will make a reversal in the future! Research has shown smoking to be harmful to everybody since the 1960’s so no excuse really to continue.

  15. To all the smokers who are complaining keep in mind your second hand smoke travels. I am not a smoker but suffer arthritis and I’m not even 40 yet. Second hand smoke aggravates and can worsen arthritis conditions. If you are a smoker and seem to think your rights are being taken away then consider people like me. Not to mention others who developed other conditions from second hand smoke. I plan on getting a balcony room for my vacation. I love Carnival and I’m glad they put this rule in effect. I pay good money too and do NOT want to smell second hand smoke while enjoying the balcony. If you smokers are so upset then maybe find other vacation means that cater to your unhealthy lifestyle. Bad habits shouldn’t beforced on us who don’t smoke.

    • Yes smoking is a bad habit. That being said, I’m sure you have bad habits. Don’t be so quick to cast stones!

    • Kim
      I have smoked since I was 14 years old and I am now 56 and I have not had any medical issues due to smoking so for all you wieners that say second hand smoke is bad for you must all read and live in the same neighborhood. I get a complete check up by the VA every 6 months and have not been told that my smoking has caused me any problems. So not everyone can be judged for smoking and causing you issues. Do you really think you are that great and that the air you breath is that clean? The fuel they burn on the ships to power it has more chemicals in it and linger longer then cigarette smoke. And also some of the chemicals you weine about is in your everydays food or do you not eat food?

    • Jim,
      When said smoker decides to smoke around people weather it be on a balcony you paid for or in a designated smoking area smoke travels. It travels to areas where people who don’t smoke get affected. Good for you being in good health despite the fact you smoke. Have you ever watched someone die of lung cancer because of smoking? Or watch someone die because of the second hand smoke that caused cancer? I have and it’s not pretty. It was awful and horrible. I’m not trying to stand on a soap box and be all high and mighty to smokers but I am trying to stand up for MY health and NOT be part of YOUR bad nasty habit. Yeah I know life in general is full of bad for your health things. BUT choosing NOT to be around smokers and their smoke and applauding Carnival for making the cruise experience a much nicer time is MY right. Just like it’s YOUR right to smoke but times have changed and so have smoking laws. This isn’t the times where people are clueless to the dangers of smoking. When I don’t want to be around smokers I just don’t go to those places where it’s aloud. But if I pay good money to enjoy the view of a balcony and there’s a smoker right next to me…..well my money was just wasted. Not everyone who pays for a balcony room gets it for smoking purposes. Some of us get it to enjoy the view and being able to have ocean air come into the room. Smokers have to realize your days of openly smoking are numbered. So keep lighting up since your in such good health ….just not a a Carnival balcony anymore.

    • My mother smoked since she was 14 and she never had any issues with her lungs etc until she reached into her 60’s. She is now in a Nursing center with all kinds of circulatory issues due to smoking. Everyone doesn’t have lung issues because of smoking but it can harm other parts of your body in later life.. Personally, I have never touched a cigarette and don’t drink but I love cruising.. I do not cruise with Carnival but other lines also prohibit smoking. Before other lines changed their policies it was unbearable to sit on the balcony with your neighbors smoking. Smokers cannot smell their own smoke from what I have heard. I avoid the Casino unless I jus t have to walk through to get somewhere and always avoid the side of the ship where smoking is allowed. If you want to smoke that’s your business but I shouldn’t have to be subjected to the 2nd hand smoke or the nasty smell!!

    • So true…such brainwashing and judgement. Smoking is the cause of everything in non smokers eyes rather than pollution, car exhaust, and all the side effects of the medications they take. This is what is wrong with the world…closed mindedness and self righteousness rather than finding solutions where all rights are maintained and finding understanding when one doesn’t understand. I am happy to be segregated so I don’t offend non smokers for whatever reason they come up with but I should still have the same right to enjoy my vacation by being able to smoke on my own balcony. So if putting smokers together maintains our rights and respects those of non smokers would that not be a better answer?

  16. Did you ever think that more people than not who are smoking on their balconies have doors open – therefore the room they are in is now smoking because you can’t keep it all out. And then someone who is allergic or has asthma may be in that room next? I am so tired if hearing about SMOKER’S RIGHTS! WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHT TO BREATH? what if I am on the balcony next to you? I am a light sleeper and am up at all hours and would like to enjoy my balcony without smelling your stinky cigarette!

  17. I have NEVER smoked or even taken a puff on any kind of cigarette or anything else and can’t stand the smell of any type of tobacco, etc. Besides, even from the balconies the smoke travels about the ship and it’s bad enough to smell it on somebody’s breath.

    As for tips there is really no reason to raise the rates. It used to be that you paid at the end of your cruise for the service that you received from the waiters, room stewards/stewardesses, etc. It’s really not fair that you are dictated to as to how much per day your tip will be and have it tacked on to your expenses at the end of your cruise or be told at the beginning that a tip will be included the price of you ticket. Yes, there are jerks who don’t believe in tipping and maybe you could send them a bill in the mail but don’t demand tips from all of the passengers who do the right thing! I have always tipped no matter where I go, including in restaurants and cruises.

    • 80 procent of ppl on cruise ships dont leave tips and they take back their prepaid tips so sometimes crew work for nothing whole cruise so pls first gather all of information and then comment.

    • Typical reaction…gkad we can’t smoke but mad when something affects you negatively like raising gratuities. Personally I think everyone needs a lesson in finding win win solutions rather than being happy when others rights are violated. Why can’t some balconies be designated for smokers on one side and non smokers on the other? Why do non smokers feel so entitled to think because they don’t like something it is okay to take it away? For the obese…would you be mad and feel violated if you got refused to eat certain foods and only have healthy meals? You bet you would and rightfully so. Just wait…and it will happen because people who feel they are the “majority” think it gives them the entitlement to take others rights because they don’t like it. I am a smoker and like many others, buy a balcony so I can also enjoy my vacation but my rights were not considered. Yes.. I will cancel and all the self righteous people can cruise together but remember Karma and try to find understanding even if you can’t understand why we smoke. I don’t understand alcoholics, gambling addicts, why people are obese, rude, cheaters, abusers, thiefs, and a million other things that are far worse than my smoking on a balcony but do try to find love , kindness and understanding…not self righteousness. You guys have a great cruise.

  18. I went on Carnival Ecstasy in March. I loved the cruise but I couldn’t stand the smell of smoke. I’m glad they’re enforcing this! Go Carnival!

  19. To all those who say they will never cruise on Carnival, happy to see you go. There are probably many more who will now cruise on Carnival because of the smoking ban. I have had go inside from my balcony on a few occasions because of smokers near our cabin. Smokers: Good Riddance!!

  20. Well, this is a step in the right direction. Now all they need is totally smoke free cruising.

  21. All of you that are saying good bye to Carnival because of the no smoking in your rooms…..then you are mostly saying good bye to cursing because that is what just about all cruise lines have gone to!

    I think it’s great! Why should I have to smell you stinking smoke when Im outside on my balcony?

    It will not hurt you to walk a little bit to a smoking area….maybe that little bit of exercise will help you live a little longer…..because we know the smoking will not!

  22. I don’t think Carnival should Raise there fees. We pay more than we should now. I understand we’re. Paying the staff for there service. It’s Carnival’s job to pay them , over the cost of the cruise it adds up.

    • I see that you are using internet so i beg you to go and google it how big salaries are for your waiters…
      I was working for Carnival and i will tell you that i was working every day for 8 months,12 hours a day for 960 dollars so lets do basic math.
      960 per month
      84 hours per week ( if i am lucky)
      360 hours per month
      that gives you
      960 dollars divide on 360 hours
      and magic number iiiiiisssssss
      2.666 dollars per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      So i must say that your cruise is well payed.
      And i must say that we deliver whole morning breakfast and from 20 orders i get 5 dollars so you are right you are overpaying your cruise and staff!!!!

    • Get another job if you don’t like the pay or what you do. That simple! I usually pay extra to my waiters and to our room staff. But come on you don’t work everyday. Plus about the smoking thingy. I use to smoke but I have quit just a little over 6 months my husband still smokes tho. The smell don’t bother me that much unless it is right in my face or if someone blows it in my face. But still think they should have smoking on balconies even if it is just on one side and 2 floors up. Than make the rest no smoking. Just saying from a former smoker. Been on both sides of that fence. Don’t judge people for something they do you don’t like they may not like something you do. Were is the freedom? This comment is not all too the staff. I won’t be cruising on Carnival much any more. I will travel some other way.

  23. All I hear are people talking about smokers rights! What about our God given right to breath clean air? Thank you Carnival for taking a stand and doing what is right. I know my family and millions of other customers and future customers really do appreciate this new rule. Those that don’t make up a shrinking minority.

    • Really- are you that naive to think the air you are beathing is clean. Please compile a list of the millions of customers that do not smoke!

  24. I wonder how many cruisers they are going to lose because of this. I have sailed on Carnival for 7 years, but doubt I will any longer. My balcony is my place to have my morning coffee and a smoke before going out to greet the world. I am a light sleeper, so I have been known to be on my balcony at all hours of the day and night, smoking a cigarette. This highly upsets me and will probably end my cruising with Carnival. I think they should have gone another direction and just had a non-smoking cruise for those who do not smoke!

    • You say you are a light sleeper and smoking during the night as well as during the day, then your adjoining cabins cannot use their balconies AT ALL, and you think you are badly done to? …………

  25. I have been a VIP Carnival member for many years, and have always thoroughly enjoyed the service. I have been known to bring as many as 30 additional cruisers on many trips. But this decision by Carnival has now forced me to look at other vacation options, such as all inclusive resorts. I currently am booked for October 2015 with about 32 friends and family. Not all are smokers, but there are some. To change policy for one group over another makes me feel as though the smoker’s don’t have any rights as far as Carnival is concerned. Yes, they do have designated areas for smoker’s, but to remove the balconies of rooms passengers from that list is unreasonable. And because of that, I will never book another cruise with this company. Bon voyage, Carnival.

    • I am also a VIP Carnival member, and have always thoroughly enjoyed the service. I have been known to accompany as many as 100 woman on our “girl cruises” which we go on every January – and currently booked out of Miami January 2015. But this decision by Carnival has now forced all of our group to look at other options. Not all are smokers, but there are some. To disregard smoker’s rights is totally unreasonable. Just because there are smoking areas on the ship – should not elimate their right to smoke on their balconies. The non-smokers complaining obviously have nothing better to do with their lifes but to make others miserable. NONE OF US WERE PUT HER ON EARTH TO JUDGE OTHERS!!! Bon voyage, Carnival.

  26. We have enjoyed two cruises with Carnival in the past two years! The first a four day on The Triumph and most recently, a seven day on the Magic. The last one traveling with 25 family members. It was wonderful. Both times we have gladly paid the increased fare to have the balcony room so that we could enjoy a smoke just outside our stateroom! It is ridiculous that EVERYBODY is taking away the smoker’s rights!!! It looks like our relationship with Carnival Cruise lines is OVER!!! Why should we have to walk a great distance to a “smoking area” when the balcony we PAY for is open air and is not hurting anyone for me to smoke. It makes me sad as we had planned to do more cruising in the future, but I will not bow to this ridiculous rule!!!

    • Too many people are throwing their cigs overboard…. Also you should note that walking from one end of their large ship (magic/dream/breeze class) takes just over 3 minutes to do…. I don’t believe that is truly a far distance… If you choose to no longer cruise with carnival because they’re trying to be more environmently cautious as well as prevent an accidental fire hazards then that’s your own choice. … However most family friendly cruises (Disney RCCL Princess Norwegian ect) have already implement these rules for quite some time… so maybe someone might be over reacting 🙂

    • What about the people that do not smoke and would like to sit on their balcony with out smelling smoke. I am very happy about the new rule.

    • I think it is a GREAT idea to ban smoking. For those of you that thinks it doesn’t bother anyone when you smoke on your balcony, THINK AGAIN. I can’t stand the NASTY smell of that crap, my husband is very allergic to it, and my dad can’t be anywhere near it because of his COPD. Smoke travels to our balcony and makes it very unpleasant, and we can’t be on our balcony because of it. I’m super glad they have banned smoking and please…. if smokers refuse to board a ship then more power to you. At least the ship will smell so much cleaner!!

    • How does your husband and Father walk around the ship that does have smoking areas? If they are allergic to it, I don’t understand how they could be anywhere on the ship!

    • To Melissa.
      If this is a issue for you and your family then how do you stand even being on the 3rd or 4th deck of the ship??? They allow smoking in the casino and the smoke needs to go somewhere so how do you all avoid it from there.. I believe you are one of the people who think you are better then everyone and we need to bow to you think again.. We all pay the same amount of money for our rooms and pay taxes just like you unless you are one of them that live off the system which is our hardworking tax dollars.

    • Be proud you’re standing up for your family. Personally, I sneeze and cough whenever someone is wearing one of the designer perfumes. All should be banned. The people who wear perfume must be taught to think of others. Also, the smell of alcohol makes me queasy, and bacon in the morning is like sticking your head in a tub of fat.

    • they prob sit in the Casino all hours where there is smoking so how is that any better than smoking on the balcony?

    • I cruise Carnival often with a balcony. I’m glad they are making it smoke free, even though a balcony has open air, the smoke still travels to the nearby cabins. I pay extra to have a balcony to enjoy the fresh ocean air not smoke from another cabin.

    • YAY Carnival!!! I am highly allergic to cigarette/cigar smoke. I get a really bad headaches and sever allergic reactions. I pay extra my balcony too but am unable to use it if someone up wind is smoking. You may not realize that it travels down to the other balconies…… not out to sea. They are still giving you smoking areas, they are allowing you to still smoke…… just in an environment that non-smokers won’t be affect. Thank you Carnival!!

    • What about the non-smokers in the balcony room next to you? Should they have to smell your smoke?

    • What about the people in the cabin next to us smokers who have to listen to your screaming kids and smell your perfume? I am allergic to the sound of kids. So why not ban kids from cruise lines?

    • What about people in the stateroom right next to you, who have also paid good money to get a balcony, but are unable to use it because of the smokers next door? This is exactly what happened to us on our cruise to Bermuda in May. You can’t smoke on hospital property, in malls, restaurants, etc…why should a cruise ship be any different?

    • I agree with Carnival’s new policy. It has been proven that second hand smoke causes health issues. I developed asthma myself after living with my mother in law for an extended period of time who would smoke constantly. I never had breathing problems before this. Whenever I am around second hand smoke it feels like I cannot breathe. I would rather enjoy the fresh air than the smell of tobacco smoke!

    • I feel the same way when I am forced to smell perfume and listen to rowdy children. Why not ban both of those while they are at it. BTW I am allergic to most perfume.

    • I agree too. I paid extra and just found out that they wont even compensate me for paying extra for my balcony. I am beyond pissed off. They will allow you to smoke by the kids at the pool and that’s ok but on your own personal balcony that we paid extra for its not ok? Ill pay the 250.00 extra dollars but I will be smokng in my cabin

    • You will be hard presses to find a cruise line where you can smoke on the balcony or even in the cabin. It is very sad that you are smoking……You may not live long enough to go on cruises if you continue smoking…

    • All the non smokers can complain about the smell of cigarette smoke if you like, but then you might as well start banning people from over loading on cheap perfume ( which gives me a migraine whenever someone passes by) or the odor from not taking a shower. Let’s not get ridiculous folks, non smokers are not the only people who cruise. Smokers have rights too. The cruise lines should make the balconies on one side of the ship smoking and the other non. This way people can choose. I also don’t understand the ban on e- cigarettes. They are not a fire hazard and don’t have any smoke, it’s all steam. I am so sick and tired of one group always trying to push their rights over everyone else’s. I thought this country was a democracy.

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