Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Lines Bans Carry-On Bottled Water and Bottled Soda

Carnival Cruise Lines Bans Carry-On Bottled Water and Bottled Soda

Carnival Cruise Lines announced this morning that passengers will soon no longer be able to bring bottled water and soda on board their 24 Fun Ships.

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This new ban goes into effect on July 9, 2015.  The cruise line stated that the reason for the ban on bottled water and bottled soda was due to passengers sneaking alcohol on board.  This led to un-monitored consumption which brought on safety and behavioral concerns.

Passengers trying to sneak alcohol onto the ships on embarkation day also lead to longer embarkation lines and delays as security checked the bottles. The new ban is expected to speed up the screening measures when passengers arrive at the port.

Passengers will still be able to bring a small quantity of cans of soda/juice onto the ships.  They are defining a small quantity as 12 unopened cans (12 oz. or less) per passenger.  Cartons of milk and juice will also be allowed in carry-on luggage.

Bottled water can be purchased online before each cruise at  A 12 pack of 500 ML bottles will cost $2.99 plus tax if purchased online before the cruise.  If purchased on board, the 12 pack will cost $4.99 plus gratuities.

Passengers will be able to bring with own distilled water for CPAP machines.

Families with babies will be allowed to bring nursery water.

Small coolers measuring  or larger than 12″ by 12″ by 12″ will be allowed for keeping drinks and medications cool.

Carnival stated that the new measure to ban bottles being brought onto ships has nothing to do with increasing revenue, but to provide a safer environment for the overall experience of each guest.

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Ben Souza
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Cruise NewsCarnival Cruise Lines Bans Carry-On Bottled Water and Bottled Soda


  1. The ONLY KIND of Water that I drink is NESTLE FLAVOURED WATER. What am I supposed to do now with the New Regulation?

  2. If people weren’t such stinkers and weren’t always trying to bring secret booze on board, this wouldn’t be happening. And if you find $2.99 too expensive for bottled water, how are you able to afford the cruise in the first place?

  3. I’m not sure why everyone is getting so so upset. The article said 12 cans of soda per person… That seems like quite a bit; especially if you’re traveling with children – who you know aren’t going to drink nearly that many… Also, don’t forget you do go into port. I don’t see them stopping you from bringing on board (of course check ahead of time) some soda…

    Also, $2.99 for a 12 pack is not unreasonable. Yes, you can save a few dollars but come on – now you don’t have to haul it….

    You can be sure if you or another family member needs particular water due to a medical condition, it will be allowed… The article mentioned cpap machines….

    People are over reacting…

  4. So people are NOT cruising with Carnival because you can’t bring bottled water/ soda? You can still bring canned soda and drink tap water. The tap water is just fine and doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s as clean or cleaner than the water from my Culligan triple filtration U/V treated water. Just because you can’t drink your special bottled water is no reason not to cruise on Carnival anymore. It’s still a good deal when it comes to vacation. And if your moaning because you lost another way of sneaking booze on because your too cheap to buy a drink….then maybe cruising isn’t for you.

    • It’s a good thing because cheap people think they can open bottles and replace with alcohol without fixing the seal, security person sees it, smells it and caught! And as result lines take way longer to go through security…if your going through that trouble at least smuggle it the smarter ways.(think how your kids these days would smuggle the liquor on board or google it)

      Royal Caribbean let us bring the same cans. No one needs to bring bottled water you can get that free and juices in room service!
      No reason to change cruising lol. Just bring cans instead of bottles!
      2.99$ is not bad maybe knowing they offer that and less to carry we can bring more cans of soda for out mixers and preorder some water! Actually more convenient.

      One thing that was a little crazy is they search a suitcase…miss the alcohol..but confiscate handcuffs bahahah!!!

  5. thats bunk!! I have never seen them “monitor” alcohol intake– they push alcohol like crazy. It is purely to increase revenue, “force” people to buy their drink packages, etc. I would rather they raise the cost of the cruise– at least that’s “honest”.

  6. It’s not that big of a deal. It’s only $2.99 for 12pk of $16.9oz bottled water. One less thing to have to carry on!

  7. It’s 100% about revenue. I remember my first Carnival cruise in 1999, when I brought along two cases (72 half liters) of water for my husband and myself. Thanks to the fire on board and the extended time in the Gulf as a result bottled water on the ship ran out completely on day four. That bottled water I brought along with me lasted long enough (with rationing) for the ship to finally make port three days after it was scheduled to. I’d say bring that water along was the smartest thing I ever did, and I continued bringing several cases with me on each cruise thereafter.
    So here they are, now limiting what we can bring for personal consumption because of alcohol smuggling.
    Just the fact they mentioned people smuggling in alcohol is proof positive that it’s about revenue and nothing else. You can’t make the big bucks on those extraordinarily overpriced and stingy bar drinks if people are pouring for themselves in the staterooms.
    I’m going back to NCL. The ambiance and service are well worth that extra couple hundred bucks per ticket.

  8. Upcoming news from Carnival: passengers will no longer be able to bring luggage. “You’d be amazed at what people bring on cruises,” said a spokesman. “Luggage causes longer lines at embarkation, and even innocuous items like socks can cause genuine security concerns. People hide alcohol in deodorant containers… For the safety and enjoyment of all guests we simply had to say, ‘enough!’ Besides, you will be able to preorder new clothing, toiletries and more from our website, at prices that will make our shareholders sing and dance!”

  9. HA. If you believe that, I have some swamp land in Miami I’ll be glad to sell you. What this is about is MONEY. The major way that the cruise line makes money is off of the optional things you purchase while on board and gambling. This is all about trying to bilk passengers for all the money they can. Anyone who has ever been on a cruise knows it is nothing but a floating bar, they don’t exactly limit your alcohol while on board. Unless you want to bring your own. Apparently that is a problem. I don’t drink alcohol, but having my own soda or water would be key to me choosing a cruise line because of all the contaminated water aboard. There is more than one cruise line. I suggest people find one that is geared more to customer needs and comfort rather than squeezing every penny from them that they can.

  10. This is still the cheapest vacation to take. Some people will complain no matter what happens. It is there policy. If buying 4.99 12 pack on the ship will kill some people. I saw stay home. You go to a ball park and they charge you 5.00 to 6.00 for a bottle water and 8.00 to 10.00 for a beer. People still drink them and never complain. I hope all cruise lines follow up on Carnival. They still are the cheapest cruise line. Go on another and pay 200.00 to 300.00 a person more for there cruise. I bet you will be running back to Carnival.

  11. We brought bottled water aboard on our cruise. We needed it for our son who is handicapped and has to be fed through a gastrointestinal tube. If I can not bring my own bottled water onboard, then I will never go on another carnival cruise. We will be canceling our scheduled cruise for September as well. I think it’s obvious that the real issue here is that Carnival is trying to force their passengers to pay outrageous prices for bottled water. The tap water available on the ship is not clean enough to drink. I was interested in what Norwegian cruise ships were like anyway, since our last cruise to the Bahamas was on Carnival and we were docked next to a Norwegian ship and their employees were dressed as moko jumbie’s and greeted our six year old son even though we weren’t passengers on their ship. The Norwegian employees went out of their way to delight a child. Carnival would not even allow us to take our son down the slide on the ship because they said he has to climb the ladder by himself. Even though they KNEW our son was handicapped and in a wheel chair when we booked the cruise. Didn’t matter, they said it was their “policy’ Way to go Carnival. Your employees were rude to a six year old boy in a wheel chair. Your policies are assanine, and now that you’ve decided to be greedy…and deny people the ability to bring bottled water onboard as well. I will definitely take my business else where.

    • WE are going with you to another cruise line also. This is prob not the ship’s issue..but staff. They only get $$ from automatic 20% added to EVERY drink..either booze,water,soda. The staff only gets paid from the gratuity of the guests….the pre-paid per day amt and the 20% tip on all drinks.

    • You shouldn’t be bringing a child that needs that type of special provisions on a “cruise” anyway, bye felicia!

    • Seriously people. $2.99 for a case of water is the going price at your local Wal-Mart. What is the problem with ordering it BEFORE you get on the ship. I would rather pay $2.99 for the water and have it delivered to my room before I get there and NOT have to carry that heavy load all day while we wait to embark. I am glad they are doing this. I wont have to see all the cheapskates trying to lug around 2 cases of water and a 36 cans of pop just to save a few dollars that they will end up blowing in the casino anyway.

      Typical over reacting internet vigilantly mobs crying injustice. Get over it and enjoy your vacation. That is all!

    • Ernie, why should it matter to you if OTHER people are bringing water onto the ship as long as you DON’T have to lug it??? Get over yourself! By the way, it’s 2.99 for a 12pk and NOT a 24 pk which is usually 3.00-3.50 at Walmart.


    • I have to agree with Carnival on this issue. A handicapped person Does not need to be on a pool sliding board alone. And think of the safety issue of an adult going up the steps of one carrying adult other person.
      You maam adult other re out of line.

    • I agree with Carnival 100%. You’re not only putting your son in danger by carrying him up a high ladder, but yourself as well. You could easily slip, causing serious injury to you both. As a parent, whether my child was handicapped or not, NEVER in my wildest dreams would I ever think of doing something that stupid and dangerous, risking the safety of my child, just so my child could go down a slide. My God, what in the world were you thinking ?

      And if Carnival had let you carry your son up the ladder and you slipped, and both of you had fallen and were seriously hurt, you would have sued Carnival in a heartbeat. Even though you were the one who chose to put your child in danger in the first place.

      Thank you Carnival for being smarter than some passengers, and looking out for their safety.

    • I forgot to mention that Carnival has the best, top of the line purification systems you can buy, and installed on all of their ships. I’ve done 23 cruises on Carnival’s ships, and their “Tap” water is as purified as any water can ever be.

      And no cruise line is going to let you carry your son just so he can go down a slide, but you’ll find that out soon enough.

  12. The only thing I can say is watch how much you drink. We tend to drink on ship, but we also tend to keep track. Going on Carnival this September. We have no problem with Carnival.

  13. Well if we can’t bring our bottle water you should not charge for the bottle of water that is in our cabin.!!! $2.99 is to much to charge for a 12 pack of water must less $4.99. I love carnival been on 15 cruises but may haft to start cruise in with outer cruise lines more. Carnival yall are getting a little prices.

    • bottled water allowed..only 12 pack canned soda…according to article. Guilty of bringing in small amounts rum in water bottle. sorry but $8 drink plus 20% plus soda card= way too much for cruise. I needs lots bottled water to drink also…I am NOT drinking tea/coffee/iced tea/watered punch. I want unopened water bottles , that I open to drink.

  14. Guess I won’t be cruising Carnival any longer…sad. Their attempt to claim “safety concerns” is a thinly veiled effort. We know it’s all about buying $10 drinks with 18% gratuity for inferior service…

    • I’ve been on 12 cruises & taken my large family on most of them, if soda & water r no longer allowed I guess we will b changing cruise lines! Carnival you r ridiculous! Anything for more $$! You already double your prices in the summer to mk it unaffordable for lg families to take vacations in the summer & now this! Well I hope it’s worth losing all your customers over!
      Belinda Roberts

    • You can still bring canned drinks and/or juices. I don’t know about the other cruise lines as of yet but I do know that Royal Caribbean will not allow you to bring ANY drinks or water onboard. Carnival is probably still the most affordable cruise line to take.

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