Cruise NewsEngine Problems Slow Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

Engine Problems Slow Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship

A passenger on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas has posted that the ship is currently experiencing engine problems and sailing at reduced speeds back to Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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The port stop in Ocho Rios, Jamaica was canceled on Thursday so the ship could arrive back to Fort Lauderdale on Saturday.  The ship is currently on a five night sailing to the Western Caribbean with one previous port stop in Labadee, Haiti.

Announcements were made to the passengers about the engine problem and the need to sail at reduced speeds.  For the inconvenience of missing the stop in Jamaica, passengers were given $100-$200 in onboard credit depending on the level of stateroom that they are staying in.

Cruise Fever has reached out to Royal Caribbean and will update this article when we receive word back from the cruise line.

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Cruise NewsEngine Problems Slow Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship


  1. I would just like to tell you how upset and disappointed my husband and I are with Royal Caribbean. We are two of the passengers that were stranded in Florida after the Brilliance of the Seas cruise was canceled due to fog. I understand that they do not control the weather (obviously). However, this situation was handled horribly by the cruise line, and customer service was abominable. We spent $1000 to fly to Tampa for this cruise. We spent another $1200 on cruise fare, shore excursions, and on-board packages. I understand that the cruise will be fully refunded, but not for another 6-8 weeks. That is ridiculous.We each used our entire vacation allowance from our jobs to get to Florida. We are supposed to be celebrating our honeymoon. Not only did we waste three days of our honeymoon time sitting around waiting for an update, we now cannot get a full refund for all the money (let alone time) we have spent on what is now a completely ruined honeymoon. A refund of the cruise and 25% off of our “next cruise” does not compensate for our losses, stress, inconvenience, or wasted vacation. We contacted United Airlines AND the travel insurance we purchased to protect our flights, and were told we would have to pay $1100 more to change our flight home, no exceptions. We couldn’t afford that. So we opted to stay in Florida and try to make the best of a bad situation. I then spent an entire three hours searching for a hotel that had a room avaliable. We ended up spending $400 more to stay in a shabby hotel that was the only thing available last-minute, and it was a good distance from Tampa. That doesn’t even account for food, taxis, a rental car, more appropriate clothing (since all we brought with us were swimming suits, cover-ups, shorts, and other Caribbean/cruise attire, and the weather in Florida was chilly and rainy), and the fact that I spent half of my honeymoon waiting around for an update, and then in tears. The customer service reps were unsympathetic and extremely unhelpful. A lady that claimed to be a “port incident manager” at their corporate office was downright rude to me. No one will answer my emails, Facebook messages, Facebook posts, or Tweets. When we called, we were put on hold for longer than we actually got to talk to someone. When we were able to connect with a real person, we were given no information and no help. We spent extra to buy travel insurance for this cruise. Apparently that travel insurance won’t cover everything we had to purchase for the unexpected, extended stay in Florida. We didn’t plan on the expenses of an entirely different “vacation” from the cruise and therefore had little money with us to do anything while we waited to fly home. Again, I know the fog isn’t something Royal Caribbean can control. But the lack of understanding, caring and help is beyond disappointing. 6-8 weeks for a refund that doesn’t even begin to compensate for our losses is unacceptable. We will never book with Royal Caribbean again, and make sure to spread the word about our horrible experience.

  2. Wow, looks like this is a recurring problem for royal Caribbean. This happened twice last year on the Adventure of the Seas in March. I was on the 3/16/14 sailing, and propulsion issues caused us to miss 3 of the scheduled island stops. We were actually adrift at sea for almost 18 hours before getting back to port in Puerto Rico late (resulting in missed flights, etc). We were offered an insulting $300 per cabin for the “inconvenience.” The very next sailing on that ship faced the same issue, and all passengers received full refunds plus 50% off of a future cruise. So unfair. I sent letters to Adam Goldstein and contacted my local Consumer Reporter, but RCI refused to do anything. Needless to say, I will NEVER sail with royal Caribbean again!

  3. 100 to 200 ship credit! What a joke! I was on the rock legends cruise very disappointed wasn’t very handicap except able, For the money it wasnt worth it! People will say it’s for a good cause but only 250.00 is all they get and what you paid for real not including what you paid for drinks! Come out cheaper to just donate 250 dollars. Won’t be doing it again,

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